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New member in our princess club May 18, 2007

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Yesterday our exclusive Princess Club has got a new member and now we are 5!

The idea of a Princess Club stroke our pretty heads 3 years ago. Nobody knows for sure, but probably it has started with the poems one admirer was writing to one of us. Being happily married, she was confused at first but then she said “So what, I am a princess after all, and people dedicate poems to princesses!”

Her and me, we realised that actually there is something important about being a princess and we decided to found a club. We met with another girl who was of a same kind as we are and together we composed the statutes of the Club.

Shortly after I met my future husband who was not thinking of marriage until 30 (which is sort of late in his country). The reason was he only wanted to marry a princess but could not find any. After he saw me he knew I am the one 😉 How did he know?

EVERY WOMAN IS A PRINCESS, but she must be aware of that! The statutes of our Club say:

The true Princess is intelligent, beautiful, loving, kind, charming and has a royal dignity. And – she is recognised by people as a princess. In fact, it happens quite often to each of us that we are being called princesses – with admiration or humor, with envy or love…

So what are the aims of the Princess Club?

  • we want every woman to realise that all the best feminine qualities are to be opened up! It is sad to see how the women of today lost their self-respect and inborn dignity
  • in order to be a good example we have to educate ourselves: every session of the Club is dedicated to one theme.
  • we support each other in questions of beauty, realtioships, work
  • we care about the spiritual growth of each other, for it is only for the shine of a spirit that one becomes truly joy-giving, beautiful and majestic!

Last night we met for inauguration of a new member and for educational watching of “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hupbern. What a film!!! Audrey is indeed a true Princess – I think I will suggest making her the honorable member of the Club 🙂

The Princess Club has a blog, but it is only in Russian (as you may guess we are all Russian girls). If you have any questions I am always happy to tell you more!

LOVE, axinia


8 Responses to “New member in our princess club”

  1. Well said that every woman is a princess. But to whom. I think you mean to a prince; one to one. Every woman is princess of a prince. No?


  2. axinia Says:

    To me – no,
    Every woman is a princess, but not only to a prince! -practice shows that a princess is recognized by almost everyone 😉
    But it is only the prince who can enjoy most of her virtues..

    I love the film “Princess Sara” where the little girls says “Every girl is a princess, even if she is poor, dirty,not beautiful. Everyone of us! Didn`t your father tell you about this, didn`t he tell?!”.
    I find it interesting that she referes to the father – every father should treat his daughter as a princess, then her dignity and femininity will blossom out. What a wonderful message!

  3. I am sure every man will be so much proud and happy to realize and feel that his wife is a real princess! As together with this “royalty” all the best is revealed in the woman he is married to. Isn’t it one of the roots of a happy family life?

  4. axinia Says:

    Thank you, eternalvalues,
    agree with you!

    It is basically the task of a man/husband to awaken this awareness and support the “roayl” dignity in a woman.

  5. rose Says:

    the only thing is, beyond 40 this princess-thing gets a bit of…. well, nebengeschmack… in particular for those of us who with great difficulty are described by the word “petite”…
    How about a Queen Club for us grownups?

  6. axinia Says:

    Rose, great idea!!!
    Sure, one day a princess bocomes a queen, that is the law 🙂 I sitll need some time and experience to reach that.
    Queen`s club -sounds really great!

  7. […] New member in our princess club   […]

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