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Stunning evidence of vibrational awareness November 29, 2010

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We humans can normally identify our peers on some outer signs (nationality by face features and colour,  social background by manners and clothing, etc.). I for instance, can pick up a Russian in any crowd by some features like the (pale) face colour, features and expression, even some body language can give a hint.

Thus we always need to see or to hear a person in order to characterize his/her origin or occupation. In the same way the performance of a person can be also rather false (somebody trying to “play a role”, to pretend to  be somebody, especially in a social context). That’s the typical case with politicians when they do their job “well”.

Having vibrational awareness, its easy to find out “who is who” despite all the shine and charm, and even if a person thousands of miles away. Vibrations give us a chance to feel the true nature of a person despite all outside features.

Yesterday we had a stunning case to illustrate this fact. My husband and me, we were going by subway. A young man was sitting opposite to us. Sunnenly he asked us in English:

 “May I ask you a question?” – normally people don’t talk to strangers in a Viennese subway :).

We said yes. (more…)


Why Western youth ins’t into technical professions? November 23, 2010

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Another interesting trend that I am observing right now: technical studies/professions becoming unpopular in the West, more and more people prefer humanitarian directions. In Austrian universities, for instance, the faculties of psychology and publicist are overwhelmed, but the science/technical faculties are under-attended. The local government is worried and is trying to save the situation by some marketing complain in order to encourage the youth to change the study direction. As far as I know the situation is similar in many other western countries (opposite to the so-called “emerging markets”).

I find this trend really interesting and try to analyze the reason for it:

1. is it because people are so lazy to study hard ( it’s clear that “technical” professions need a lot more to study than any humanitarian science)?

2. is it because last generations are so fed with high-Tech since their childhood that naturally people want to balance their brains and lives and study/work something more relaxing?

3. is it because in general, the West is so “overheated” with technical stuff and all sorts of sience  that we all need to look into another direction and get down to ourselves, our inner world and relationships (which obviously suffered a lot in the recent decades)?…

 These are my suppositions, would love to know what you think, my dearest ones!



The birthday of an angel: a fascinating life story! November 18, 2010

In this life I am extremely lucky with my close relatives and friends – they all are amazingly beautiful human beings and at some point I can’t keep myself from paying them my tribute (see my earlier posts on my mother, father, husband, best friend).

Today is my beloved sister’s birthday and I would love to use this opportunity to tell you the story of her life.

You may ask me what is so remarkable in the life of a young woman? Has she suffered a lot, got into “stories”, changes 10 husbands, got from poor to rich and then back like in a bad novel? No, no. From the narrative point of view – nothing, there are stories of people who are much more captivating than any novel. It’s not the case here. The fascination of Tatiana’s story for me is in its evidence for a living transformation which is possible through the light of the Spirit.

As a child Tatiana was a rather mediocre girl with no special talents and qualities, sometimes greedy, sometimes even mean. In this photo of her as a child you can see that she was not that open and even somehow mistrustful…Really not an angel.


Being an ordinary girl, she was not interested in anything special, and not at all in spirituality.

However having a seeker like me in the family, it was  probably logcal for her to get attracted to spiritual seeking and when one day I came and told her: “Tanya, I think I HAVE FOUND IT!” she immediately wanted to join me. That’s the way we came to the fascinating Sahaja Yoga practice 15 years back. We were young and had lots of fun about doing meditation and discovering new opportunities, new sensations, new awareness and gradually the new life dimension.

 By this time she went for musical studies and had rather a boring voice and no evidence for it improvement. All of a sudden Tatiana’s voice opened up and she started singing like never before!After several months of Sahaja mediation practise her voice has dramatically improved. Even her teachers were wondering what happened… And that was just a beginning! (more…)


The amazing Guru of two religions November 17, 2010

This post is dedicated to the upcoming birthday (21. Nov) of a great Master, Guru Nanak.

 Guru Nanak was born in 1469 in Talwandi, Pakistan and was called a father or what was later called Sikhism. This movement was begun by the Guru Nanak as a challenge to a medieval world dominated by Hindus and Muslims. The Hindus upheld caste law, separating people according to social class. Meanwhile, the Muslims worshipped Allah with little room for tolerance of non-Muslims. Even more important to Nanak than social reform was his belief that his god should be worshiped not through ritual, but through continual prayers to the “True Name.” Nanak believed he could reconcile both Hindus and Muslims to a better path of worshipping the true god who could never be named.

Guru Nanak

By all accounts, 1496 was the year of his enlightenment when he started on his mission. His first statement after his prophetic communion with God was “There is no Hindu, nor any Mussalman.” This is an announcement of supreme significance it declared not only the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God, but also his clear and primary interest not in any metaphysical doctrine but only in man and his fate.

