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Mental Silence is the essence of Sahaja Yoga Meditation February 28, 2008

(picture of me, meditating 🙂 )

LOVE, axinia


10 Responses to “Mental Silence is the essence of Sahaja Yoga Meditation”

  1. Peter Says:

    A lot of people are not aware that there is something like mental silence.

    According Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

    1.2 yogash chitta vritti nirodhah
    1.2. Union/yoga/ is restraining the thought-streams natural to the mind.

  2. […] easy-going and superficial image worldwide, the country has one very important quality that leads to a good mediation: the joy, the heart-opening. How does it […]

  3. sharma Says:

    Please get self realization from Sahaja Yoga which is the ultimate YOGA to attain the TRUTH for which we are here in this earth. Refer, http://www.sahajayoga.org for self-realization.



  4. mirel Says:

    “When thoughts become silent the soul finds peace in it’s own Source. This is the mystery of Eternity.” – Maitri Upanishad!!!!

  5. mirel Says:

    lovely shot, by the way!!! a big applause goes to the photographer;)))

  6. […] because it is only the mental activity that produces all other emotions. In the state of the mental silence, when the head is still and relaxed, the heart starts speaking. AND IT SPEAKS […]

  7. mahesh chendake Says:

    one can have mental silence in schizophrenia ( catatonia stupor) and in depression ( Panic attack) or schizo-affective cases also. I like the term more better is thoughtless awareness where one can observe good mental health also along with mental silence. Behind all these meditation concepts one another important aspect is conservation of mental /physical energy and of course activation of silent areas of cerebral cortex for divine purpose where one’s spirituality can grow.
    sahajayoga can give positive results on those aspects specially autonomic nervous system and endocrine relations. so one who follows sahajayoga wisely and consciously definitely can grow spiritually better with all those benefits of good health in its all dimensions

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