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Italy is a great place for meditation May 10, 2008

Basically one can meditate everywhere, but there are some places where a good mediation can happen easier. My personal favourite has always been – of course! – India. I am in meditative state in India all the time (probably due to the long spiritual traditions of India and vibrations left after the huge number of sages and yogis thoughout the history).

Another country where I can enjoy powerful meditations is Italy. Despite its easy-going and superficial image worldwide, the country has one very important quality that leads to a good mediation: the joy, the heart-opening. How does it work?

 The open heart is filled with love, the love dissolves all the thoughts and troubles in the head, and one can have a deep, thoughtless meditation!

One more thing I wated to add to this slime show – the feet is water showthe good preparation for a meditation – so called FOOTSOAK: very refreshing and natural way to get rid of the negative energies. And also very pleasant! 🙂

And what are your favourite meditaiton places/countries?

thanks in advance 🙂

LOVE; axinia





13 Responses to “Italy is a great place for meditation”

  1. JV Says:

    You are correct, meditation can be attained at anywhere, and some place has more energies which allows to enter into mediation more easily. These are the reasons for making all kind of religious places, wherein positive mediative energy accumulates which assists the mediator. Well, I do not do much of meditation myself, but whenever I do , I do in my study room, so perhaps that is my favorite place.

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you, JV. Any room where you meditate constantly is accomulating the needed egergy anyway.
    And yes, the religions places are mostly also vey powerful and well suited for a meditation, although not everyone (i had already rather dissapointing experiences in some temples and churches..)

    @BOB: great moon picutres! I know that mediation on the moon is basically a good thing, but only for people who are very right-seided (too much in action and thinking), for the people of a melancolic nauture staring at the moon for too long will make them even more melancolic and probably depressed…

  3. volodimir108 Says:

    My favorite meditation-place is Crimea! Half-iland Kazantip is like a natural lens that accomulates the cosmic energy: the valley arrounded by mounting. There are also ancient place similar to Stonehange (1 meter hight).
    Some pictures about it:

  4. One place which i found to be strikingly different and well suited for meditation was Auroville near Pondicherry, TN. There was a globe like structure which was totally closed from all sides except for a hole in the centre above. Sunlight would fall from this hole onto a green colour crystal which is placed at the bottom of the hole, in the centre of the hall inside the globe. The sunlight gets reflected after falling on the crystal to illuminate the hall. People sit around the crystal to meditate. Heard that public are not allowed inside these days. Nevertheless was lucky to have meditated there once.

    Destination Infinity

  5. axinia Says:

    @volodimir108, thanks for the nice tip! may be I will manage to get there one day..

    @Destination Infinity: what a beautiful description of a place! I guess you had an unforgetable meditaion there. thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. vishesh Says:

    hmmm…favorite meditation place…all the world is my home…it is funny, because in reality i continuously try to distinguish the various forces…sometimes i feel like a ghost walking a known place at others i am left with materialistic amazement…there are times when a need/insecurity tries to take control of you,it is then that i try to let my mind understand it self…sometimes the mind requires bribing,so i think of something which gave me joy…

    i believe that meditation is something we are all in constantly,it is just that sometimes we don’t notice it..with respect to meditation this one of my favorite thoughts ” mortality is lost when sense or reality is found” 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    vishes, to me meditatons is when I am in reality – meaning in the present. You say “i believe that meditation is something we are all in constantly,it is just that sometimes we don’t notice it..” – how often do you think people are in the present? What I see all the time people keep thinking of the past or future… May be in INdia it is different! – when i am in India I am also in the meditative mood… But the West it is extremeley difficult to stay in the present. The MAya of Materialism is soooo huge and attractive…:)

  8. vishesh Says:

    hmm….yes it is about being in the present..maybe over there people are half way there..because the present is a cumulatively of the past and the future….yes maya or illusion is something which affects everyone…infact i believe everything is an illusion…if you are aware of vishwaroopam(in which god is supposed to be the sum of everything in the world ),it means that everything is infinity as the universe maybe taken to infinity…and infinity came from the nothing which had something…

  9. axinia Says:

    yes, I am aware of that 🙂

  10. A Says:

    Best Meditation place is in the selcuded confinement of the ‘Mind’, where any thoughts that associated with the ‘Body’ have been restricted/erased 😀
    (just on a lighter note 🙂

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  12. pio dalcin Says:


    I fully agree. I live in the country side of North Eastern Italy and place abound where one can go outside and relax and meditate.
    I usually do that on my bycicle. I found out that riding in the silence at 6 o clock am makes my mind floating and feeling smooth.

    Please visit my blog (link above) and scroll trough the pictures on the link called Panoramio.
    You’ll see all the beautiful places the Creator has set for us to be admired and contemplated in this area



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