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Spirituality on sale October 1, 2007


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There are many types of practice which can loosely be called meditation.

At the end of the scale are the recreational forms often accompanied by an artfully designed CD, video or matching book, or in some cases promoted via an electronic gadget or trendy new technique. These products serve a market desperate for a means of relieving the stress of modern living. Their job is to soothen the troubled mind, not spirituality, but mostly through some form of a mental exercise.

In the middle are quasi-religious practices, ranging from the eminently fashionable Zen-type meditations to those peddled for nothing more than commercial reward.

Most of these practices are spiritual to the same degree as singing songs in church, temple or synagogue, in that they offer a reasonable representation of spirituality without actually leading to any real spiritual liberaiton or evolution of the soul. They cannot, because they do not include the one crucial feature of all true yoga – self-realisation.

At the other end of the spectrum are the authentic forms of yoga meditation, as ptracticed by Seers for thousands of years. These practices have a spiritual focus which overrides all other considerations, and they embody the crucial and timeless features of authentic spirituality, which have been documented over thousands of years.

from “Meditation” by Nigel Powel


11 Responses to “Spirituality on sale”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Spirituality on sale is the most awful feature of life we face currently. That’s the key to the rootes of all our problems. Thank you for that life equipment

  2. axinia Says:

    You are right, Tomas. THat is the fact that makes me wonder every time – people try to make money literary of everything!! – Whatever appear to be the need, immediately there is somebody who knows how to make profit. Same thing about blogging – such a wonderful idea and already so commercialized…
    I think we have to deciede for ourselves that there are things that can not be paid for. And spirituality is the first one.

  3. Irving Says:

    This is very true, and spirituality which is for sale is worthless. A true guru, yogi, Sufi master, etc asks no fee, as this teaching is an obligation imposed by Enlightenment. Those that pay for a quick fix get exactly what they pay for, and are no better off.

  4. axinia Says:

    exellent comment, Irving!!!

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