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How to take the right decision August 14, 2007

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Making the right choice, taking the right decision – this is something that marks our personal growth every next moment. Wise people say that in fact every decision IS the right one – and I absolutely agree with that. 

However there are some identification marks that show kind of “the best” decision for me, and this is something I want to share with you. Usually I take decisions on regular life matters (shopping, choice of location, of holiday destination, of people to meet or places to attend, to handle a daily situation etc.) quite easy, spontaneous. It just happens naturally and I mostly do not need even to think it over.

In some cases, however – like job or marriage J – this is something that mostly takes time to decide… Then how do I decide? 

  • The easiest thing for me is to check vibrations (mostly I feel vibrations very good on the palms of my hands and on top of the head; if it feels cool, I go for it!) – it is so relaxing to let Divine to show me the right way, in order not to let my mental concepts to force my destiny
  • Sometimes this method does not work L Not cool, not hot… Nothing… I learned to identify it as a clear sign that in that case it does not matter what I decide, and I can just take any option. That is quite funny then, but feels like a great win-win case J I know that it will work out anyway!

That is basically all. I must honestly say that I do not possess so called intuition, sometimes only what I can call “anti-intuition” – if I foresee the worse, it turns out to be the best. And one more thing: finally, when the decision is taken, how do I know it is the right one?  – I just feel so relieved, relaxed and simply overjoyed! 

I wonder what are your ways of taking decisions? Thanks for sharing, my dear ones! 

LOVE, axinia

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15 Responses to “How to take the right decision”

  1. axinia Says:

    Off-topic: I suddenly realised it is my 100th post! :))
    long live blogging!!

  2. bbZuSh Says:

    if you have a good feeling about it, go ahead!

  3. axinia Says:

    bbZuSh, this is such a lovely way – the true innocence of a child is speaking through it!…

    For adults taking decisions is mostly a very comlicated process 🙂

  4. jd Says:

    Got the new and Very effective way of aking the decisions..
    Will definately go fr tat…

  5. Earth Mover Says:

    About personal decisions: Taking a decision is so much about knowing what you want. Once you are sure of what you want, and you give enough importance to yourself and what you want and make it cognizant, the priority gets clear and taking decision becomes easy. Most of the times, it is the accomodative people who are NOT adamant of what they want have the toughest time taking decisions because they kind of press their wants and eventually press supress their wants so much that they end up becoming ‘not knowing what they want’ and have tough time making choices/taking decisions

    • Rishi Says:

      Hey that was really a nice post , thanks i was caught in a bad situation and your comment on this has helped me find my right direction.
      I was not adamant and lost my way
      Thanks ,

  6. Kapil Says:

    Any decision once taken, is the right decision. We should think about what is right and what is wrong before making the decision and NOT after. If something doesn’t feel right after taking the decision, once can ponder to take the next decision 🙂

  7. Tan Says:

    I am in need of taking a decision asap… I am not able to make up my mind… Can you help? Can anyone help, for that matter???

  8. […] take the most benevolent decisions […]

  9. Föhre Says:

    Usually I know one thing: “If I need to force myself to do it, it’s the wrong decision!”, of course that doesn’t go for “trivial things” as washing the dishes, because sometimes one doesn’t feel like, but still it is necessary. But obviously it is right about things like: Shall I marry this person? Shall I study maths /medicine/ … ? Shall I move to this country? etc.
    Because I think we have the right to be happy in our life, there is no need to work for 40 years in a job that we hate!

    About intuition:
    Sometimes I “foresee events”, usually in the nature of: That vase (that was there for 2 months) is going to fall! And then later the cat jumps up and throws it down. Then I feel guilty for not reacting earlier, so I try now to listen to this instinct.

  10. sunil Says:


  11. Neha singh Says:

    this blog obviously have very good viberations…while reading some of your posts on sahaja yoga i go in thoughtless state…and pictures are so divine..

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