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How to meet your favorite Blogger March 27, 2008


Keeping the line of my holiday reports I want to share with you the excitement about meeting my favorite blogger.

She lives in India. Luckily my destination was exactly the city she lives in. I contacted her and we met!

Some of my regular readers might have already guessed who it was. My favorite blogger is …… Nita Writer! Now let me explain the reasons this person and her great blog get my admiration and high appreciation: (more…)


What is really so special about Russian women? March 25, 2008

The topic I wanted to conver since long… There are so many myths and rather strange ideas about Russian woman – and this is my way to pay hommage to my Motherland.

The post is at my other blog Shaktipower and it covers the following points:

-Physical Beauty (figure, colours)


-The strength



Happy to read your comments at What is so special about Russian women?

LOVE, axinia


India: the everlasting magnet March 23, 2008

More and more people from all over the word choose to spend their holidays in India – some decades ago it was the western seekers looking for the sacred knowledge of Indian sages and gurus. Now places like Goa are full of tourists seeking nothing but exotic holiday on the sea-shore (acutally I don’t see why do they need to go to India for that, this could be any other famous tourist destination).

But whatever the times are, one things is the same: the aspiration when people pronounce the word INDIA.

Despite the modernisation and fast economical and industrial development of that great country, its magic is very special. There are many other exotic countries and continents in this word, however it is only India that has this kind of a spell over everyone!

Just try to tell someone you are going to Africa (any country), Burma, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Russia – just any, the reaction of your listener will be any possible but not the same when you say you are going to India… (I was very surprised to see that one of my last posts “Going to India” was such a hit!  There was nothing special in there, I guess it was the title..) Obviously people feel there is something very special about the land.

Here I put together my photos that I find in a way express the magnitude of India: The magnitude which is  in the deep roots of spirituality and traditions hand in hand with the leopardizing modernity.

LOVE, axinia


The Children of India March 21, 2008

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One short impression… LOVE, axinia


One Russian Tourist visiting … Russia March 19, 2008

My holidays this time was a double-exotic journey. From cosy and stuffed Austria I went to hot and developing India via cold and diverse Russia.

Born Russian and being a Russian citizen I actually spend only 5 years of my life in Russia: every time I visit it I feel more like a tourist (which gives me an interesting perspective and still the ability to act like a native).

This slide show can give you some impressions I got from staying in Moscow for several days.

My last visit to Russia was 2 years ago. Any changes? Any new impressions? 

It feels like people have become more satisfied, more peaceful. At the same time more reserved (more…)


Going to India March 4, 2008

My dearest friends, this post is just to inform you that I will not be blogging for the next 2 weeks because of my holidays in India.

Everyone who reads my blogs knows that I am in love with that great country.

So what am I going to do there? Actually same as everywhere – seeing special places, meeting friends, absorbing the beauty and sharing whatever I have… But above all I am going to enjoy something what I am enjoying the most in my life – my meditations (for they are the deepest while in India).

I will be back to you in 2 weeks with loads of wonderful photos and experiences.

Please keep visiting 🙂

LOVE, axinia


Top 20 Search Terms for my blog March 2, 2008

It is fascinating how people land on my blog through the Search Engines. This is the Top 20 List that I took from my Blog Stats :

Search Views
beautiful languages 210
colors of india 199
1000 petals 194
tree of life 193
1000 petal lotus 167
galloping horse 166
1000 petals s 164
falling in love 157
kuchipudi 148
country sizes 143
axinia 141
pleasing your wife 141
urdu 140
1000petals 139
rules of a game called life 138
favourite season 135
fatherly love 133
easily offended people 130
human tree 130
gregoire de kalbermatten 129

The results are not really surprising, but still interesting – I never knew that the term 1000 petals is so popular 🙂

It is also nice to see that even though tons and tons of posts have been written on “falling in love” people still reach to my blog while looking for love-related topics (do I write so much about falling in love??). (more…)


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