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INDIA: the spiritual home January 27, 2008

In my life I meet lots of people of spiritual nature, I guess there must be hundreds or even thousands of them I know personally. Wherever I am, I naturally feel attracted to people of spiritual nature even if they do not appear so at first sight.

Interestingly all these people belong to different races and religions. But if at some point of talk we come to the topic of INDIA it turns out that many of them have been to India or planning to go there! And so many who have been there say the same thing: India feels like home…

This gallery is from my Indian collection and I called it “India Eternal”

The reason might be that the deep spirituality that has been established in India long before the rest of the world started developing. All these sages, rishis, munis and yogis have established the culture of devotion and meditation that has been obviously understood and respected in the society. On my last trip to India I bought the colorful Devanagari Alphabet (for children) where the icon for “R” was the picture of mediation sage “rishi” – meaning even children know what it is… Amazing!

And even though I hear from my Indian friends about the decline of spirituality under the pressure of materialism, I believe that the holy land of India will keep emitting its powers…The powers of the Spirit.

LOVE, axinia

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10 Responses to “INDIA: the spiritual home”

  1. It’s all about the frequency of your vibration. I feel that the more spiritual you are the higher in frequency that you vibrate, and in turn you attract or are drawn to others of similar vibrations.

    Always wonder why the bad kids hung out together? Like vibration attracts like. Or have you ever met someone and for some reason you just didn’t feel comfortable around them?

    Some may call this Intuition, but it’s actually part of our wiring, it’s how we were made.

    Take Care

  2. axinia Says:

    thanks, charles, there must be some low of attraction working that way, you are right!

  3. Nita Says:

    Nice pictures Axinia. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bala Says:

    Yea, Awaiting your visit here this time 🙂

  5. Raman Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    Interesting thoughts as ever!!

    It was with huge surprise that I learnt the difference between Spirituality & Religiousness – while my parents and to a large extent, most people I know are religious, they are not spiritual. Spirituality is the art of practicing God – it remains unaffected by religion, god, name, practices, festivals, rituals, beliefs or texts. Spirituality, while it is fairly simple to understand and practice is not widely followed. Religion, with all its complexities is practiced extensively.

    What charles says is true to a large extent. But spirituality, expresses itself by it being comfortable, even amongst unlike frequencies.

    As far as I have understood, spirituality is very simple: Do no evil, Say no evil & Think no evil – that’s it!!

    Spirituality, in fact doesn’t even have much to do with god!!

    Ancient India was high on spirituality since they preserved the above mentioned themes religiously [I love the pun here :)]. While the world talks about atrocities on women & animals, India incidentally worships both. India, ever since it has existed, has never attacked any nation with intent. India, has even forgotton the injuries inflicted on it by others.

    But modern day India is suffering from confusion. The past 3 generations (mine, my father’s & my grandfather’s) has suffered from the disease of information loss and confusion. Today, people believe religion is spirituality and that is false. Therefore the classification is simple & rude: Those who wear their religion on their sleeves are “spiritual” and others are “non-spiritual”. How funny??

    Basically, it is important to understand – god lives everywhere & in everything. God is omnipresent & omnipotent. WHich means, I am god and so is everyone & everything in this world, including the world in itself. Therefore, the moment i stop loosing value for something that I do not want or need, I believe we become spiritual.

    with all humility…

  6. axinia Says:

    Thanks, dear friends!
    Raman, your comment is very profound and I agree to 100%!
    Spirituality and religion is not the same. I had no interestest in any religion for a long time and the way people practice it seemed rather artificial to me.
    Spirituality is really easy, you are right. Spirituality means to me being connected with my Spirit and follow it. All genuine things are simple 🙂 And spirituality is probably the most genuine of all…

  7. radha Says:

    The first time i went to India i felt just home. The first time i came to China I felt just home. Today somebody in the iffice approached me and said: “everybody here loves you, your character is really different from all the other foreigners, you simply jumped into the culture and that is also because you are a spiritual person…?” Since i was a child i never understoon anything about religion, it was too complicated for my mind, but its sure i onlt get attracted to people who knows something about the Spirit, the pure spirit or seek for it. So good this post, SPIRITUALITY IS A MUST NOWADAYS.

  8. axinia, I liked your posts on India. I always wonder if this fascinating place and its amazing people are all spiritually enlightened in some way or the other. The moment I touched down on this wonderful land, I knew there was no going back. I have travelled across the world but never have I felt so much at peace in the midst of chaos as I do here. 🙂

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