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Frankfurt – the City of Men (photo-report) September 6, 2008

When I saw the streets of Istanbul or New Delhi being male-dominated, I could  explaine it with religious or cultural reasons. At my first look at the City of Frankfurt I was astonished to notice more men than women on the streets – I would say in correlation of 60/40 or even 70/30! Where all the ladies of Frankfurt  are- sitting at home? Sitting in the office? Or may be they simply avoid this male domain of business (Frankfurt is famous for being the finance centre of Germany)? Unfortunately I could not find any statistics, but my small photo-report may depict it much better.

What I saw in Frankfurt is that 1) it is the city of men, 2) it is designed by and for men. Now the photo-facts:


The only one huge poster on one side on the shopping street is for men – in Vienna the same shop (Douglas) uses only sexy posters of Heidi Klum selling perfume or make up for women.

Surprisingly there are not many ad-boards in Frankfurt (in comparison to the ads-overloaded Vienna), and another huge one I saw was a Rolex ad – of course, by a male model!

FOOD – this is how the typical stand for the hungry crowd on the business street look like:

VERY TYPICAL- mostly men sitting around and talking, talking:


And here is the proof that the city was designed by men: the whole pavement in the center it beautifully patched with stones, which gives a special old feeling and cosiness. But who thought of the poor ladies in pretty shoes with high hills?!? – the streets are pure hills-killer. I see why I could not fine any great shoes in the shops… It makes no sense to wear something really feminine on such streets:

Men are all-pervading in Frankfurt, they are not only do business and go shopping – they also take care of babies:

or another Daddy:

Nice, isn´t it? 🙂

And here are some more random impressions from my German holidays.

Even the nature in Germany follows the strict order – just look at these birds perfectly lining up!

Another perfect beauty:

And even on a rainy day like this…

I could enjoy my favourite ice-coffee just in the Viennese style:

Bottom line: despite all that business hardcore and male-overloaded design and life-style, despite bad shopping and rainy weather – it might be a good tipp for some beautiful girls to move to Frankfurt and meet serious men out there. 🙂

P.S: dedicated to my princesses!




12 Responses to “Frankfurt – the City of Men (photo-report)”

  1. radha Says:

    Lol too good, where are the women? maybe they dont live in Frankfurt anymore? the 2 daddies are really sweet. the birds are so funny to watch. it seems such a quite town! and the business men ALWAYS LIKE TO EAT MEAT, ALSO HERE, i dont know why they want to be so much carnivors. hey and do you Really like coffee!! 🙂

  2. vishesh Says:

    ha i want that ,i want that!…it looks soo yummy! 😛 hmm…interesting…i have never noticed if the streets are male or women dominated 😛

  3. odzer Says:

    Nice photos, I especially liked the birdie picture. As for men, hey even we need a city or two! Gee I miss the meat in India 😦

  4. axinia Says:

    I love your sheerful and sharp comments!! Yes, I love the taste od coffee 🙂 There are surely women in Frankfurt, but my shol was mostly becaus ei did not expect to see that male-domonance in a European City – and I never see it in another European Cities.
    as for meat – see what two Indian commentors below say about meat :))

    the street crowd and makeup reflects queite a lot, but this is what we only notice if we can compare. THe streets of Russia are female-dominated – not yet marketingwise, but you will meet more women than men outside. In Istanbul/Turkey I was shoked to see 70% of shops on the main steet were for men! In India I also did not see too many ladies on the streets…

    You need the city of men? – I guess most of the asian cities are the cities of men! 🙂 And yes, I also missed meat in India.

  5. Beautiful photos and interesting description, Axinia.

    Though the dishes look mouth-watering, I wish they were made of vegetables so that I could eat them! I gave up eating meat sometime ago 😐 I don’t drink coffee regularly but this one looks yummy 😛

    I’m not surprised by the birds as they are German birds! 🙂

    I guess you are a fan of stiletto heels 😐 I have often wondered why girls and women love these heels 😕 Is it not a pain to wear them and even walk, let alone do more complex things like climb stairs or drive a car or ride a bicycle/scooter/motorcycle?

  6. swaps Says:

    Axinia, you asked for a city designed for men and you got it.

    When did I ask about a City designed for men?? cannot remember… a

  7. swaps Says:

    Thanks for the warning, I will skip Frankfurt if I visit Europe.
    Tell me which city is the opposite of Frankfurt…. flooded with women 🙂

    (Btw, you must have become an instant hit in Frankfurt….no competition, the field is yours 😉

    swaps, as mentioned earlier, the most female-crowded cities are in Russia 🙂 axinia

  8. Great Pics!!! You have rally captured the mood of frakfurt!!!!

  9. Swaps Says:

    “When did I ask about a City designed for men?? cannot remember… a”

    I was referring to the article in BBC magazine.

  10. Nita Says:

    Interesting post axinia! and good pics. so you noticed that the streets of delhi are full of men. its the same in kolkata as well. however mumbai and pune or bangalore are not like that. one of the reasons one feels safe. even though kolkata is a safe city, i used to always feel a little nervous being the only woman buying vegetables in a huge crowd of men! in mumbai and pune, its the women who do the vegetable shopping. ofcourse this was 7-8 years ago and i don’t know if Kolkata is changed now.

  11. axinia Says:

    Nita, thanks!
    Indeed, I also noticed that Mumbai and Pune are more “female”.

  12. И мне понравилось…

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