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INDIA – the destination of my spirit February 19, 2009

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India… once again… the highest spiritual delight and absolute point of attraction…

I am visiting India for one week, so will not be blogging for this period.

Will be back with a fresh photo-album and new impressions  for my dearest readers!

LOVE, axinia


Love and Harmony February 17, 2009

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Love and harmony combine,
And round our souls entwine
While thy branches mix with mine,
And our roots together join.

Joys upon our branches sit,
Chirping loud and singing sweet;
Like gentle streams beneath our feet
Innocence and virtue meet.

Thou the golden fruit dost bear,
I am clad in flowers fair;
Thy sweet boughs perfume the air,
And the turtle buildeth there.

There she sits and feeds her young,
Sweet I hear her mournful song;
And thy lovely leaves among,
There is love, I hear his tongue.

There his charming nest doth lay,
There he sleeps the night away;
There he sports along the day,
And doth among our branches play.

William Blake
(1757 – 1827)



Love is a collective energy February 16, 2009

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
– Victor Hugo

Language is often troubling, as can be seen in the literal meaning of common phrases: love is something you fall into, the tender trap; it is also something you make. In the West LOVE is sometimes described as a sort of flu of the heart but a flu that killed Tristan and Iseuld as weIl as Romeo and Juliet. Like flu, it is contagious. Teenagers, lovers, couples playing with each other’ s hearts can all experience the pain – just as with kids putting their fingers in the electric socket.

An extreme form of absurdity is to adopt the reductionist view that love is sex. The fact is that human love has many forms: affection, sex, tolerance, protection, companionship, fraternity, sisterhood, respect, compassion, admiration, dedication and worship. All of these attitudes generate positive interactions and are potentially huge sources of satisfaction. Many of them are crucial to maintaining cohesive groups and productive working environments.
 Our inability to give or receive love hampers the quality of these interactions and the collectivity suffers from the sum of these accumulated failures.

The fight for survival of an individual may express itself in any form of competition or even in violence. (more…)


LOVE in a time of global crisis February 13, 2009

The current global crisis is a popular topic. Even on the Valentine`s day one can talk about it!

Apart from a number of funny articles  how to date on a tight budget like here, we can find some reasonable connection between love and the crisis.

LOVE gives security– in the world which seems to be falling apart,  security is the first aid. But what can guarantee security today? Only LOVE, because, as we all know, loves makes us wear the pink glasses: The problems seem to be smaller and easy to manage – because the power of love simply eliminates them…

LOVE gives sustainance – not onyl it is easier to survive together, but also love itself is nourishing and supporting…

LOVE gives happiness  – and that of a different quality than some good shopping or a great food…

LOVE is the eternal fire that gives hope and security in the darkening times of the global decay of materialism. May be it is finally the time to start living the true values like love and compassion instead of gried and lust? (I know, it sounds silly and outdated, but actually -why not??)

Therefore – let`s be in love, with many as possible! – and the global crisis may turn out to be the global Resurrection.

LOVE, axinia


Brainwash: how do they do it with you February 12, 2009

I ran into the topic of Propaganda on one Russian site  – the Encyclopedia of Propaganda (here) and was taken aback by the baldness of the facts and methods. My first reactions was – everone should read that!! Unfortunately I could not find such a detailed information in English, but will try to quote some important moments here.

Propaganda is generally an appeal to emotion, contrasted to an appeal to intellect. It shares techniques with advertising and public relations. Propaganda, in a narrower use of the term, connotes deliberately false or misleading information that supports or furthers a political (but not only) cause or the interests of those with power.

Propaganda has been a human activity as far back as reliable recorded evidence exists. Today we call it brainwash –the name that reveals the true nature of this phenomenon.

Common media for transmitting propaganda messages include news reports, government reports, historical revision, junk science, books, leaflets, movies, radio, television, and posters. In the case of radio and television, propaganda can exist on news, current-affairs or talk-show segments, as advertising or public-service announce “spots” or as long-running advertorials. A number of techniques based in social psychological research are used to generate propaganda. Many of these same techniques can be found under logical fallacies, since propagandists use arguments that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid.

Below are some of the typical brainwash techniques: (more…)


Will crisis boost blogosphere? February 9, 2009

image by axinia

Everyone seems to blog… everyone?? No, there is still a great potential for blogging to spread around the Earth – and the great current crisis seem to be the driving force.

The print media business is experiencing serious difficulties and the readers switch to the online media. And  – suddenly they find themselves slipping into the blogosphere. Once tasted blog-reading one can hardly leave it. The authentical experiences of people taste crunchy and one gets easily addicted. One becomes a blog-reader and then one day, at some point one finds  himself/herself blogging!

Being the cheapest and most authentic form of information services, blogging will definitely boost this year.

 At least some positive  outcome of the crisis. 




Why by saying “I forgive” we can stop thinking? February 6, 2009

image by axinia

We learn how to think all our childhood. Later on we learn how to think “better” – how to develop the ability to analyze, evaluate, generalize, etc.

Until at some point we understand that we are sick of thinking. I keep meeting successful businessmen who are desperately looking for the ways how to stop their excessive thinking.

The easiest way to stop thinking is at the same time the most sufficient one: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi found out that it is FORGIVENESS that makes our heads free. When thoughts keep coming back to certain situations or people, this does not let us enjoy the present moment – and it is a problem. It simply means that there is something that we could not forgive and forget! Thus “I forgive everyone and myself” is a powerful mantra against headaches and annoying thinking.

But what makes forgiveness that powerful? Recently my husband gave a brilliantly simple explanation: Forgiveness is a kind of a shock for our mind. The humanity has never learned to forgive (although it has been 2 millennium since Christ brought that message!), and it is something very “unnatural” for our mentality – the first spontaneous reaction to a hurting behaviour towards us it to hurt back. It is the first impulse, unfortunately. That is why by saying “I forgive” our mental computer simply shuts down 🙂  – our brain software does not operate in that mode and can not produce such a command spontaneously. (more…)


Finally – a proper photoblog February 5, 2009

Upon request of my friends I have made a new photoblog with my best pics from the last 2 years, since I started that addictive hobby 🙂

Here is the link, you can enjoy the photos without any text and context!


Please note that there is NO COPY RIGHT on any of these photos, so feel free to use them, also without credits or links.

The foretaste:

LOVE, axinia


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