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The optimist forecast: it will get worse and worse July 18, 2014

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Everyone who knows me in person can admit that I am a positive and optimistic person. And I am, indeed. At the same time I am a careful observer of the mankind`s collective consciousness. And this is what I want to share with you today.
Dear people, now when we watch some absurd and dramatic escalation of conflicts in various parts of the world, as well as the world economy crisis which never ends… we should prepare ourselves that it will get worse. And worse. And worse.
Sorry to tell you, our life will not get better soon.

Unless and until we make a shift in consciousness, all together. Or at least the first 13 % as per innovation law.
The night it at it darkest before the sunrise and I guess we all know that from our private life experience.
However we do not need to wait untill it gets too dark – in the meanwhile we could search for solutions, and first of all in our minds and hearts, not in the politics.

There is one interesting research in the field of Knowledge Management :The article “Stuff or Love? How metaphors direct our efforts to manage knowledge in organisations”

where the researcher first compares Knowledge to water and what people can do with it, using as water. And then he compares knowledge to LOVE and people realize that then it’s a completely different approach! For love cannot be waisted like water and does not get less, only more with sharing. It is a different view which changes the whole attitidue, isn`t it?

This is what we can contribute for the better future now: to question all our modern values, economical systems, relationships – if it does not work may be we should find a System which works?

The shift will happen, we only need to reach some critical mass of new awareness.

Let’s work on it.

The better world will come, but first it must get much worse. FOR EVERYONE TO WAKE UP!





6 Responses to “The optimist forecast: it will get worse and worse”

  1. swaps Says:

    For everyone to wakeup, everyone must suffer… but some are at the top and nicely insulated. I don’t know how to make them see the light. It always remind me of that maxim.. “You cannot wake up those who are pretending to be sleep!”

  2. vinayakah Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    In some parts I agree, in the end I dont.

    Most probably everyone, who is aware of consciousness shifts and status feels that the sphere, or field of existence if you want, where we have our avatars, our bodies, our persons, able to influence the elements directly, is facing dramatical changes. I use the “sphere” word just to point out that there is some kind of virtual border created by our senses, which defines that borders. I should better use the word “Kshetra”, which is perfectly precise, but the content of this word is much wider and not so much understood. Lets see it as a ball, and we live inside. The borders of the ball, are created by our senses and mind, interpreting the “reality” within the ball. But if the senses and mind is part of the ball, the border of the ball itself is based on its creators – senses and mind. It is interdependent. It is like a discussion about chicken and egg – which came first than. It dosnt matter now, as its interactions are fueled by each other – mind reads the borders and based on that adjust it, to limit itself.

    What all that means is that if we dont rely on our senses and minds (mental activity), we dont fuel the virtual borders of the ball anymore and the possibilities we see, the . recourses we can see, start to grow exponentially. It is there all the time, but we are limited to see it. In normal conditions of mind, state of mind, we operate in a grey scale. Like looking at the picture. On one side it is white, on the other side it is black and in between it is more or less grey. Done. But in reality, there are colours, like red, yellow, blue…and its endless combinations and permutations, which can but be seen only if you use a different observation instrument than your senses and mind as interpreteurs. Still not enough, on a picture you see a tree, and field, and children there and some flowers….but behind the tree you can see anything, if the senses and mind is used as the only observation and interpreting instrument. It is completely different dimension of possibilities, which are but unshearable within illusive linear borders.

    I mean one thing, and we heard it from our Mother clearly: “If you want to help me, if you really want to help me, be in thoughtless awareness…..” There is no other way than this one. Till and untill we are dependent on the mental activity, we cant help and change anything, however hard we try. Nothing trully new can come out from an adjustment of a prison, even if we paint it nicely. Our senses and minds know only a prison – the mind itself is its product. Any wish materialised from our mind, will just be modification of the known – today’s prison. Any system we create through our mind, will be just a modificatioin of the existing as there is nothing else present in our minds than that. And finally it will come to the same point where we are today, hell on earth.

    We need just enough people able to use their suddha iccha, means the desire unpoluted with the mental concepts, wishes, forms and names, past or future experiences or future plans, dreams and fears….and let it flow purely, without any obstacles to materialise BY ITSELF, with complete surrender, whatever it will be, however little we understand it, however confusing, strange, shocking it can be . If we get it, and I believe we do, we can bring a real change to this Kshetra…to change it from an area of built-in conflict, to an area of total expansion of our deepest nature, without any plastic, artificial limitations.

    So do we need to go through the hell, to bring the change? Absolutely not. It depends on us, if we stop support the built-in conflict based on our collective mind, created in our collective mind and supported by it. Easy? Nope, not at all. Possible? Absolutely yes. Lets see the colours, and look behind the tree – this sphere is not grey, not at all 😉

  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    hi axinia
    why we need bad experiences to learn good things? Why love can not correct them before in hand ? is it always necessary to touch the fire to understand burn? or evolution is only possible after bad experience only ? what your experiences says? if it so then things will more worse than before always…..
    i look it by different way
    when there is sunrise there will be sunset and vice a varsa.only thing is where we are heading towards the rise ? or set.. is the point. If it is towards set it will more worse not surprising but optimistic need not worry as he/she believes in sunrise means things can be better one day only thing is some time has to pass.witness watching person enjoy both the things and more importantly night is necessary to take you rest and re freshness not necessarily there will be always storm which will damage everything during night but many times it brings new desire and dreams The another meaning of refreshing is removing waste and regeneration which occurs during night /rest also so need to understand import ans of darkness dont u feel it is another side of coin and necessary as an optimistic

  4. Thomas Says:

    Today is 6.11.2021 and it got worse

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