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Yogis are most desirable candidates for jobs July 25, 2012

Meditation makes you more balanced and joyous. People love to be around happy people, and will understandably enjoy your company. An inner magnetism will start to be expressed, and somehow, you may not know why, but you will find almost everyone eager to work with, or for you. 

Interestingly in the job world you become a desirable candidate for any recruiter because of your charisma and dynamism. The reason behind this is that regular meditations increase your energy level and you yourself will start emitting vibrations, or essentially everything positive. People can feel it and they actually love it, even if they do not understand the source of it.

This is what I’ve learned from several recent recruitment experiences: among many candidates people who meditated were selected as the best, although the recruiter or client knew nothing about the yogic background of a job candidate.

People practicing yoga and meditation are more luckily to be selected for a job.

So the new career rule says: MEDITATE and you will be successful!

🙂 axinia


3 Responses to “Yogis are most desirable candidates for jobs”

  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    Hi axinia nice post
    I shall add only one more word i.e. true and regular meditators or just true yogies..
    because what i see around is fake business in meditation among even regular appointee or employee or high level so called bosses actually they get the post by luck but shows as true meditator and wrongly influence to people expecting everything should be done by juniors with no expectations by them( Jr.) on the name of meditation. It is specially true who changes job more frequently. They can nicely cheat to next person for few years and when truth came out ..next job..
    The second part of story is when you expect something and meditate you are likely to loose balance it is specially true with unemployed or those who are highly ambitious . so ultimetly achievement of higher spiritual state while maintaining day to day business is very crucial. ups and down will be their in life and change of state also natural phenomena one should meditate regularly with maintaining witness state is important what I feel.

  2. Very thoughtful and on point article. We have seen yogis excel in stressful environments because of their larger hearts. They react less, thus get more things done. You are a recruiter or HR Generalist, Axinia? – Ruthvick

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