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The dangers of Sahaja yoga meditation practice June 26, 2009

Recently many of my friends and acquaintances all of a sudden got a genuine interest in practicing Sahaja yoga meditation- apparently because they have been watching me since years and came to a conclusion it must be a good thing because it makes me so happy and my life so easy. Generally there seems to be a growing interest in Sahaja yoga meditation practice worldwide and I believe it is important to make the interested population aware of some dangers in connection with it.

Danger Nr.1

After some time of Sahaja yoga mediation practice you will find out that communication with many people will become difficult as you will not be able to keep up the favourite topic of all conversations – the moaning. That can become a real problem if you are not a skillful conversation leader – why should you keep up a totally boring and useless conversation at the time when you know what to do about the problems (interestingly some people seem not to be interested in solutions but only in moaning).

Danger Nr.2

After some time of Sahaja yoga meditation practice you will find out that your life will change and all the happenings, people and nature around will start bubbling with colours. The number of happy coincidences and amount of luck will grow. At the same time something else can start growing – namely the jealousy of people. Some people may start having serious difficulties with you becoming “too positive”.

Danger Nr 3

After some time of Sahaja yoga meditation practice you will find out that the true value of all things is the vibrational one.You will start enjoying only things that have been created with love, attention, with the quality of heart and soul. Immediately you will know which object, music, or information is valuable for you and will do you good – literary in seconds you will be able to percept and revise huge bites of information with the right solution and answer for every situation (compared to this the famous sixth sense wearable device is peanuts)

Danger Nr.4

After some time of Sahaja yoga meditation practice you will notice that more and more people feel attracted to you – some can mistake it for the physical attraction but the true reason for that is your increasing freshness and loveliness. Regular sahaja meditation has some interesting impact on a meditator as: glowing eyes, softer skin and beaming face. All that will be consciously or unconsciously recognised by the people you meet. The possible danger for you here: will you be able to deal with your increasing popularity?

Danger Nr. 5

After some time of Sahaja yoga meditation practice you will notice that not only the attention to your lovely personality increases but also the demanding nature of it – more and more people will want your council, your company, your support. After some time, when you realize that you are your own master, people will automatically see a master in you. They will be naturally seeking your help and guidance. The question is whether you want to be that or not?

All these are serious dangers as they may not only lead to a total transformation of your personality but also of your surroundings. You have to ask yourself before starting with sahaja mediation – do your really want all this happen to you? If you are desperate or curious enough – try it out. BUT BEWARE!

LOVE, axinia (image by me)


69 Responses to “The dangers of Sahaja yoga meditation practice”

  1. Ian P. Says:

    Very Good Ax : )
    In fact I would say inspired, congratulations!
    Much Love

  2. boris h. Says:


    Thanks for pointing out the 5 “dangers”.
    Wow, what a change of perception meditation leads to.

    I have to admit after 14 years of sahaj meditation all points have actually happened to me.

    So be aware, who ever you are out there in the internet void, this meditation is an awareness and life changing experience.


  3. radha Says:

    Good warnings, i agree with them. Lov

  4. sailaja Says:

    Oh Axinia!!! What a lovely and beautiful way of presentation provoking the inquisitiveness by listing out the not so dangerous dangers (actually Boons). I love this.

  5. shraddha Says:

    sounds something i need to start.
    i really really want the positive vibrations…


  6. swaps Says:

    No. 4 is really a dangerous one 😉

  7. Fatima Says:

    I hope I can handle all that.

  8. Ldinka_108 Says:

    Axinia, we DO need it to be posted in Russian section, too. it would be so cool to have it posted on as many of unofficial sites as possible, too.
    there is more dangers to the list: lacking the interest in alcohol, smoking etc… and wanting to spend more quality time enjoying nature…

  9. draupadi16 Says:

    Ein wunderbares Foto und ein großartiger Artikel, den ich nur bestätigen kann. SUPER!!!

  10. radha Says:

    just five? there is more, there is also a “Boring side of SY meditation” and so on… 🙂

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  12. Tomas Says:

    What a wonderful description of the spiritual life! Thank you for these “dangers”. Your post so eloquently lists what we are loosing by placing the confidence on our rational mind.

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  14. Bad Karma Says:

    One difficulty that has arisen for me is that I have become detached from drama; some interpret this as detachment for people, and see it as cold. In my perspective, my happiness does not rely one consent of others.

    • axinia Says:

      I can see what you mean very well. I have the same problem. But then…we shoudl develop what is called COMPASSION, – even if you understand that a persons suffers on his/own fault, it is still suffering and it hurts…here we have to learn compassion. It is my life task, to learn it. The rest is not difficult.

