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Why is civil activism on the rise worldwide? November 7, 2014

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We live in highly interesting times. Events of historical signification are being displayed in front of our eyes like in a fast motion film. We have the largest population ever lived on Earth, we have great means of communication and transportation; we can explore new places and each other. And – this is the first time ever such a huge number of people are interested in knowing their inner Self, in getting some spiritual knowledge and experience. All that which was accessible to a limited number of seekers is now possible for everyone. And many do use the chance!

Basically we are experiencing a huge shift in the collective consciousness. People are becoming aware of their lives, and try to discover the Truth.

I like the idea of Bernard Lietaer (“New World New Money”) who believes that we are shifting from the worship of male archetypes of a King, Magician and Hero to the worship of the female powers, of Mother archetype. The recent millennia brought the mankind to such an extreme of the ego-trip, competition and grid, that the pendal will have to naturally shift to the opposite. The people will come to the idea of the common good being driven by the cooperation, understanding, sharing and giving. Even if this sounds like a dream, believe me, we are heading there…because it is the law of polarity, the law of evolution!

There is an old Indian prediction about the advent of Kalki, the last spiritual incarnation. And it said that this incarnation will be not a single person, but a collective body of all enlightened people.

Interestingly we can observe a rise of civil activity in many countries. It looks like people are getting conscious about what is wrong with their lives, with the current economic and political system. They consciously want to change it! It looks like a very good sign of change.

So far, most of all revolutions have been “paid off” from the outside, even the October 1917 Revolution in Russia. Now we live in the interesting times when suddenly people are willing to do something, because they are motivated from within.

This is how things can truly change.

Let’s help to move the Humanity to the common good!




3 Responses to “Why is civil activism on the rise worldwide?”

  1. swaps Says:

    Something should happen that will once and for all show the futility of materialism.

    During the medieval times we hit the limit of agrarian economy, that gave rise to industrialization.
    Today, we have reached the limit of industrialization…the economic downturn is here for good.
    So the time is ripe to think of the next big change…there is no way it can be a materialistic one.
    Simply because we have run out of materials!

  2. samadhi Says:

    civil activism should go on

  3. the world is more complicated than… a very small percentage of people are actually active… the view of the silent mass therefore does not count..

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