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The power of Indian Classical Music October 27, 2007


Let me tell you a sort story I heard form a friend in Berlin.

There were 3 concerts of Indian Classical Music (vocal and instrumental) held by Sahaja Yogis in Berlin, Germany.

One Iranian fellow was more than astonished and commented the concerts this way.

After the first concert he said “I have to reload my mind!”

After the second concert he said “I would need at least 3 concerts to reload my mind”.

After the third concert (more…)


Sports do not make us healthy! – recent studies October 24, 2007

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Great news for everyone who has always been feeling there is something wrong with that sport-hype. One has to do sports to stay healthy, fit, and all that… But why does my body oppose it so much (otherwise being quite wise in many questions)?

The fact is one can stay totally healthy without any sports (swimming, jogging and Co.). And actually, the classical idea of sport is a competition, an ambition for more fitness or muscular body.

We definitely need some motion. However the medically needed movement dose is easily reached by some daily activities: 187 min dish-washing or 172 min caring shopping bags home burns same amount of calories as 43 min of intensive swim training. We do not really need much to keep us fit! – hope the fitness Industry will not kill me at that point. (more…)


Western people have the lowest self esteem? October 22, 2007

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There are over 60.000 books dealing with the subject of self esteem on the global Amazon.com bootstore, and another 105,000 covering self improvement. So it is probably fair to say that we in the modern world have a bit of a problem with self confidence.

At best the problem makes us hesitant, shy and secretive, at worst it drives those at the fringe to become reclusive siciopaths or worse. And the greats irony is that is it the industrial powerhouses of the modern age, the Western countries, which have the biggest share of the problem. (more…)


axinia – the name origin October 19, 2007


Again and again I am being asked about my name (axinia), so I decided to write a post and let all the curious people just read that 🙂

I was lucky to be given that strange but beautiful name by my parents. Strange because it is not easy to identify the origin and meaning of it. Beautiful – because it is what everyone says 🙂 However, when you know the history, it becomes very easy! (more…)


CSR and spiritual meditation: fantastic results! October 17, 2007

Fontainbleu, October  12,  2007 – enterprises and responsibility: Today in France at the Fontainebleau Campus of the Management Academy INSEAD, the results of the largest  global study of “Corporate Responsibility” was presented. The focal point of the academic work was the significant differances between social needs, global enterprises such as Unilever, Microsoft, IBM, Johnson & Johnson or Shell, and shareholders of these Multis. Apart from a consortium of prominent European Businesses Schools (Insead, Bocconi, Copenhagen Business School among other things) the participants were from 19 world-well-known enterprises in 8 critical sections with 210 managers, 180 owner companies and the European Academie „Businesses in Society (EABIS) “.


The project was sponsored by the “European 6th program for research and development”. Major task of the study was to find out how the cognitive consciousness of the managers for the problems, which the enterprise in the society or their environment causes, can be strengthened. It concerned particularly the effectiveness from different training programs on the development from social consciousness in the heads of the managers.


Due to the collection by company targets, which face social interests, „a cognitive often develops gap “. The far majority of the managers saw completely solve-solved the role of your enterprise in the society from global society goals. Only 20% the decision maker were conscious of the interests of their shareholders itself over the difference. In relation to sensitivity the social implications of executive committee decisions is however crucial, in order to manufacture the confidence of the society in enterprises. As example for instance the environmental degradations served by Shell, or resettlements of villages in the course of the work of mineral enterprises like “Rio Tinto”. Chris Marsden, Chairman of Amnesty International: “This is exactly what makes people hate Shell or avoid buying Unilever marked products….” (more…)


Why women love generous men October 16, 2007


Most women love generous men. At least I never met any who does not :).

Are men actually aware of that fact? And if not than why? Because the ladies keep silent on the topic?

I love making private social studies with my friends and colleagues. One of the most popular topics – of course! – the gender relationships (actually I have another blog dedicated to that topic). According to my oral surveys through years, most of the girls consider two main things the most important in men: RELIABILITY and GENEROSITY. 

