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My feeling of Oneness April 18, 2012

Oneness is a spiritual phenomenon suggesting that All is One, that all living creatures and materia are tightly connected and we can percept and enjoy that.

Some people get fantastically beautiful experiences of Oneness, I posted already the story by Daniil Andreev, let me quote it:

“Everything on Earth and everything that must exist in the heavens poured exultantly and noiselessly through me in a single stream. In bliss barely supportable by the human heart, I felt as if slowly revolving, graceful spheres glided through me in a universal dance, and everything I could think of or imagine merged in a jubilant oneness.

The ancient forests and clear rivers, the people sleeping by the fire, the peoples of countries near and far, cities waking up and busy streets, cathedrals with sacred icons, seas tossing tirelessly, and steppes with blowing grass— everything indeed was within me that night, and I was within everything. I lay with eyes closed, and beautiful white stars, large and blossoming, not at all like those we are used to seeing, also floated along the world-turned-river like white water lilies.

 Although the sun was not visible, it was as if it, too, were flowing somewhere just outside the range of my vision. Everything was suffused not by its glow but by a different light, one I had never seen before. Everything flowed through me and at the same time rocked me, like a child in a cradle, with all-soothing love.”

I am in awe of that overwhelming feeling! I could never experience that, at the most just the feeling of dissolving in the sorrounding.. Another stunning experience of Oneness I found in the book I reviewed recently here.

My personal experience of Oneness is much more modest, but luckily ongoing.  Before I started my sahaja meditation practice at 20 I was a highly individualistic person, afraid of any groups and feeling very isolated because of my “different” interests in life. I had one or two friends and that was enough for my social sustenance.

After taking to meditation practice I noticed that my interest and ultimately love for people would slowly but steadily rise. I started enjoying people more and more. A lot in human behaviour was still a great puzzle to me: for instance I could not understand such things as jealousy, grid, being offended, etc. Even now I don’t understand all that but it does not disturb me any more.

Over the years when my spiritual experiences were taking me deeper inside my being I realised that I would not only love people, not only would feel their worries and joys on my body but people, ALL people, were becoming my close friends, or even relatives.

The most amazing thing about this feeling of Oneness is that it is not mental: I do not feel being one with everyone because “we are all children of God” or any such concepts. This is a feeling that the person next to me is just the extended part of my body, just the next family member, another friend!

People also feel that and many say when they meet me for the frist time they feel so comfortable and familiar, like meeting an old friend.

Again I would love to underline that this experience was gained over the years and not by any mental exercise, belief or teaching. This can happen if one allows the inner powers to wake up and enlighten the shoul, the mind and the heart.



14 Responses to “My feeling of Oneness”

  1. Triveni Says:

    An indication of the manifestation of various qualities of certain chakras 🙂 i hope to feel that soon..

  2. Elke Says:

    As a matter of fact, the global economy is so connected, that we can’t separate the issues along the borders of the “countries”! I wish all people around the world would get fair wages and medical and social standards that they can comfortably life with. There are also the environmental issues – climate change and such … We can’t separate the global issues from the home country issues … This is the gross level of oneness.
    On a personal level I have learned that even if I meet someone who my ego dislikes, or who says or does things I don’t like, I can still feel my love flowing towards him or her. It is like there is a dislike on the surface, and a love inside. It is different to what I have learned as a child as being a good christian, or a good person. This was on the mental level. Now I can feel my heart’s love flow towards the people surrounding me, without feeling guilty for not liking everybody, because I truly love everybody! Whenever I feel dislike I open my heart and love comes out of it … I truly believe that when we put our loving attention on someone or something, all problems can be solved!

    Difficult to put into words, but I hope you get my point!

    • axinia Says:

      Elke, i perfectly understand what you mean…global thinking is also one of the ONEness feelings and I also have that but wanted to highlight the one about human realtionships.

      Your second point about loving attention despite some dislike is also very familiar to me but I think this feeling has been transforemed into the one I described in the post.

  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    From My long ? journey of SY practices (Say 10 years) I have understood various human natures…. how people are greedy, jealous, and use various tactice to cheat the others even in close and blood relation. how they run behind money ,false ? prestige . how they become happy when they do such things successfully. how much they egoistic , self centered, how they goes on extreams when trapped in false competition,rat race of life in various aspects including money , post,name, fame,leadership, controlling power, earnings , or false prestige or wrong beliefs and attitude thinking they are right,…. I can understand all those dynamics of human nature very clearly … standing outside or being part of it . i have also seen few people always helping to other as their basic nature without keeping any interest in returns . it has also clearly taught me where exactly I stands… .it has given me clear aim and way to to future journey in short it has taught me how to behave while living with them how to separate my self from all those deltirious human nature and still how to maintain inner piece of mind joy and hope .
    i dont know how you consider it whether it is oneness or anything ealse ( I feel distinct from other even though know myself as a part of them specially when I understand those dynamics and keep myself separate i dont try to change them as it is beyond my capacities still remain with them keeping myself distinct …. Feel like lotus in mud ??? (It is my feeling not others criticism) so some time get bored ,disturbed,restless thinking this is not my destiny and try to remain connected . feel and maintain oneness with almighty . i have always feeling of being blessed and never left alone like story of foot prints in sands i.e. whenever i was in trouble he picks ups up me in laps I am not walking my path he is walking for me and you know i have discovered my God in Mother … i have clearcut destiny ahed..