  15. Axinia, excellent presentation. Very impressive.

    One thing I am concerned about people who practice Sahaja Yoga, whether the “BODY & MIND” of the people who practicing this yoga, is conditioned enough to accept the “awakening of the Kundalini [ Serpent power ].

    I am always curious about this, since books about Raja Yoga cautions about this.

    Yoga Sutra of Patanjali talks about “yama & Niyama” [ do’s and don’ts] to condition the body & mind.

    By the way, I practice “kriya Yoga” and Hamsa [ watching inhalation and exhalation without controlling them.]

    • axinia Says:

      thank you AM I A HINDU?, I can understand very well your concern. You know, when I was a young girl, I always wanted “to grow spiritually but FAST”, I tried many differnt things and saw that they do bring about some changes but tooooooooooo slow. Sahaja yoga was the only method I found that speeds up the spiritual learning and let you experince all that what the saints of all times and lands have described….
      And my second argument will be: read my blogs, see my photos, my profile picture, check it all and ask yourself honestly – is that the person who was somehow damaged by the awakening of Kundalini? 🙂

  16. leela Says:

    love this post! 🙂

  17. I was really surprised at first to see the title, Axinia. After reading the post, the surprise vanished completely. All I can say is that you are an eternal optimist 🙂

    Even when I specifically requested you to list my negatives (and not just the positives), you pointed out only a minor one. And now this post 😉

    Sure, seeing the brighter side of things is great, but only to a certain extent. It’s like ignoring the negative numbers in mathematics. Working only with positive numbers may be sufficient for many purposes, but one simply cannot do mathematics if one ignores the negative numbers. Several problems can be solved only by working with negative numbers 😐 If one fails to acknowledge the existence of negative numbers, the result of the calculation will be a big error. I sincerely hope you don’t ignore things that are negative. After all, even the ‘+’ sign has a ‘-‘ sign contained in it. Only by drawing a vertical ‘l’ sign through the middle of the ‘-‘ sign does it become a ‘+’ sign 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, happy to see you back 🙂

      Yes, I am an optimist, and youa re a pessimist – and I will never meet in the middle, because we don’t want to change our position, do we? :)))
      Sure, there are some negative points in everything, and I DO SEE them, believe me. May be even more than others. But just do not concentrate on them. And you do.

      • Though I have no evidence that you are able to see the negative points, Axinia, I trust you and believe your word that you are able to observe the negative points. (Your deliberate ignorance of the negatives is what made me believe that you cannot see them 😐 )

        By the way, I don’t like these pathetic new wordpress smilies 😮 They are not half as good as the old ones which were simple and very expressive at the same time.

  18. Stephanie Hernandez Says:

    Wonderful post! I have tried Sahaja Yoga for the first time today. I plan to experience some of those things.

  19. avi Says:

    sweet, nice and novel! but make sure to read the whole 🙂

  20. saji Says:

    seeing the sahajayoga in this perspective was little different but true one.

  21. rachna Says:

    what good points…..really interesting to read and can be used for spreading the divine love.

  22. Brad Says:

    Sahaja Yoga is no different to anything else in life there is available to experience…..by way of one precise detail.

    All things in life are inextricably and positively determined by ones very own perspective. If one believes an exercise to be beneficial, then it absolutely is….for them. If that same individual believes the same exercise to be of questionable reasoning….then it absolutely is….for them. No single human being can dictate to any other human being the validity of what one wishes to do with their own choices or actions in life.

    How can you tell a person that the Sun is in the East or in the West, if that person is an Astronaut in Space?
    “Perspective is every-thing”

    • axinia Says:

      Brad, absolutely agree with you. We are free to have as many experiences as we want.
      And if you would read some more posts on my blog, you will see that I always highlight that this is my personal experience and this is how it works.

      Interestingly it works same with all/or almost all people that try sahaja yoga out 🙂

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  24. Rochel Devoe Says:

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  28. conan muscle Says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In thought I want to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and not at all seem to get one thing done.

  29. jediSwift Says:

    hello can anyone please clearify for me why the one percent deserve all that cheese?

    I wrote a song about this called #OccupyWallStreet


    Tell me whatcha think 😀

  30. Wambneimb Says:

    This incredible what i do with this knowledge. Thanks again very much :). Cheers

  31. poonam teckchandani Says:

    I would love to go along with these dangers ///

  32. Ephermsmess Says:

    Hi guys, i shoul be probably tell how i find this place, but this will be my secret, it’s not great? 🙂 cheers

  33. Hani Says:

    Well, I am amazed by your creativity in explaining Sahaja Yoga! I love reading your website and I wish all sahaja yogis to be an example and prove of the right way of Sahaja Yoga.

