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What happens after self-realisation? October 8, 2008

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After getting self-realisaitonwe start to engage in a very subtle battle between the head and the heart, or we can say the ego and the spirit. Up until the moment we gain our self-relisaiton we will have been under the complete “control” of our ego; we have made decisions based on our desires and wants, we have experienced emotional crests and troughs, we have suppressed our true selves beneath an unconscious set of accumulated baggage which has ruled our lives.

How many of us have ignored the warning signs of a relationships which was clearly not good for us, but whoch filled some other need – usually fear or loneliness? How many have accepted situations which we truly did not enjoy, want or need, simply to maintain our popularity or status with friends and family? Who hasn’t acted impetuously and stupidly and not regreted it afterwards? These are all signs of a perfectly normal lifestyle, but one that has been governed by the ego and superego in us. A life of compromise governed by our weakness. Even when we thought we were acting from the heart!

Now suddenly, after self-realisation, we recognise the spirit inside ourselves for what it is, our true guide. The ego suddenly has to operate alongside our enlightened spiritual attention, and so no longer maintains sole control of our actions and thoughts. For many of us, this fundamental spiritual shift is a traumatic change which doesn’t sit well with our mental view of who we are. We may not realise that, but our ego finds it difficult to let go. It is a conditioned response, driven by a lifetime of its influence; wanting, planning, thinking and taking actions. Suddenly it is sidelined.

From “Meditation” by Nigel Powell

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8 Responses to “What happens after self-realisation?”

  1. Scietech Says:

    It’s interesting to read this, Axinia. I wonder how you take decisions after attaining self-realisation. Do they just come to our minds sub-consciously, without us having to think hard about them?

  2. vishesh Says:

    @raj: “aadhea thindru addhea vhavum” by Namalvar 🙂

    @axinia: true,whatever you say is.
    “Now suddenly, after self-realisation, we recognise the spirit inside ourselves for what it is, our true guide.”

    The guide is always there,we are just too demanding i guess 😛 …and yes even after self-realization,there are times when we feel lost.But what we need is faith,in ourselves.The most beautiful thing about all this is,is the fact that,we can never put a foot wrong,because,we are aware of what we do with ourselves.So self realization is ,just realizing,what your true potential is and tapping the potential.Like everything in nature,everything is meant for creation’s sake.The god is ubiquitous,it is in the real sense an energy,something like a big fire from which we can light match sticks.And with that match stick,we can either start a forest fire or light a lamp or start a stove or another fire.The potential exists but then those who fail to perceive their true nature,are the once who “kill” the energy,which of course is not possible and the energy comes out in some other form.Finally since everything is from the flame,if the world becomes a huge flame,there exists still one.yet we need to do better than that,because even if we are matchstick,we have the same capacity as the big fire,we have to try to match it,live up to ourselves and become one with it.

    @raj: I think Ayn Rand says the same 🙂

  3. volodimir108 Says:

    Hi, Vishes, intresting thouhgts.
    However when you say “So self realization is ,just realizing,what your true potential is and tapping the potential” it is not exactly the same what I know Axinia means.

    Self-relisation is the attaiing the state which was described in all religious traditions with different names, in India it is what is called Moksha. It is now when you “realise” something! It is percepted as some very clear physical experience, kind of a material manifestation of spirituality.
    Practicaly it looks like that: I have a decision to take. And my head gives some good arguments. My heart (emotions) say – no, it is wrong, can’t you feel it? I still can’t see the Reality. Then I check my vibrations (this is the outcome of self-realisation) and can mostly cleraly percept it as a cool or warm breeze and then take the right decision. In over 13 years of my spiritual practice of Sahaja yoga I found out that vibraitons (my spirit) show the best solution.

  4. vishesh Says:

    volodimir: well mortality is lost when sense of reality is found 🙂 that is what you mean right? I don’t much about Sahaja yoga,bit yes,the arguments between the heart and the mind,take place.We are the best judge to know what we have to do.And thinking deeper into yourself does give you a clearer and broader picture.Moksha is the state,when your purpose becomes true,when your duty to create and from that creation you derive happiness 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    the point I was tryting to make with that post, is that often waht we say “our heart tells” is not actrually the spirit- language, but the emotion- language. And it is not one and the same!!
    The spirit is most eaisly percepted by the vibrations which one can physically feel, and that is amazing…

    1000 thanks, it is exactly what I meant 🙂

    I have a post on taking decisions based on the spiritual, not mental or emotion dimention here:


  6. krsnaknows Says:

    Wow, I am so happy to see here are so many people who say so many things about ‘self realization’!I had often wondered if I would ever meet a realized person and here they are. Starting from Mr. Nigel Powell onwards to you too!I wish I know what it is to be realized! Maybe in some life I will be! Thank you for a lovely post.

  7. axinia Says:

    hi, krsnaknows,
    there is no need to wait till the next life 🙂

    Try it out now, everyone can get the self-realisaion today and get this tremendous experience of living as a relized person:

  8. Indian Fakir Says:

    You stop checking others’ vibrations – for one. 😉

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