So he began his missionary tours. Apart from conveying his message and rendering help to the weak, he forcefully preached, both by precept and practice, against caste distinctions ritualism, idol worship and the pseudo-religious beliefs that had no spiritual content. He chose to mix with all. He dined and lived with men of the lowest castes and classes Considering the then prevailing cultural practices and traditions, this was something socially and religiously unheard of in those days of rigid Hindu caste system sanctioned by the scriptures and the religiously approved notions of untouchability and pollution.

He spent twenty five years of his life preaching from place to place. Many of his hymns were composed during this period. They represent answers to the major religious and social problems of the day and cogent responses to the situations and incidents that he came across. Some of the hymns convey dialogues with Yogis in the Punjab and elsewhere. He denounced their methods of living and their religious views. During these tours he studied other religious systems like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam. At the same time, he preached the doctrines of his new religion and mission at the places and centres he visited. Since his mystic system almost completely reversed the trends, principles and practices of the then prevailing religions, he criticised and rejected virtually all the old beliefs, rituals and harmful practices existing in the country. This explains the necessity of his long and arduous tours and the variety and profusion of his hymns on all the religious, social, political and theological issues, practices and institutions of his period.

Guru Nanak’s gospel was for all men. He proclaimed their equality in all respects. In his system, the householder’s life became the primary forum of religious activity. Human life was not a burden but a privilege. His was not a concession to the laity. In fact, the normal life became the medium of spiritual training and expression. The entire discipline and institutions of the Gurus can be appreciated only if one understands that, by the very logic of Guru Nanak’s system, the householder’s life became essential for the seeker. The primacy of the householder’s life was maintained. Everyone of the Gurus, excepting Guru Harkishan who died at an early age, was a married person who maintained a family. (more…)


Why meditate? The best animation ever. November 14, 2010

The plague of a modern person is the overloaded head which is almost impossible to calm down. Here is the coolest animation ever on how meditation helps. Enjoy 🙂

for those, who have not tired out any meditation yet (i guess they are not many today) my tip to start with the following.

LOVE; axinia


Please share your experinces of changing countires – have you noticed any transformation of your character? November 9, 2010

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Variety is the key to the world’s beauty and thanks God there are no two same countries in the world. Apart from the geographical, economical, political, cultural differences each place seem to have “something” about it, that makes it really different from others, may be even on a spiritual level. I assume, most of my readers have rich experience of living in or visiting various countries. And probably, being introspective enough, most of you have noticed the changes of your temperament and feelings, when in various places.

Let me share with you first, this may give a better illustration to my question.

Being proud of my Russian origin, I never felt comfortable in Russia itself – since my childhood I felt very different from my surroundings, not only in spiritual sense of it, but also in cultural and mental. Being “packed” with one single mentality gave me a choking sensation. But since I was patriotic enough, I never thought of immigration until the Hand of Destiny literary moved me all of a sudden to Austria. Since then I had several interesting experiences of living in different countries and having a impact of it on my temperament and vibrational state. Here is my list (VERY PERSONAL, can be just the opposite to someone else’s):

Russia: it feels heavy, vast, intelligent, wild…I feel myself mostly oppressed and cannot manifest my qualities fully, cannot unfold my potential.

Germany: it feels more right-sided and I find myself much less dynamic, softer and lighter than the inhabitants of the land. interestingly, being in any Southern country, I can express typical German qualities which disappear when I am in Germany.

Switzerland: gives a choking sensation thanks to it over-perfection and feels like the Seat of Materialism, no Spirit… Feels like in a beautiful grave (interesting also Lenin wrote about it once).

Italy: I feel I can never be at home there because of lack of order and stability in everything. But the amazing “easiness” of inhabitants, their temperament are very enjoyable. Also when I speak Italian, become very emotional and laugh a lot. The best place to feel joy!

England: The Spirit feels very strongly there, I feel I can listen to Englishmen speaking for ages – such a deeply penetrating language. I calm down, become introverted and very peaceful. (more…)


Why judgements can never reflect the truth November 6, 2010

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One dear reader of this blog, Terry, commented once that “Imagine the silence in the world if all judgmental conversations were prohibited. The Internet would be empty too.” How true is that!

Indeed if we analyze our daily talks, I wonder how much percent of it goes on judgement of others: their character, deeds, habits, likes and dislikes, fate and life stories…Endless time and energy! Mostured by negative attitude, they cover the sensitive nature of a precious human being with a sticky slime…Brrrr…

Some people understand that judgement is not a good thing to practice. Thus they say, “I am not judging, but…” – this sounds more appropriate but does it differ from any direct judgement? What a tricky thing this judgement is!..

I don’t want to moralize here about judgements, a lot has been and will be said about it in the future. What I find really interesting is that any judgement cannot be true for one simple reason: (more…)


The lavish beauty of Nature November 2, 2010

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Fresh images from my recent walks for you:

LOVE; axinia


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