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Never go to India! August 1, 2007

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If you are looking for some special experiences, fascinating views, magic of a foreign country and deep spirituality – never go to India! Al these traveller-treasures are there, but the risk for you is too high. The risk of loosing your heart in India. Forever.



Tons and tones of words have been written about this majestic land, and still everyone will find something very personal, special about it. Let’s see what each of us can see…

·         A photographer can make excellent pictures by shooting EVERYTHING what so ever: thanks to exotic settings and bubbling colors.

·         A designer can get inspired by the graceful sarees and elegant punjabis, noble kurtas and other fascinating traditional wears.

·         A child can meet lots of animals in a city and even more in the rural area (forget the zoo!) and lots of playing children as well!

·         A parent can find plenty of child- dress-shops in all the shopping areas – I believe at least as many as shops for adults. And what for cute little togs!..

·         A manager can learn sales – the heart touching sweetness of an Indian bargaining can capture every canny man and his purse.

·         A generous person can buy as many valuable handmade presents as possible and enjoy a long process of giving them away.

·        And a seeker (a seeker of truth) will find the most nourishing living water of spirit, strong vibrations and dissolving bliss…



But beware of all that! – How will you live happily after seeing, feeling, experiencing it? How will you live with a good part of your heart being lost in the wise silent mounts of Maharashtra or Himalayas? How will you not desperately dream of going back and staying there forever?



Better have a vegetating stressful life, making career, blogging, feeling lonely/or fed up with communication, having fun or running after fashion… Do all that, enjoy it!

But never go to India.

LOVE, axinia


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18 Responses to “Never go to India!”

  1. sunshineforlife Says:

    Thanks for sharing this about India. India is my list of “wanna go and see country” and really — i hope it will come true!

  2. Nita Says:

    You really love India. I didn’t realise how much until I read this post. 🙂
    Well, we have something in common! I love India absolutely beyond imagination, though I criticize the country too. I will never leave my home for long…and both me and my husband share this feeling.

  3. Princess Says:

    what a sweeet love for my country 🙂

  4. axinia Says:

    Thank you, sunshineforlife, Nita and Princess! – such lovely comments 🙂 I do love India and I wish many people can visit it and get dranched by the beautiy and powers of that land!

  5. Now you’ve made me want to visit India!

  6. I’ve never been to India but you’ve already made me love this country.

  7. goldenferi Says:

    Everyone I know who has visited India has such wonderful things to say. Reading your blog makes me want to visit even more.

  8. Come come and come again

    to a land where millions of Buddhas, Christ, Mohammad’s have walked. Come to land of source of Love that is never changing.

    Come, come it doesn’t matter who you are , there is enough celebration’s to join the party!

    Thanks Axinia!

  9. axinia Says:

    What are wonderful comments! – I am so happy that you liked that post, all of you my dear readers and friends…

  10. bbZuSh Says:

    I’ve been to india once… though i spent most of the times in the cities… my mom wanted to buy all the clothers she could -.-, I spent sometimes in Ajmer and that was wow!

  11. gav Says:

    Never say Never.

    I love this phrase, so elegant yet so ugly 🙂

  12. hey..
    now this is the best attestation of India..
    u know so much about india..
    this is very pleasing to know,not only because India is concerned but the sad thing is many people here are being sceptical of this thing..
    nonetheless it was a brilliant post..

  13. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Hunny, it was my pleasure. Nowadays more and more people are discovering India for themselves and I am sure the trend will only grow.

  14. rjp123rjp123 Says:

    I enjoyed your blog. I am a poet too.

  15. Abhinayaraj Says:

    i know the art of getting people to read your posts. 🙂 And this title, will make every Indian furiously reach to read the post .:P (of course i wasn’t since i was fully aware of your inclinations)

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