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The problem with talents -2 July 28, 2011

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My earlier post “The problem with talents” wanted to be extended, because the topic turned to be bigger than I thought.

I would like to specify some ideas I gave in the previous post.

It is good to understand what a talent is: one can be talented in any sphere of life. Interestingly mostly under a talent people mean an artistic talent which is not accurate. We can find talents in every profession.

But  I think there is something special about the artistic talents, why they are so admirable and desirable. It’s simple: artistic talents are not special, because everybody can actually has them! If we take a talent in, say, medicine or IT – not everyone has it or can ever awaken/develop/obtain it. But everyone can sing and develop a beautiful voice out of nothing due to some special training. WHY?

The answer is easy – the artistic abilities are built within us one the level of the second energy center (Swadhistana chakra). Especially when people turn to spirituality this center gets awakened and various artistic talents pour out of one single person. This is natural! And that does not necessarily mean that a person should immediately consider himself/herself an artist, give up a daily bread job and start a free artist life. unfortunately most of the artists have to live a poor life because art is not a well paid occupation.

Recently a friend of mine, a student of Economics started painting and is thinking to change  his occupation and become a painter. (more…)


What is Divine Love July 25, 2011

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This all-pervading power is the power of divine love. It thinks. It organizes. It plans. It loves.

It is the one which is the subtle of the ether, you can call it. It is the subtle of the matter.

It is the subtle of your emotions. It is the subtle of your mental power.

It is the subtle of your evolutionary power, but all integrated and coordinated in complete synchronization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


A Yogic Prophecy July 23, 2011

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A prophecy by a great Indian saint and astrologer Bhrigumuni in the famous scprip NADIGRANTHA that it was written in Sanskrit on lotus leaves about 2000 years ago.

“While Jupiter is in Pisces a great Yogi will incarnate on the Earth. By 1970 it will have become quite evident to many people that a new era will have started. Kaliyuga will end and Krutayuga will start. The axis of the Earth will depress and the Earth’s orbit will come closer and closer to the Sun. Human life will undergo a complete revolution. A great Yogi will incarnate at this time.

Until this time a yogi or devotee could achieve the bliss of Moksha and find the ultimate meaning of his life only by following the path of devotion, knowledge and Pantanjali Yoga. But he would have to go through severe penance in order to awaken the sleeping powers of various chakras of his body and finally enlighten the Kundalini Power.
By the new method of yoga devised by the great Yogi, human beings will be able to attain the joy of Moksha within one lifetime. It would no longer be necessary to sacrifice one’s body or to die in order to achieve Moksha. The Brahmananda which so far only great saints had been able to experience and then only by entering into the Samadhi state at the point of death, due to his new type of yoga could be achieved by ordinary human beings without entering Samadhi state while dying.

In the beginning it would be possible for one person in crores to attain this Yoga and Moksha. However, after some time the whole human race with the help of this Yoga will be able to defeat itself. People won’t have to worry about food, shelter or clothing. While living ordinary lives people will achieve Yoga – Union with God. There will be no necessity for hospitals as there will be no diseases.

In the beginning the great Yogi will be able to heal diseases with a mere touch. Old age with it’s destruction of the body will not exist and people will possess heavenly bodies.



The problem with talents July 21, 2011

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Many people I know are talented at various things. And I observe how this becomes a real problem of choice and identification.

The classical case is when someone is good at arts. Mostly the person has a regular boring  job and thinks that a creative hobby is the his/her true mission and talent. Unfortunately mostly this kind of talent is nothing extraordinary and the person cannot make a living by it. Despite this fact, the person conciders himeself an unrecognized genie.

Why do I call it a problem? It seems to me that concentrating on ones talents gives quite a big Ego and makes the person and surroundings unhappy if the ambition is not being recognized as something special. Such people are often quite difficult to deal with.

My observation is that true unique talents are rare diamonds. For only people who are gifted with a great talent and dedication should really become artists. The rest can keep it as a hobby and enjoy it the way it is (a good ego-treatment!).  Same works for any other field of human work.

Have you ever thought why really good teachers, doctors, hairdressers, writers, politicians, etc. are that rare? The simple answer is that one needs a talent for a job. Otherwise it becomes a mediocre occupation. In my search for professionals in various fields I am facing this problem constantly. So many people are in totally wrong jobs! So few are doing what they can do brilliant and the rest is just getting bored or even suffers by doing the job only “for money”. Why is this happening? Why can’t people follow their real talents and do what they have to do?

