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How I gave birth to an “Indian” child or The fascinating pregnancy experinces March 29, 2011

the baby in my belly

The state of pregnancy has been considered sacred in all cultures around the world. After having experienced it myself I can definitely call it a mystical, truly spiritual experience.

It’s commonly known that pregnant ladies may have sudden gusto for certain foods, but believe me, there is much more behind! I went through a clear transformation of my character, preferences and interests. I was watching myself carefully and detached  and made this notes for you. 
I had no sudden desires for this or that, nothing what is considered typical for a pregnant lady. Just the opposite: shortly after I became pregnant I had to become…a vegetarian! That was quite a surprise, because I did not think of vegetarianism as of a healthy diet, at least not for our climate. In fact I used to be vegetarian at 19, but this diet badly damaged my health (my hemoglobin parameters went much down) and I decided rather to eat meat in order to keep fit.
Well, it turned out that the baby did not like meat, any kind of it! No chicken, no fish. Sometimes eggs and caviar. I really tried hard but could not swallow even a piece!  That was truly the most unexpected experience, because it was so clear that I was not “alone” any more, that someone inside my body could dictate some other wishes.
2. Music and art
I have always been fond of Indian culture. However after getting pregnant I could ONLY listen to Indian classical music (ragas) and nothing else. Although before I loved to listen to Mozart almost every day. In my pregnancy even Mozart was too much, needless to say that other Western composers or bands sounded totally wrong for me at that time.
Another “Indian” thing was that I all of a sudden got interested in Indian temple and palace architecture: I had a book on it that I bought once in India but never read it. In my pregnancy I would open this book and admire the pictures for hours together…I aslo wanted to see historical Indian films and touch Indian materials and ornaments… That felt very special.
3.The baby’s name.
Since my husband and I are of a Slavic origin, we honestly were looking through all possible Slavic names in order to find one that would fit well the family name. But something felt wrong. One day we went through an Indian acient script of Lalita Sahasranama and stumbled upon a lovely melodious name “Malini” (stress on the first syllable) with a wonderful meaning “decorated with the garland of graciousness”. That felt like a perfect choice!
4.My character
Another manifestation of “somebody else’s presence” in my body was that my preferences in socialization changed. Being a communicative, active person by nature, I started avoiding communication, meetings and parties as much as possible. That did not look like me at all! People were wondering. Then, being a balanced, peaceful person by nature I became even more balanced and peaceful. And I felt that this was the nature of the child-to-be-born.
5. Vibrations
From the early stage of my pregnancy I felt an enormous increase of my vibrations especially on top of the head. It felt like the baby-girl has “brought” her vibrations to me, and I was constantly in bliss feeling the cool breeze day and night all over my body…what a bliss! Unfortunately this stopped after Malini was born, I was back to my normal state with vibrational ups and downs – at the same time her vibrations are constantly cool with the same strength I felt them before in me.
All these and many other signs felt like an arrival of a peaceful old soul, probably with some  recent “Indian” life experience, because I could not explain all these changes otherwise.
Interestingly at the same time with me also some other girlfriends  or acquaintances of mine got pregnant, and they are telling about similar shifts in their nature. One girl (expecting a baby-boy soon) became extremely active, made her driving license and a management class, another said she only wanted to listen to hard rock (which was not her favorite music style!), someone confessed about dying for beer… All kinds of various abrupt changes in one’s nature and perception show that the souls coming to us do have their own history and character and they are manifesting themselves long before they are actually delivered.
Fascinating, isn’t it?
LOVE; axinia

20 Responses to “How I gave birth to an “Indian” child or The fascinating pregnancy experinces”

  1. swaps Says:

    Absolutely fascinating…
    A Slavic child with Indian soul will be most fascinating to watch grow…esp in West.

    Thanks Axinia for sharing it, it was the most interesting post yet!

  2. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    Your post was moving, and engrossing. Do such things exist? …Leaves me speechless and thoughtful.


    May God bless the child!

  3. Valusha Says:

    It is! And very sweet photo 😉

  4. Мalini is such a beautiful name!!!!

