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From fatherly to motherly love February 11, 2014

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Back in 2007 I wrote a post called “ A Woman with fatherly love” where I described the demanding nature of my love. I would love people but not unconditionally, I had only one but serious condition: a person must be willing to grow. At that time I also realised that I totally lack compassion and I thought this would be a life-long task for me to work it out.

However the beauty of a personal growth is such that things develop even without any special attention on that. Never ever have I done any special treatment to training for compassion. I was convinced that is something too deep to be able to train. At some point I realised that I managed to obtain it! Recently I noticed that my attitude to people has changed a lot. I started loving people unconditionally, regardless their depth or desire to grow. Just excepting any one as he/she is. My fatherly love was transformed into the motherly love, almost unknowingly for myself…

Obvisouly the reason of me physically becoming a mother has contributed a lot to that, but I think it started even earlier. May be it is the wisdom and maturity which a person gains with years…Whatever it is, I am so grateful I can experience and enjoy that tremendous unconditional love!



Do not expect to see your reflection while being photographed: Instead you will see the reflection of the photographer’s mindset February 7, 2014

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Photography is magic and to have one’s digital images is almost a must today because of the online acitivities like Social Networks. There is however one factor which should be seirously concidered while going for a nice portrait.

While being photgraphed we are expecting OUR image to be taken. Wrong! What comes up is the image of the photographer :), I mean of his/her inner world.

This is something I have noticed long ago and it keeps puzzling me. For instance, people who are strong and positive may not look so when photgraphed by some weired personalities. I remember once my sister who is a true angel, went for a professional photosession by one popular photographer in Germany. What came out waqs that she almost looked like a prostitute! – because that guy’s shooting style and perception was this way (we checked this other works, all the same).

There is so much magic about the photography, and the main secret of it is… that the beauty is indeed in the eye of the boholder!

P.S. The great Indian poet and Philosopher, Rabindranat Tagore said “In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects.”…I guess this is exactly what I meant, if we concider photography an Art.




Levels of spiritual development: check yours! February 1, 2014

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Are you interested in identifying your level of spiritual development? Forget it, it’s a myth.

In many so-called spiritual practices or esoteric businesses people are getting their “spiritual degrees” after they have been paid sufficient amount of money or done some exercises. After my 18-year long spiritual practice I can tell you honestly, there is NO such thing as a “level” or ” degree” or “stage” in true Spirituality. Not only because Spirit is beyond any concept.

Simply because spiritual self-development is the finest and hardest work, with its ups and downs. The world has seen people falling from such heights!…Nobody can ever give any certification and guaranty for your spiritual grow, because it is such a living thing.

And this is what makes spiritual growth to the most fascinating and mysterious thing in the Universe!

Despite this news…keep growing! 🙂




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