1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

my photography March 4, 2009

Click the link to my photoblog here.

And my photography guest-page at a very special homepage here.


21 Responses to “my photography”

  1. Deepa Says:

    I am a fan of your photography and please have a site only of your photographs. Each photo tells so many different stories to different people. Each time I see them I see something new .

  2. axinia Says:

    Thank you Deepa, that is the reason why I made the blog http://aksinya.wordpress.com/
    …I thought someone may like just to watch the pictures…interestingly some people say they get thoughtless when they see these photos. And that is the best for me 🙂

  3. Deepa Says:

    These photos are worth getting awards and it would e nice that along with realization programs your pics could be put up asan exhibition as they will make new people totally thoughtless , quiet their minds and get them to receive the greatest gift to mankind since we were amoebas. That is the gift of self realization.
    Your pictures are so meditative. And when I see your photos I feel the vibrations flow. Shri Mataji has had a very special mention of the Russians. They are pure from the heart and one of the best for Sahaja Yoga .

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Deepa, that is sweet of you to say so.
      I dont’ know if it is has something to do with me of being Russian…I think this thoughtlessness comes form my Agnia quality – since my childhood i never had problems with forgiveness 🙂 I actaully never knew what it is – not to forgive…may be this quality manifests through photgraphy…

  4. olga-shulman-lednichenko Says:

    i like your blog very much and also your posts.. on other sites..

    i must say this..


    olga shulman lednichenko mishra

    PS: i want to send you a personal email… how can i?

  5. adil khirki Says:

    Hello Axinia
    my name is adil,i live in Kurdistan of Iraq
    Now I am a journalist
    your website is very good
    I wish you a happy life.

  6. mani Says:

    Absolutely Beautiful.

  7. I saw one of your photos on OpenSalon (Alexander Zoltai’s page) and was reminded of the word “geomantic.”

  8. Pramita Says:

    jsm axinia

    “life” dat’s wat i see whenever i go through your pics. it also invigorates a kind of happiness within. thanks for sharing these wonderful creations and hope to see more of it in future.

    nirmal love

  9. sinuhe Says:

    Your photos are really beautiful and of course they have graceful vibrations, thank you! I know there’s no need of very complex camera to take a perfect scene, but could you share with us what kind of camera do you use?

  10. Gorgeous colors in your photos!

  11. pradip Says:

    I really loved the photos.They are beautiful.Your photographic sense is decent.

  12. AussieJules Says:

    Lovely photos ! very professional .
    simple, but good light and sharp.

  13. gopikaa Says:

    hello axinia………
    m not able to se ur photography……..
    please help

  14. anjali Says:

    i like ur photos

  15. Photos on your photo blog are beautiful 🙂

  16. vijay soni Says:

    very cute photos

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