  5. We should honoured to be in the presence of a Divine child, a Pisecean soul is very truly defined as a peaceful old soul. 🙂

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    my guess was right
    I was expecting such post
    thanks Axinia for sharing
    we Indian believe in such thing without any hesitation but we do not search for history
    there is real need of study the spirit and soul and certain relationship to redefine ancient knowladge
    temporary transformation is possible what Indian woman say during pregnancy . it is important you have observe it in witness state as you have knowledge and experience of it.The unknown spirit /soul coming as guest what could be relation behind it. when we beat the children we should remember this.but when things comes to culture and its practice it is interesting that what you teach and what child follow it is also important to study as two children are alike from same parent and fair upbringing
    thanks again
    I am reposting it my posting are not appearing I dont know what is problem?

  7. Triveni Says:

    Lovely post and picture. As Mahesh Bhaiya rightly pointed it out, we indians would not be surprised about such things. Lot of such incidents are quite common and understable here. 🙂
    Malini is a beautiful name, hope to hear more from the small wise soul through this blog.
    Love for Beer. 🙂 now thts something ur frnd might have to control after the child is born.. 🙂

  8. Triveni Says:

    I forgot to mention it in my previous post. A realised soul if chooses to be reborn, also has the option to choose his/her parents. 🙂 So you should be congratulating yourself for having been selected by Malini.

  9. Annemarie Says:

    congratulation! i had alike experiences with my 2 pregnancys … but after reading your post i can understand them better….my girl likes meat (so i know now why i use to like to eat chiken)…and when i was pregnant with my boy i use to be desperate for coca cola—now i know why!!! thank you for posting such sweet things…a sister

  10. sailaja Says:

    wonderful Axinia!!! So fascinated by your experience. i cannot recollect any such things nor could i corelate things during my pregnancies, as i was not realized at that time. your little realized soul is going to be a true angel on this earth with such beautiful and realized parents.

  11. Alenka Says:

    Congratulations, Axinia! I am so happy for your family! Fascinating experience and so many wonderful discoveries to come…

    I remember the way our daughter’s name – Anna – just poped up in both our heads at the same time – no discussions, no doubts. We had no idea what we were going to do if it’s a boy – we couldn’t come up with the boy’s name at all.

  12. Olga SE Says:

    Everything you say in this post rings true with me because I felt the same: my preferences, my character and even my hobbies changed dramatically during my pregnancy. Now I’m happy that I watched all the changes closely, like you did, because it has helped me build a bridge of mutual understanding with my daughter who will soon be 3 years old.

  13. Roshni Says:


  14. Congratulations! Really wonderful experiences, Axinia, and very interesting. Sounds even inspiring, and not only to me, I guess:)

  15. Rebecca Says:

    Would love to read more. Am curious about the length of your pregnancy and if your baby couldn’t wait to come out or felt that it needed to “cook” a little longer.

    Do you have a direct relationship with India or Indians?

    Do you think it is because of your spiritual practice that Malini chose you?

    May your little one be blessed.


    • axinia Says:

      HI Rebecca,
      thanks for the interesting questions.
      It was quite a perfect pregancy, very easy in both physiological and psychological terms. Malini came just one day before her due day, pretty accurate I would l say.
      I have no direct relationships with India or Indians, exept for my spiritual practice and my own personal interest in India.

  16. GLADYS Says:

    what a beautiful name you choose for your daughther. She knows what kind of mother you will be!, she knows you are a good person. YOU are good with all of us. That is why she choose to be with you!
    God Blees the two of you. YOU, for having her. Malica, for caming trough you to give us happiness.
    love gladys

  17. Pankaj Rode Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji Sister,

    I really amazed with your experiences. Very beautifual and divine play indeed. She must be a great soul. As Shri Mataji Told, many great souls are waitng to get born. Your expereinces shows the similar things.

    Many Congrjulations from Me and my wife Olga Alias Gauri Syrovatko.

    Jai Shri Mataji

  18. axinia Says:

    thank you Pankaj, many blessings to you 3 too! 🙂

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