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INDIA – my big love… March 23, 2007

   photo axinia


    Every day I dream of going to India.

Actually I was there two months ago. But I want more! That country is like a magnet, no way to forget about it…  People say either you love India or you can not stand it, no middle state is known. 

I am idealistic enough to deify India, it is true. But being someone very practical on the other hand I find 1000 and one reasons to benefit from getting to India as often as possible. 

So what is it about? Why is India so attractive to me?

  • It feels like being in a fairy tale: not only those scents, colors, sounds… It is all magic and very different from my European reality.

  • The people are so incredibly sweet: their gestures, the way they speak and move their head approving something – it seems to me the best way to show the enjoyment! Immediately I get under the spell of Indian charm and start doing it myself: the sweetness flows into my being like a divine nectar… It feels so comfortable! – but unfortunately does not work for me when I am in Europe.

  • When in India I don’t think of food, obviously there is not that such effort needed to the body to survive there and I forget to eat. Then I have to force myself in order not to fade away. But one can come so close to feeling oneself more a spirit than a body!

  • India is a feast for the eyes anyway, but one more thing which I find very special is numerous shops for children-wear! It strokes a western mind as you will never see it on the shopping streets of Europe. We just don’t have that many children, it`s clear – whom to sell all these pretty little togs? But the sight of such shops in
    India just melts my heart.

  • The best thing about India is that this place makes me thoughtless aware. Touching the Indian ground at Mumbai airport has an impact comparable to a good mediation and I have to force myself to think when necessary. Such a blissful state! I just go with the flow and the things just happen: at the right time I get to the right place, meet the right people. I just dissolve in that melon-taste reality…

These are only 5 reasons out of 1000, remember? One by one I will open all of them to you, my dear friends!

LOVE, axinia


8 Responses to “INDIA – my big love…”

  1. alsop Says:

    Ah, India! I’ve always wanted to go there and you have brought it closer. Thank you.

  2. What I will say below may uncover one more petal which you are having in mind to describe later… But.. I am sure you will forgive me :).
    I haven’t been to India but when in Bristol, England, there was an Indian guy living in the same ashram/collective house where we stayed. So, we had plenty of time to discuss the most striking points of three cultures: English, Russian and Indian, as well as to learn differences in behavior of each other. It was said one day: “The space which two people need between each other when talking to each other is quite different in different cultures. Thus, if Americans and mostly Europeans need a 1,5 between them, Russians are quite comfortable with 0,7 meters. And Indians do not need any space at all :)!” (The last sentence was a remark of a Hindu guy).
    And really there is much more spiritual feeling among Hindus than among Russians (not saying about Americans), I mean people in general, and somehow it is reflected in the comfort when staying close to each other. And there is no tension, there is more sincerity and, what is even more important, there is more innocence. You can stand as far as 3 metres from each other but your thoughts, glances and behavior may not be innocent at all and, on the other hand, you can be very close (in space) to each other and be as innocent as a child. And that is one more petal of India.

  3. Bala Says:

    Am impressed My dear Friend…
    I bet your next visit to India would be as great as you have ever imagined.

  4. axinia Says:

    Thanks to all!

    Alsop, really has to go there one day! India is unforgettable and incomparable…

    Very valuable input, as ever! Beautiful petal – I would not be able to put it that way!

    I am curious..:)

  5. Dmitra Says:

    The same inimitable love I am fallen with Japan. But I haven’t been so close to my dream, unfortunately. People often think that it is well where we are not.

  6. axinia Says:

    Japan is a true jem, and as many say – another dimention. And though it is becoming more and more modern, there is still much of Japanese charm left, I am sure. You have to go there, at least for a visit 🙂

  7. Ramesh Says:

    Hi axinia,

    This is Ramesh from india. I really like your the way you described about India. I feel very happy, If you have chance to visit India i am eager to meet you.I wan to present you a pleasent gift to you.

    I Love India

    Love, Ramesh

  8. axinia Says:

    Ramesh, thanks for your sweet comment and invitation! – but you did not leave any contact adress – how will we met then? 🙂

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