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Mokosh’ – the Russian goddess Lakshmi October 30, 2010

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Mokosh, also called Mokos, a Goddess of the Earth, was worshipped by the ancient Slavs.  She is one of the most primeval deities in Europe.  As is true in many countries where reconstructionist Paganism is blossoming, there is currently a significant revival of pre-Christian spirituality and folk traditions in the lands that were formerly dominated by the Soviet Union. Hence, Her presence is being remembered and honored openly once more.

MokoshGoddess who gives and takes life, spinner of the thread of life, giver of the water of life. Also known as Mokysha, Mokush. She later evolved into Paraskeva-Piatnitsa – a Goddess of spinning, water, fertility, and health with marriage.

In the Encyclopedia Mythica™ John McCannon writes, “Mokos is most likely a later and more strongly personified variant of the Slavs’ elder earth Goddess, “Damp Mother Earth,” or Mati syra zemlya.” The worship of such a primal earth Goddess was widespread among the Slavs and their neighbors; this is attested to by the fact that the earth deities of a number of Baltic, Phrygian, and Finno-Ugric peoples exhibit similar characteristics and seem to derive from the Indo-Iranian Ardvi Sura Anahita (“Humid Mother of the Earth”)…

As the only female God of note to be worshipped by the Slavs, Mokos assumed a broad range of divine roles. She was first and foremost a symbol of the earth’s fertility. During the early spring, it was taboo to spit on or strike the ground, since Mokos was said to be pregnant then….Holidays were dedicated to Her in the autumn, after the harvest. The belief that Mokos invested the earth with divinity was reflected in peasant practices that, in some parts of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarussia, persisted into the 19th century: the swallowing of a lump of soil to consecrate wedding vows, the placing of earth upon one’s head to seal oaths, the confession of one’s sins to a hole in the ground instead of a priest.

Over time, Mokos became a patron of women, especially those bearing children or giving birth. She oversaw women’s work, such as spinning and weaving. She was also thought to protect flocks of sheep. The strength of her cult remained substantial, even after the Christianization of the Slavs; as late as the 17th century, Orthodox priests attempted to uncover Mokos-worshippers among the peasantry, asking women whether or not they had ‘gone to Mokos.’

In fact, Mokosh is the only female deity mentioned in the Kievan pantheon that was established by Vladimir I in 980 CE. In northern Russia, She has survived as a house spirit, Mokysha or Mokusha; a tall woman with a large head and long arms.

Known throughout Romania, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine, Mokosh can be either benevolent or malevolent. She is linked to the waters of the sky and the moist soil, to the fertility of the Earth and its creatures, to spinning and weaving, and to fishing.

Images of Her survive to this day in Russian art and embroidery.

She is related to Hecate and Aphrodite in classical western mythology, to Goddness Lakshmi in Indian myphology and to Zhyva and Morena in the western Slavic mythology. In the Russian Orthodox tradition She became intertwined with Saint Paraskevia (from the Greek paraskevi, which means “Friday,” a day that was always associated with the Goddess.) Later, especially under the attempted secularization of the people of the Soviet Union, Her name became synonymous with the good black soil of Mother Russia.

What’s really interesting, is that the word Mokosh seem to have a close correlation to a Sanksrik word “Moksha”, meaning Nirvana, the total divine bliss…


LOVE, axinia


12 Responses to “Mokosh’ – the Russian goddess Lakshmi”

  1. veni Says:

    All Mighty Transforming Love

    Light of Love enlightens everything

    Love warms all existing

    All-Pervading Power of Love transforms into Love

    Love begets Love

    Love brings wholeness to evolving matter

    Love unites incomplete entities

    Love illuminates darkness

    Love heats up cold

    Totality of Love creates unison

    Accord of Love reveals Divine Reality

    Love establishes concord within

    Permeating Love bonds to Itself

    Through Love imperfect becomes perfect

    Through Love incomplete turns into complete

    Through Love separated converts into united

    Through Love negative becomes Loving

    Love is The Almighty Transformer into Harmonious Loving World

    Veni Grig

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  3. mahanand kumar Says:

    my didiji ….. This wonderful article proves that our mother is the Universal Mother . She has taken birth in different forms in different Country.I got surprised when i read ur blog.

  4. Nice art in the picture… Some of the words like Mati etc, resemble hindi and sanskrit words! All the ancient languages might have had a common beginning, or influenced each other , I guess.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Ulyana Says:

    This is such a beautiful post, thank you!!! xxx

  6. swaps Says:

    How interesting! In fact, here we hold Lakshmi pooja on Fridays at all shops and offices. (I feel rituals are important too, lest in the hustle and bustle of our ordinary lives, we lose whatever little clue exists of our past.)

    • axinia Says:

      Rituals are imporant in many ways, also in relationships, however I can’t agree here. A mere riual gives nohing to me, if I don’t feel good vibraions from it. And most rituals I have seen – don’t give me that.

      • Triveni Says:

        I totally agree with Axinia.. some rituals/customs are so blind that people do it just because someone tells them. this reminds me of a story my father told me- once upon a time there was a childless couple. To satisfy thier need to take care of something small and cute like a baby, they started tried to adopt cats. but unfortunately, every cat that they brought home used to run away, so they decided to tie down the cat. Then one day they had a very big function at their home, and people who came home saw the tied up cat and assumed that tying of the cat must be a ritual/custom associated with the function held that day. Since then whenever such a function was performed at anyone’s place a cat was compulsorily tied 🙂
        this is the case of many customs followed here, especially in India where people are very conditioned.

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  8. AG SWAMY Says:

    madam you are correct to find out the goddess “mokosh” is lakshmi. you have to encode the word in right way as all languages in the world are rooted in sanskrit. you try your luck and send reply in this. or give your personal email .

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