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      I clearly feel this understanding of human nature and doing discrimination of what is right and wrong and keeping myself away from wrong and still living with those and such people who are having all type of those qualities……harmoniously, piece fully … and also developing and keeping my distinct attitude of becoming a good human being trying to remain good with all others around irrespective of their behaviors beliefs,and attitude….. is total gift of SY to me.
      otherwise I would have totally different may be one of all of them…. running in rat race … without understanding of all dynamics….and my destiny ahed.
      .. i dont konw how you consider whether it is oneness or uniqueness because what I feel I am a drop in ocean coming from mineral source poring in it even though being part of it still keeping my distinct nature (as when distillates i will lose my saltiness )he is salty …..I am not destroying in sand …. it is difficult to explain .. i hope you understand what I mean to say …

      • hani Says:

        ِDear Mahesh,

        Here, Axinia very beautifully connected her experiences of loving others and feeling others and oneness. First ( loving others) is coming from her open heart and the second(feeling one with others) is because of her good Vishudhi. I understand your feeling clearly and some times I become very impatient with these behaviors of people, but we should remember that one day we had the same habits, or at least some of these habits, and now that we are clearing it is difficult to tolerate such things in others.
        I am still the same but from mother’s talks I now the solution is to meditate on our hearts. and pray that love of god to enter to our hearts, then it will be very easy to forgive and understand others.
        I have a SY friend who had some serious problems out of her control. Then one night she had a dream that she is complaining about her problems to Mother and then suddenly mother hugged her and gave her so much love, then she became very happy and over joyed in her dreams and told mother that the love she felt is such that she will tolerate every problem she faces even for another thousand of lives…
        after that she tried to face every problem with an open heart and so many of her problems disappeared easily….
        I know this dream is not very much related to your case but I just wanted to remind you and myself that, in this stage how much love is important for accent.

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          thanks Hani
          Axinia had already achieved that stage and I am still walking on same path…
          my vishudhi still require clearing thanks …
          you may not be knowing but i was having strong vishudhi problem since begening so no vibration at all on top and on hands too …. once Axinia told me that it could be… closed heart problem.. i need to open it … then it work out…. now i am having very good vibrations …
          thanks again

          • axinia Says:

            mahesh, dear, you are well on the way!
            after all it is only 10 years you have been practicing, and I am more than 16 :))
            let’s see what heights you will achieve with 16 years of meditation!

            • mahesh chendake Says:

              I think it is a matter of blessings you have not the years you are practicing… because it is never mathematically same for every body, isn’t it?

  4. vinayakah Says:

    Dear Axinia, thank you for this post about oneness. As it is said, one experience dissolves milions words of saying, and oneness cant be told, only experienced. Throughout all my long time of enjoying media, playing games…I believed, there will come beautifull art pieces that will touch me, but didnt await that something will just blow me away, and bring me to tears of bliss, gratitude, selfless love, and all that through the PS3 game…but it happened in the game Journey, and much more. I felt something is changing, long time….but didnt know what it will be, or where to look for it, and suddenly, it came in this form. Amazing ways of Divine of how to awaken masses 😉 This small, cheap (only in regards of money, trust me…I swear) game broke all records in Playstation sales ever, killing all the shooters and long-epic stories…..and on iTunes has debuted as the #1 soundtrack, and #26 on iTunes overall! People throughout the world talk about a “life changer”, “lifetime experience”….not knowing they, in this precious time, just experience the collective consciousness, and so the true nearnes of other felow pilgrims, intentional strangers, to share the innermost depths of their beings…. The geyser of desire to share, and selflessly love, help others on the journey, bursted throughout the world, and is changing milions of people irreversibly….

    I post two links here, where people talk about their experiences and the trailer….and would like to ask anyone, who would decide to take the pilgrimage with Journey….dont go for any other links please, before you finish the game yourself…the awe and wonder you experiece, will pay you countless times for your patience.


    Take 2-3 hours, in the evening, night, not to be disturbed….switch off the light, and raise volume a little bit…..and take your Journey. Wish you all, to love it al least so much, as I did, and opened heart and mind to imbibe all it offers….

    …..oneness cant be told, only experienced…


    • axinia Says:

      dear vinayakah, thanks for this quite unusual expereince…Oness by plying games? – well I can imagine why …As for me I have NO single exprience with palying games online, actually by my character I am not into games in generall 🙂 But your example is worth exploring, may be one day…

    – H.H.Jamaliya Syed Khaleel Awn Al Hassaniyul Husseiniyul Hashimi Moulana (MY SPIRITUAL GURU).


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