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7 ways to open your heart or how to feel love April 22, 2008

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Following the love-flow of my last posts, I want to share with you some things one can help to feel love if you don`t. Why? You don`t believe it works?

The human heart gets closed every now and then. How often do we really feel our heart open, filled with love and joy? I believe that if it is not the case, we should try some “tricks” out. For the open heart is the source of joy and never-ending energy, good will and good mood.

These are things that open my heart, always. I wonder it works with you same way or may be you want to share your tricks?


1.Express your tenderness – at least to your relatives and close friends. Hugs and gentle touches not only feel like a balsam for the other, but also make you heart melt with gentleness and love.


2.“I LOVE” – is the most powerful mantra! It is not common in every culture and may sound rather bold at times, but it works! Obviously the message of this word is so magically strong, that it can dissolve a lot. Say it! I use this word often for telling about things/people I love. Or saying it to people I love. I can even say it to my boss, if I feel so.


3.Listen to the “happy” music. Normally I prefer Classical Music (Indian and Western), but sometimes I really feel like listening to some very simple “happy” music like ABBA or Al Bano & Romina Power (this stuff makes my heart leap with joy!) – may be because this music was created and sung by the couples in love?


4.Watch comedies. Good humour and heartfelt laughter are great heart-opener. Or films for children – the innocence and sweetness are the best fine-tuning for the soul.


5.Meet the people you love more often (or a least keep an intensive contact) – call them, write to them, and share with them. Enlarge their circle! – Embrace so many as possible with your loving attention…


6.Giving presents can be very heart-opening. People who love to share or give enjoy it the most, much more that getting any present. The amount of love one feels while giving is awesome.


7.And finally – meditate! – which is basically an all-cure treatment J The amazing state of thoughtless awareness that can be reached though meditation easily opens the heart because it is only the mental activity that produces all other emotions. In the state of the mental silence, when the head is still and relaxed, the heart starts speaking. AND IT SPEAKS LOVE.


LOVE, axinia


36 Responses to “7 ways to open your heart or how to feel love”

  1. radha Says:

    also massaging/nicely beating the heart before going to sleep works cool 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    interesting… thanks 🙂

  3. jonathan Says:

    Absolutely.. 🙂
    Thanks for the tips! 😉

  4. Axina, I would slightly want to differ with you here. All good things in this earth are highly preferable, no doubt. But one must be good but also be strong within, to encounter the good and the bad outside. For one to become strong, he/she needs to be exposed to everything in the world. So, I feel it is important to embrace love and evil and accept both states because at some stage of life we would be ourselves be love and at someother stage, be evil.

    Destination Infinity.

  5. axinia Says:

    Dear Destination Infinity, thanks for a thoughtfull comment as ever!
    I am not sure I got your thought right, or may be I did not get it at all…
    Normally in ourlives we are facing lots of evil things, basically every day and everywhere. Most of us are has become quite strong in this fights 🙂 Therefore sometimes it is so nice just to open your heart and to enjoy, why not??? Sure, one can enjoy even “evil things” to some extend…But if you ever has expereienced the real state of an open heart you will like to have it forever!

  6. Solveig Says:

    I would only add that one should be also open-hearted to RECEIVE presents and gifts. If everybody gives – then who will receive? And if you enjoy giving to someone and this someone is not enjoying getting it – there’s finally no joy for the giving one…
    One more tip for opening the heart – enjoy receiving everything in this life and enjoy being thankful for this 🙂

    P.S. I love you. 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    thanks, Solveig, you are soos sweet.. Your presents are always the best, I know to appreciate them, indeed! apart from that YOU ARE YOURSELF IS A PRESENT, dear!

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  9. Swaps Says:

    “Giving presents can be very heart-opening”

    Yeah certainly. To see the joy in the receiver’s eyes….is invaluable.

