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What I learned from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict March 29, 2014


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Since I am Russian and my beloved husband is Ukrainian, the story of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict around Crimea and more has a lot been in my attention. And because I have no TV at home and read Internet very selectively I could more or less survive the information war. But even if I try to minimise the information flow by getting possibly the first-hand impressions and facts from the people involved, I am still getting a lot of buzz from the world Russian-Ukrainian community…. It is really hard to stay cool!

However the hardship of the situation helped me to learn two great lessons. And I hope many more people will be able to see it in the same way.


This is something we learn throughout the history of humanity but obviously always forget when something happens: We are not able to find out all the reasons, all the real players and all real facts about any historical happening unless and until some time passes. The amount of totally useless thoughts in the heads of people trying to analyze the reasons and forecast the develop of the situation around Ukraine and Russia is terrifying. The heads are overheated and people keep on this nonsensical reactions. The truth is   – we will not be able to see the Truth right now. It is much more importatnt to keep a cool head and a good meditative state, and to point out the attention to the overall benevolence.


The current situation shows dramatically what huge damage to a personal development can identification with one’s nation of origin bring. Many people whom I knew as nice and spiritual, suddenly went mad about being Ukrainians or Russians, really hating the other side and some even breaking their friendships with “the enemy”. How horrible is that?!? Horrible and very sad to observe. Doest it mean all our talks and beliefs in some kind of spiritual development are mere self-illusions? This current test shows where we really stand.

It seems to me that even though in the 20th century some patriotic movements did good to some countries, we live in a different time now. What I can conclude from the current Russian-Ukrainian issue, the patriotism is only contra-productive, bringing bitter division and hate. I believe that people who consider themselves sensible, good-hearted and wise should really go beyond this false identification. It is time to become one, to accept and love people regardless their place of birth. It would be great if one day the whole of mankind would realize that. But if the spiritual people will not come to it, the rest will never come.

Let us go deeper in ourselves and honestly ask ourselves what our patriotism gives us except of an Ego? Let us go beyond, let us become one.




Ever heard of TTIP? The new World Government is being installed but it will not do us good! March 6, 2014

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Ever dreamed of having THE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

Right now, this very moment in time, a global government is being installed. The treaties you have or haven’t heard about such as the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), as it is being called by the EU, also referred to by the US as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), are being negotiated purely to favor the corporations and banks.

These treaties and the ones that will follow in the future have to make sure that multinational corporations can take over the world economy and therefore every aspect of anyone’s life.

Don’t take our word for it, just read the treaties yourself. However, it’s going to be quite difficult to read every page of those treaties since everything is secret. That’s right, you’re not allowed to know what is being negotiated. You’re not allowed, according to the corporations and governments that join the negotiations, to know which decisions are being made that will impact your life in such ways that your life will never be the same again, once the treaties are fully implemented. By that time you’ll have a very hard time to even try to resist it and fight for your rights. On the short, what will TTIP bring about?

The officil infromation promissies TTIP will create jobs, boost exports and enchance the economy. Hoewever this is not true. The truth is, it will make our life worse.

Corporations will become even more powerful, governments will have little or no influence anymore and democracy, well, that will be something we will talk about during history lessons only. If that would be allowed by the almighty multinationals, since these treaties and the associated secret courts will allow them to overrule any government policy anywhere in the world.

The major changes TTIP is about to bring:

TTIP undermines democracy and the rule of law : Foreign corporations can sue States in the future on high compensation payments, which meets arbitration when they pass laws that could reduce their profits.

TTIP opens the door to privatization : The agreement should make it easier for corporations to make profits at the expense of the general public water supply, health and education.

TTIP endangers our health : what is allowed in the U.S., would be legal in the EU – that would give clear the way for fracking , GMO food and hormone-treated beef . The peasant agriculture is weakened and the agricultural industry gets even more power .

TTIP undermines freedom : it threatens even more comprehensive supervision and tutelage of internet users. Excessive copyrights restrict access to culture, education and science.

TTIP is practically irreversible : Once decided , the contracts for elected politicians are no longer to change . Because with every change, all parties need to agree. Germany alone could not get out of the contract , as the EU enters into the Agreement .

Do we really want all these and more? NO!

As the negotiations are in the last stage, let us point our enlightened attention to the subject and do whatever we concider right to block this absurd treaty.


P.S: interestingly there is a protest movement not only in Europe but also in the USA. The article in one american magazine says”

“This agreement is likely to further entrench the power of corporations to shape the laws of sovereign nations to fit their needs. If we allow this agreement to pass, we will give up more of our sovereignty, not to Europe, but to corporations who care only about their bottom lines. It would allow corporate interests to take advantage of trade and investment benefits allowing them to consolidate their financial, economic, and political power…Just like with the TPP, our President and his cohorts are taking measures to ensure the TTIP negotiations are secret, out of the public eye, and heavily aided by corporate lawyers out to increase their profits at the cost of our sovereignty.”

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