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great links April 27, 2008

Meditation Research


Free meditation

East meets West


Get your self-realisation! 

History Enlightened

Childrens`s land



Sahaja Yoga Experiences

Knowledge of reality

Memories of an extraordinary Mother


sahaj A-Z

Sahaja Yoga is…

Meditation research

Sahaja Yoga Global Websites

Sahaja Yoga experiences with Shri Mataji


Meditation research UK

Papers, Publication & Media Specific to Sahaja Meditation

Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga Radio

Sahaja Yoga Videos

sy australia

Sahaja Yoga Sites

женская сила

Frauen Power


Russian Women Speak

I LOVE. photoblog

Путь Сердца

Сахаджа Йога.Live

India update – Nita Writer


Leela – the game of life

Nirmala Magazine

radha in hong kong

Russian women

Sahaj Photo Blog


Sладкая жизнь.


word and image

Writing Lounge

Dharmavision – best films

Club Принцесс 

Sahaja Yoga Essentials


13 Responses to “great links”

  1. Vyachelsav Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    First of all let me introduce myself.

    My name is Vyacheslav. I’m a Russian tutor.

    I found on your website a number of useful links :

    I have a website of my own http://www.russian-plus.com :

    Online video and audio Russian language lessons, podcasts and grammar

    I make great Russian lessons and update it often.

    Could you add it to your links if you like it?

    thank you


  2. pooyan Says:

    Dear Axinia,
    You had promised me to add the link for “berlinmeditation.de”. but you didn’t 😦
    Is there any problem, like SEO stuff or so ? let me know about it.
    all the best, Pooyan.

  3. Ankit Says:

    Hi I am having a blog http://www.meditationtechniques.co.cc/
    I was wondering can i write a guest post for this blog…

    reply me via my email: ank.kaul.m@gmail.com

  4. icselhuzurvebaris Says:

    Hey Axinia, This is a nice blog You have. Would You do me a favor, I have a meditation blog too in turkish, If possible could you include it in Your links list, also many other turkish people will be able to reach if they have visited your site.
    It is called, http://www.icselhuzurvebaris.wordpress.com


  5. Andrew Says:


    I have recently built a website dedicated to promote meditation at ZenTogether.com, and I would really love it if you showed your followers.


  6. Dear Axinia,

    You are a winner all the way. I am amazed at your blog viewership/readership. Your blog acts almost like a mini search engine. Hats off to you. One of the rarest bloggers I have come across. Great!

    I can understand how much effort and time you would have put in to it.

    Keep up the great work and reputation.

    Love and Regards,

  7. axinia Says:

    Dear Ibrahim, many thanks for your sweet comments, amy becase I am blogging since 5 years already I have covered so many topics…in fact it is almost 800 post now!

  8. shilpi arya Says:

    Hey Axinia, This is a nice blog You have. I have a meditation blog too, I was wondering if I could write a guest post for your blog.. pls reply me on shilpiarya@yahoo.co.in

  9. JJ Says:

    To find peace we must overcome terror.
    This private link that I share with you is about that.
    An unique sight and sound jewel.
    Mystery is the reason of living, and I invite you, Axinia to do that.

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