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The colors of India March 26, 2007

 photo chandkipari


        I go to India only in winter time. Still very hot for me, but bearable.

        At that time the nature can not boast its splendors vegetation is rather poor and the rare pink-orange flowers are the only    splashes of joy.

The nature is seems to have handed all its beauty and intensity over to the people: the wide range of all possible colors and tints is reflected in the man-made surroundings.

That is basically what strikes the western eye the most: colors, colors and colors…

Indians have a good feeling for colors and basically a good taste:

amazingly even the poorest of the poor wear well combined sari-dresses! – it comes to me that people there have much better taste than the posh westerners.

Coming from the pale (so called elegant and sophisticated!) Europe one gets almost intoxicated by this astonishing and joyful spectacle!

After my third visit to India I finally got it: I rebel against the lifeless stupidity of the western clothing!

I call it nothing else than the dead-wear! Black, grey, brown. Beige, washed-out blue, dirty red. HOW LONG???

How long are they going to be killing the joy of life?

Inspired by India, I only wear lively, colorful clothes and surround myself by the joyous interior designs. 70% of my wardrobe consist of various pink and red, the rest – lavender, white and only 2-3 pieces in black and brown.

The colors of clothes are not only reflecting our state of being, but they also send the message of our attitude to the others:

do we want to depress or opress others with black togs? Or do we want to send them the ways of love with pink? Interestingly, pink shirts are the favorite choice of the most successful businessmen today…

Back to my India: thank you, people for keeping the marvelous traditions of  culture of beauty, joy and peace!

LOVE, axinia


10 Responses to “The colors of India”

  1. You are right axinia,
    Indians have a lot of liking for colors….
    I too have a lot pink , orange and yellow in my wardrobe than the other sober colors..
    God too created the world full of colors,
    The orange and yellow sun,
    Green trees and colorful flowers….
    Yellow is so refreshing and
    pink is so beautiful and
    orange is so cheerful,
    then y go for dead colors…..

  2. axinia Says:

    Such a wonderful comment, followtheshadow!
    I am glad to hear you shre my feelings…If you would live in the West you could support my movement 😉

  3. diogiones Says:

    What a color galore. Lovely image and nice narration.

  4. niku Says:

    This picture is not typical. Maybe only in marriages.
    But you may get the impression that Indians love colours. The real reason is perhaps the diversity! Its not a monoculture. And at most places you can see a huge mixing of them. So all sorts of ‘erratic’ clothings, behaviour, et al is acceptable by people.

  5. […] the office in a long, comfortable skirt, and no way one can wear it as a sales manager – I guess in India it is still possible to wear sari for business […]

  6. vikas yadav Says:

    The photograph is from a movie, but still in normal life indians have nice sence of colours and it is naural. In diffrent regions the styl og dressing you will see , is’s very diffrent but they will be using all colours.

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  8. radha Says:

    Few months ago i remember to have gone out for lunch with my colleagues. We were about 15 at a round chinese table. Imemditely i noticed that was the only one in yellow and red clothes, while everybody was in black, blu or grey. I told them and we smiled. one girl said: “oh i just wore the first dresses i had in hand this morning”. I dont thing we need all these dark colors to have a good career or even to impress others, they attract just the opposite!

  9. axinia Says:

    agree to 100%!!!!!!!!!!
    What is really bad is that wearing black/dark people create the “dark mood” for others, even if we dont see themselves.
    Somehow egoistical, right? 🙂

  10. Ramya Says:

    Thats correct….we naturally tend to have a liking for bright and variety of colors…..I would say it depends more on the place and your surroundings…. let me tell share with you my inference….

    Before I came to UK…I used to think why these western hollywood ppl dont wear number of colors…its maximun red/pink they go for…. After living here……especially in UK, the weather almost all thru the year is gloomy, with dark clouds and wet….in such a climate anyone would not feel like wearing bright colors……also on a sunny day (which is rather very rare)…people start wearing little colors and try to brighten up the day more than it is….
    I dont know if thats the same case in other european nations…

    So, since we indians, are surrounded by bright colors of nature, we tend to like and try to imitate nature….afterall we(humans)learn whatever we do from mother nature!!!
    And in the west, people tend to develop, like and use the colors they see around in nature…

    Well, thats my say!!!what do u people say??

    each of your post is so simple and seems so wise to me….in one word…I love your blogs…!!Thanks a lot!!!Keep rocking!!

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