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Are you a Rider on a Galloping Horse? March 30, 2007

 Our normal condition is a bit like a rider looking at a landscape on a galloping horse through a smoke screen. 

The galloping horse is the brain which races from one feeling to the next.  

The fumes of ego in our thoughts, and those of our superego in our emotions constitute the smokescreen.  The smoke we produce is the fruit of our reactivity, which prevents us seeing clearly the landscape through which we pursue our journey.  

We react with the ego: perhaps with a sense of hurt pride or the desire to be “center stage”.  We react too, with the superego: fear of loneliness, or of not being loved, attachments, sexual attraction etc.  

 If the horse could somehow slow down and the smokescreen clear out, then the “I” could just see the landscape as it is and understand what is happening there.   We could then see both the friend on the hill and the enemy in the woods.   Without the impulses form ego and superego we would just see things as they are, a perception so direct and simple that it escapes us. Gregoire de Klabermatten, “The third Advent”


13 Responses to “Are you a Rider on a Galloping Horse?”

  1. Dmitra Says:

    So much philosophy about fencing off the galloping world. Why not just escape for better experience of life somewhere outside your everyday places?

  2. axinia Says:

    Can you escape from yourself???

  3. Dmitra Says:

    Yes! Playing the role. Social, psychological or the best I’ve tried – it was playing another socionic type of person. Most effective, but is some self-stressing.

  4. axinia Says:

    I see what you mean… To me to be authentic is the most facinating and easy…

  5. What is are the differences between ego and superego, Axinia 😕

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Id ,ego and superego is the model of singman fruid .
      Id means all basic instincts which drive the human behavior , ego permits the behavior in social and even individual moral setting , superego do not permit the behavior. There is always fight between ego and superego and at same time Id wants to do it irrespective of social and moral code for pleasure, which usually results into conflicts if not resolve properly. that why when we become desire less and reach to witness state then we can escape from all conflicts and enjoy pleasure . I think Mother do not believe on singmond,s contribution ( I read somewhere I am not sure excuse me for that)

    • mirel Says:

      mostly, we make decisions, perceive the world through the eyes of ego and superego

      The superego is in the subconscious realm, where all your past knowledge and experience is stored…..memories, self conditionings, all that is past, accumulates in the super-ego on the right side of the brain.
      Supergo makes us believe we have to suffer and be self-destructive. When it takes control, we act in accordance with what we already learned, its afraid to learn new things and convinces us to join with other with the same characteristics (color, race, nationality, town etc) and generate suspicions outside about any group…it creats conditioned reflexes: what are we supposed to do, or certain ways to do things!

      Mr Ego… in the supraconscious, the realm of the future. It’s even jealous of the right side brain, and proud of its own talent for language and verbal expression. If the right side brain paints a picture, the left side brain immediately slaps a name on it.
      We organize our lives according the interests of our ego and use it to defend our choices.
      It makes us reactive. We become defiant and ready to challenge our choices.
      It looks for control and domination to protect itself
      Identification with the ego makes us feel happy as long as our ego is pleased
      the pressure of ego brings about the feeling of guilt, vanity, aggression and focusing on the defects of others

  6. axinia Says:

    ego thinks: “I am the best”..the superego thinks” oh, I am the most miserable peoson, no one loves me..” both is pretty much the same, if you look closer.

  7. clark Says:

    Hello Axinia,
    i really love your blog,the subjects and photography.
    Your efforts are quite commendable. keep up the good work please.

    To ( Alien Earthling)……
    seems like you have been here for quite some time now, if you had not noticed, a very large portion of this blog is dedicated to ,SAHAJA YOGA.
    you might want to go to,(SAHAJAYOGA.ORG) try the online meditation experiment with an open mind of a scientist, it only takes a little while,and is free. Come back and tell us what your experience was like. Sahaja yoga can inform you of what the difference is in the ego and superego in a lot of detail, and may answer many more questions for you also. But if you want to just keep it at a mental level only, without really doing something about it, then it’s all just ENDLESS mental acrobatics.good luck and God bless you brother.
    Thanks again Axinia…..JSM!!!

    • axinia Says:

      thank you clark for your kind words on my humble contirbution. 🙂

      Alien Earthling is indeed my dear long-term reader and I appreciate his contributions to my posts a lot. As far as I remember he has experienced self-relisation follwing the link I have given here some time back, but could not feel much differnct (right, Raj?)…I am sure he is very much aware of sahaja yoga, but…all in a good time.

  8. clark Says:

    i’ll take the (BUBBLE) any day thank you…

  9. Thanks for the responses, Mahesh, Mirel, Axinia and Clark 🙂

    Clark, I guess I would be the silliest person on the planet if I’ve followed Axinia’s blog for so long without realising that a major part of it is dedicated to Sahaja Yoga 😉

    Thank you, Axinia, for the kind words about my “contributions” 🙂 I know I’m hated by many for saying unflattering things about regressive practices, uncouth “cultures” and the filthy parts of the turd world 😐

    You’re correct, I was indeed able to feel the cool-ish thing over my head after trying the link, but is that what you call as self-realisation 😕 I’m sure the cool-ish thing and meditation would have some benefits when practised regularly – like overcoming anxiety, helping soothe frayed nerves, developing a cooler temper, even bringing down blood pressure and achieving a relatively calm mind. But how can it be a life-changing event, enlightenment or self-realisation 😕

    More importantly, what change can it bring to one’s behaviour or change the world for the better 😕

    Such things can be achieved only through thoughts and then turning the thoughts into actions and not by thoughtlessness. Pleasant as it seems to exist in a state of thoughtlessness, it’s only a form of mental-cum-physical escape from the reality.

    In the physical and mental planes on which we exist, things that have gone awry or don’t work have to be fixed by working (and using tools that function) in the same planes, not by escaping to a completely different spiritual plane 😐

    For instance, if a computer has gone kaput, one fixes it by understanding how it works and where it went wrong, and then physically sorting it out. Just imagining that it continues to work in fine fettle due to its good spirit would never fix the problem, would it 😕


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