My favorite topic is generosity (and  reliability goes without saying!).

Why generosity is so important for ladies?

Let me give you my explanation. (more…)


The mind games or the myth of self-improvement October 13, 2007

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There are millions of books written on “self-improvement” and we are constantly bombarded with magazine and television  reports showing us  how to “find the inner you”. In truth however, almost all of them are simply pandering to our ego, to make us feel better about ourselves.

These upbeat items usually tell us how much better we are than we believe, and offer a selection of trendy sound-bites which, like bad diets, are supposed to help us to attain that all important self-improvement. We are told that if we follow the handy tips we will get a better job, a happier relationship, and our life will improve beyond all belief. (more…)


Why it will never be boring in the world of happy people October 11, 2007


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Sometimes I think I come from another planet. Many bad things just do not happen to me ( or they do but I do not see them as bad 🙂 May be I have an elephant skin– normally I am the last one to notice somebody`s unfair play, sarcasm or an intent to offend. Lucky, you may say.

I am definitely a happy person. And in my blogging activity the first thing I want to do is to share this great state with you, and even to infect you with love and joy!..

However again and again I hear people saying the world would be boring if everyone would be happy. I can not believe such a nonsense!

The matter is, the life become very intensive and funny, sunning and amazing much more when you are a “happy” person ( in fact I do not like the word that such, as it does not really reflect that state). And at the same time it is very relaxing, soothing… Why not have that? Why not let everyone have it? BE THAT?

I know quite a number of people who feel the same, live the same. Believe me, their life is so far from being boring! – actually the opposite. (more…)


I LOVE YOUR BLOG award + THINKING BLOGGER award October 8, 2007

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Arlene, my sweet angel – sunshineforlife is her comment-name – has given me her award created by Tish and Mike– 1000 thanks and hugs! I am normally not a big fan of tagging, but to pass on love in this way feels a good thing to do 🙂

So these are the bloggers whose dedication and uniqueness I love:

Nita  – A wide angel view of India (incredible analytical ability, brilliance and a big heart)

Edword – Self-Help (deep, wise and truly innocent)

Leela – The game of life (she makes a captivating fairy-tale out of a simpliest everyday`s happening, beautifully spiritual)

Mast malang – The realm of intoxicated mind (wonderful thoughts and poetry, romantic and yet Sufi-like)

Sadiq – Inspirations and Creative thoughs (the best of all religions, very meditative and deep)

Anastasia – Know Thyself (the jewel of the Russian spirituality)

rw_man – Russian Women (fascinating love and adoration for Russian women by one Western man)

And, by the way – all of them receive something more – the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD (thanks a million, Arlene! – your second award for me, highly appreciated).


I wanted to combine these two awards also because I believe that there is no true intelligence without a heart.

And all of these bloggers named above have both – a big, dedicated heart and an outstanding intellect. Thank you, dear friends, for your great input to the world´s collective consciousness!

LOVE, axinia


What is Thoughtless Awareness? October 6, 2007

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Thoughtless awareness. The state I often refer to and regard as the source of amazing states of my being like joy, bliss, easiness of existence and love.

Thoughtless awarenesshas been described by Buddha and the Sufi’s of North Africa as also by Saints in India such as Eknath and Gyanadeva.

This state is a higher state of awareness which bisects the past and the future. Usually human beings are most of the time unable to enter the present because the mind is either thinking about the future (Ego) or the past (Superego). Interestingly, we are only in a present when we watch something in admiration, or enjoy some action to its full measure (like a child).

In the state of thoughtless awareness we are free to think about whatever we want but we don’t have unwanted thoughts in our mind at all, we have complete control over our mind. Our mind becomes very relaxed yet completely focused on any tasks we need to perform in our daily lives.

Form a regular point of view it is actually almost impossible to reach that state: how to have NO THOUGHTS? And still be aware? Be alert? Be efficient? (more…)


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