Well, the problem with talents (their realization and acknowledgement) seems to be one of the biggest our modern life.

And how do you see it? How would you solve it?




The capitalism is about to collaps… what’s next? July 16, 2011

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Today many, including economists and financial experts are talking about the end of the existing financial system due to a simple mathematical law: Compound interest follows the existing monetary system an exponentially growing curve (= off 1 is 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. – as opposed to linear growth from = 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), and unlimited growth exponentially is mathematically impossible. Any system with exponentially growing system is an ultimately self-destructive, the end is predictable. In nature, quality growth prevails: Humans, animals and plants grow quantitatively until they have reached their optimal size, then they only grow more qualitatively. Exponentially growth occurs naturally only in connection with illness and death, eg the disease like cancer behaves exponentially (from one cancer cell, 2, 4, 8, etc.). The interest from the mechanism resulted in permanent growth of the forced economy is in irresolvable conflict with the mathematical impossibility, with the known consequences of such an unbearable social imbalance and life-threatening environmental degradation.

This situation sounds hopeless (if interested to learn about truly shocking backgrounds, see Chris Martenson’s “The Crash Course Money”). Margrit Kennedy, however, offers in her book “Interest and Inflation Free Money”  1996 , a positive outlook, because it shows not only the problem but also offers a possible solution for me (as an economic layman) understandable, reasonable, sensible and feasible acts. Margrit Kennedy, was born in 1939 in Germany and has been working many years as an architect, town planner and ecologist in Germany, Nigeria, Scotland and the USA. Since her ecological projects have often been dismissed as uneconomical, she became aware that an environmental measure had to be measured with the money-creating power of money in the capital market. She began to compare the growth patterns in nature and in the monetary system and the causes of the pathological compulsion to understand economic growth, and the function of the monetary system and the dangers of an economic or ecological collapse. Margrit Kennedy assumes that very few people understand exactly how money works and how it affects their lives directly or indirectly. She holds four misunderstandings for the main obstacle to understanding the design flaw in the present monetary system: (more…)


Are you virtually intelligent? July 13, 2011

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Virtual Intelligence is a new kind of intelligence rapidly being shaped by the modern life.

Presently the term “virtual intelligence” exists only applicable to some software programs, and I spontaneously came to idea to describe the new phenomenon using this title. It can be also called “Internet Intelligence” but “virtual” sounds more elegant, going hand in hand with other intelligences discovered recently, see  spiritual intelligence. The uniqueness of virtual intelligence is that unlike all other types that has been with us probably for ages, this type did not exist even 30 years back.

Virtual intelligence is something we all (at least all who dwell in the virtual world from time to time) need in order to be happy with our online life.

I thought of some points that might help to check oneself on this intelligence type.


  • never posts anything (pics or texts) that he/she can regret about later and always keeps in mind that any even very personal email can be one day read by the rest of the world!
  • sniffs trends and naturally sticks to platforms that will be successful and powerful
  • knows how to make friends online
  • knows that online lives from offline – tries to meet virtual friends in real life if possible
  • knows how to treat others with respect and not spam any nonsense around
  • comments on the posts he/she really likes (because the understanding for the importance of feedback is there)
  • can efficiently integrate the online life into the daily life without any addiction
  • has an open access to collective consciousness and knows where and how to get information the best and fastest way

If you like the idea please do not hesitate to add your points!




The modern youth is not what it is expected to be July 9, 2011

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There is an interesting trend which is quite new respective to the tendencies of the 20th centurie: The young people of today (15-30) are not the rebels the previous generations have been. The modern youth’s image, ideas and handling are quite different from what is normally expected from the youth, at least in the West.

When I observe young people around I am often surprised why don’t they rebel against the system, why are they such conformists compared to even my generation (30+)? Recently I have read some studies showing that young people are mostly interested (surprise, surprise!) in good jobs and family life.

The studies have been done in Austria but I am quite sure it is similar in many other countries. The studies say that even if they rebel then not aganst something general but for quite concrete things, more “practical”. They don’t go for demonstrations but meet for one minute flash-mobs.

And I ask myself: Is the time of rebellion over? Probably the old system is already deadly damaged. And probably we, the rebels of the past are not able to see it yet.

And the new souls that will be building the tomorrow world are already there doing their job quietly?

LOVE; axinia


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