  34. Susmita Says:

    When i googled “sahaja yoga” i got to see your page..Initially got scared to read your points :-). But i like your presentation 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      that was the idea Susmita 🙂

      • sudhir kumar Says:

        Sahaja yoga is supposed to bring change to the world. But it seems people are running form sy seeing your post. Pls realize u are contibuting to the retardation of the growth of sy.pls realise ur mistake and remove ur post.

  35. deedeemal Says:

    let’s not forget the practice of tolerance, patience, humility 🙂

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  37. Sandra Says:

    Well done Axinia!

  38. ekta Says:

    If i pray to srimataji to come in the form of human.as i want to talk to her.does it is possible???

  39. ekta Says:

    If i pray to sri mataji to come in the form of human again as i want to talk and see her.is it possible???

  40. ekta Says:

    If i want to talk to sri mataji in the form of human.is it possible.plz rply

  41. Ekta, enjoy Her as the Holy Spirit She is ! The french predictions say of Elizabeth Tessier say She will come back in about fifteen years… As yoy know, as Kalki !

  42. Michael Says:

    I would have to disagree with you about the 5 dangers. There simply natural thoughts and sensational feelings. You have awareness of you, as well as, the awareness of things around your environment that’s lovely and peaceful. Isn’t that what anybody truly wants? Now, bipolar and anxiety disorder are bad.

  43. sudhir kumar Says:

    Dear axinia
    This is in response to your dangers of sahaja yoga.
    With all due respect will a person who has wisdom and is genuinly wise say all this.
    I mean u have mentioned ‘will u be able to handle the popularity ‘as danger. A real sahaja yogi is absolutely contained within himself and does not care what others think.
    This shows nothing but the fact that u have no wisdom. How can u be a sahaja yogi without wisdom.

    So its my sincerest request that u remove this
    Post and give due apology for misguidance.
    Pls contact me for any queries.
    I have strongly detested this before but i got no response.

  44. Prem Sabhlok Says:

    Yajur Veda tells us if you do not follow Cosmic eternal Laws of necessity and resort to meditation, one gets from darkness to utter darkness. Ravana, Kansa, Harnya Kashyap and many others went darkness to utter darkness after resorting to meditation for a number of years. Another fanatic Sahaj Yogi well known to me and an excellent human being is now becoming anti social having gone into utter darkness.

  45. Shubhampreet Singh Says:

    That’s the aftereffect of any spiritual practice that you do, because, as the spirit gets affected it affects physical body too, and these are positive consequences and the thing that we have to do is that just adapt to it….

  46. Vikram Chandna Says:

    Sister, I would like to share some ‘data’ on dangers of Sahaja Yoga. Kindly email, so that I may share.

  47. Partu Says:

    It seems there is no enlightenment here, only boasting. Impossible to see how saintliness can boast. Compassion comes easily for someone who is detached. They see everything, all the pain behind the drama, and can intertwine their attention so easily to bring about serenity. It is always up to the individual whether they want to learn how to do it for themselves, but the saint never creates a boundary against access to them, they just flow like a cool soothing stream.

  48. Brad Says:

    Very beautifull take on 1000 petals and what it’s like to be fully integrated. I wish more people would post like you. Brad

  49. Just want to say wowwww…I got my answers. Thanku so much!!!!

  50. Jai Shree Mataji.
    That is so inspiring…. I was intrigued when I read the word ‘Danger’. Loved the interpretation and presentation.
    Jai Shree Mataji 🙏🏻

  51. Dr ak Says:

    Lost 17 jobs 3houses car practice failed business failed old dues nor cleared did small jobs was leader ggn children left after edn in uk aus USA left alone in old age oppo in family was harassed in sj by sj still doing sj find no better system 7 day 7 steps to 7 heaven dr ak ex army sahaji for over 30 yrs uk USA aus

  52. Vijay Surya Says:

    One thing failed to mention is superb concentration ability which can cut through any distractions and the consequent extraordinary abilities. Other quality is peaceful and a poised mind.

  53. San Says:

    Absolutely amazing article.. Love this small bite of sarcasm with the combination of beautiful truth

  54. OneOfThem Says:


    You might forgot the one where you loose reality so hard that u decide to send ur kids to boarding kindergardens and schools starting around 3 yrs or smth so they become happy yogis as you are , adding a solid lifetime trauma… (yes im one of them.. thanks alot)

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