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If you want to be successful – work hard and you will be. If you don`t want – you will be even more successful! August 11, 2008

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Our success-oriented society is hard to withstand. Hardly anyone wants to be a looser. But what factors bring success – hard work? luck? connections? all of them together? or it is something else?

In the yogic life there is a concept of “detachment”- and this is something which opposes the modern logic. Detachment means ” not to desire” something, just go with the flow…Not to persist on something, not to try to reach anything… just do whatever the life/God/destiny wants you to do…

People who know me distantly are all sure I am a typical career-woman (! :)) and therefore successful. People who know me closer understand, that it is not the case. I never wanted any success, because it seems so funny to me. But surprisingly, I keep getting interesting offers, positions, awards, rewards, etc….I dont really care, I just love to do what I am doing. And the success accompanies me on its own. That makes me smile 🙂

So shall we actually strive for success or will it come out of our detachment?

What is YOUR experience?

LOVE; axinia


14 Responses to “If you want to be successful – work hard and you will be. If you don`t want – you will be even more successful!”

  1. Nita Says:

    I agree that one should not seek success at anything. One should simply do one’s work and the success will come or it may not come. It doesn’t matter. Some people may call this detachment, but I don’t. I call it extreme attachment to work. Not money or success.

  2. Mavin Says:

    Our scriptures say “Do your work but do n ot be attached to the results”….Words of wisdom but I see that this is very difficult to put into practice.

    I would say – Work hard anyway with enthusiasm because a disinterested approach ultimately leaves you incomplete and dissatisfied inside. If you have put in your best effort and feel satisfied and happy with yourself – you know you are on the right path.

    Success,then, runs hard behind you to catch up.

  3. swaps Says:

    AXINIA, BRAVO! Damn good moot point in this Olympic season.

    My experience?
    Back in my high school when I didn’t care for marks, my ranking fell to the fag end of the roll. So I pulled myself up and set a target to score >80% marks in all subjects. When I managed that, I promptly rose to top 4. Classmates were surprised (teachers were not). There was healthy and (mostly)unhealthy competition among them, which amused me. Because, I was competing with only myself 🙂

    AS an adult, I see nothing has changed. When I resigned from Kyocera, people thought I was crazy (O! how they looked at me :). In the small start-up I joined, my new colleagues were asking ‘what does this guy want??’. It is sooo funny. I just wanna have fun.

    They say, to be successful one must be a genius or different.

    (Nita is so right. There is a superb movie “Pyasa” (Thirsty) on this topic).

  4. axinia Says:

    @Nita, thanks, dear – that was a good input!

    @Mavin – your examplis of wisdom “Do your work but do n ot be attached to the results”….is exellent! But I somehow cannot agree on working hard. I prefer to work honestly, but hard? – I am a weak women, I also love to enjoy and not stress myself…I did work hard at times, but now I really dont want any more 🙂

    @swaps, great sharing, many thanks! that is really interesting!
    you say ” to be successful one must be a genius or different.” – so what are you – genius or different?? 🙂

  5. swaps Says:

    You tell me. Let’s see 🙂

  6. Mavin Says:

    Working hard does not mean putting immense physical or mental effort. That exhausts you because somewhere you have the feeling that you are putting in too much and you do not enjoy doing that task.

    When you immerse yourself completely in the task at hand with enthusiasm work actually becomes effortless. It is no longer “hard” work. It is play.

    If you achieve that – Life is a celebration. Happy Celebrations!!!

  7. axinia Says:

    ok, this is the way I also see and actually live it 🙂
    I am only against the hard work which is out of pressure.

  8. Fabulous post!

    Till I was about thirteen years old, success did matter a lot to me. I wanted to finish first in whatever I competed in. I did finish first most of the time and second or third a few times, despite my laziness. I committed the mistake of judging myself by artificial things.

    Then I realised my folly 😐 I was evolving into someone whose journey was taking him nowhere. It was like running in a rat race in which even if one finished first, one was still a rat. That was when I decided to behave like a cat 🙂 as you can see from my logo 😉

    Now, I am a different person from what I was long ago. My journey is more of an inward journey. People around me are sometimes baffled by what I do. I behave as if I have a devil-may-care attitude. Successes and failures don’t affect me at all. As long as I know that I am not deviating from my path and that I am completely responsible for my own actions, I enjoy being myself 🙂

  9. axinia Says:

    nice expeirence, An alien Earthling 🙂

    but TIGER is not a cat!

  10. wortman Says:

    you don’t MUST have success but you’ll get it.
    i think, thats the right way. to do what we love, but not at first for success…

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  12. Sahaja Says:

    My experience – You know what??? When we were young, my mother asked us to pray God every morning…..we were not very intelligent to ask her why and what….we just imitated my mom….then she said ” Pray to God, asking him to give you strength to face the day; to be with you so that you can do your best and thank him for all those yesterdays”

    Till date, whenever me and my brother pray, we never prayed for success but prayed to help us be at our best……that I think is the secret of our success!! It doesn’t even cross our mind !! I just realised this after reading your post 🙂

  13. axinia Says:

    thanks, Sahaja,
    you are a deep person, and even have been like that as a child. BWT, have you seen the prayer on my blog? That is the one I do say every day:

  14. Shane Says:

    work first play later thats all

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