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My amazing sister January 20, 2011

One of the most amazing, heart-opening singers  – Tatiana Samoylova-Raff.


3 Responses to “My amazing sister”

  1. Yogeet Sharma Says:

    Heard her song “Time to say goodbye” …its amazing !!! .
    Came to this blog because because of Sanskrit – Russian affinity content . Thx for such a educative and academic post . It is so touching to see others pointing out us Indians about our glorious heritage, which our West-serving politicians and Anti-Hindu academicians have forced us to forget. Thx Axinia

    • shrirang sudrik Says:

      Dear Sir very true It is very shameful to learn from others about our own Indian Glorious Heritage. Our education system is solely responsible for present condition of India. It must be replaced with Nationalistic Education System

  2. landwirt2012 Says:

    Axinia is a great writer and well educated person i presume.
    Speaking German as well Your English is well understood so i would like to recommend one of my book-shed at http://www.scribd.com you should search ernst-martin 86 (collections) or eugen-karl 50
    We are deceived permanently and lied to on regard of history health food medicine on religion (mostly brain washing without self confidence for the people’ s needs !) my last hint today and not to end this open list is the field of energy

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