  10. axinia Says:

    I am glad you read my old posts 🙂

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  12. […] have noticed that to increase the amount of love in my life has become so easy since I… pour it down around myself. The Love grows like a snowball […]

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  14. Nick89 Says:

    It is beter to be hated for what you are then to be loved for something your not…

  15. vince Says:

    Thank you, Axina.

  16. Triveni Says:

    thank you axinia.. i was in fact wondering about the same,. sometimes, it becomes so hard to open our heart to the person we dont like for any reason, that the goodness in that person gets shadowed.. This happens maybe becz we tend to close of our hearts to that person.
    i will surely try these tricks and c if it works.. 🙂
    and i love your articles/photos and the blogs. 🙂

  17. Princess Says:

    lovely lovely lovely post..

    much love as always..

  18. Lavanya Says:

    Even reading something like this opens heart!!

  19. inspirationz Says:

    A sweet and uplifting post 🙂

    I think also something like volunteering for a charity can help open the heart for people whose heart is very closed. Sometimes seeing people or animals less fortunate than ourselves can help us connect with our love/ compassion for others.

  20. Indian Fakir Says:

    all that you say is fine.

    in my case, however, ‘cozy, innocently naughty moments’ with my loved one/s are the best way to start the process of transfer of love.

  21. Gowtham Says:

    I love it. . .

  22. Oxy Says:

    Dear friend thank you sooo much for this link. I believe that with the help of these act I will recall the abillity to connect with people again. Now everything feels so dead and whatever I do I never feel any enjoyment or happyness and love. But Im hopeful that when I keep doing these things and all the things a loved doing it will create neural feedback and my brain will rewire itself. It will be soo wonderful when one day I wake up and am able to feel emotions again, wonderful human emotions. I dive into a wondeful world of inspiration and will give my love fully to people and the world, I just need to find it.
    Thank you from all my heart for your help my dear friend

  23. Anurag Says:

    How can i do ,i don’t know what i do but i don’t tell ki mai kaise apni girlfriend se apne pyar ka ezhar kru,khe maine usse apne pyar ka ezhar kr bhe diya to khe vo inqar na kr de,ese dar se mai kuch nhe keh pata ,so friend help me.anurag

  24. abur clement Says:

    I have really enjoy going tru ur piece of work about love and iam satisfied

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  26. Erik Says:

    i dont even know what love feels like. i never god it growing up (now 30) and always treated like scum because of how i am and everytime i “TRYED” tp love something i get/ got crushed so hard (yes im a male) to the point i curl up in bed and cry. no i just dont feel any form of lov. i dont think i ever did or got it growing up. and now to unlock me world and such i dont even know where to even start or know how since all i feel is PAIN. funny tho i got my self to feel at peace with me self about most to every thing i just unable to re-less my heart…

    someone said find a gf thats not going to happen in the area i am. women in my area are not my type in anyway.

    • axinia Says:

      Erik, what you say is sad to read. But you will definetely learn to love if you realy want to. Whatever your area is, try your like in going East…:) there are more emotional people living in the East, they may open your heart.

  27. Gratitude is a big doorway to opening my heart. When I can find my gratitude and express it either within or without I feel the energy flow and the heart opening! Thanks a-lot for your post. What a perfect moment!
    Much love,

  28. Ali Says:

    Love is love no one no that how to love. so many people live In this world love to love.,

  29. stephcooper21 Says:

    I can really relate to #3 ‘listen to happy music’. I used to listen to a lot of heavy rock music with depressing lyrics and it unconsciously made me feel really down. Once I realized this and switched to more positive and upbeat music, I started to feel so much happier. Music has always touched my heart and I think its power is greatly underrated. Thanks for the great ideas and for making me think!

  30. Mônica Madoré Says:

    Music: Love by Joni Mitchell. Lyrics by St. Paul – try on youtube! Thanks

  31. arunmozhi. c Says:

    love is life

  32. Rick Says:

    Everyone wants to be loved. Sometimes things in our lives make us feel hopeless. At any age or stage we have to teach ourselves never to give up. Sure music is an expression of feelings but perhaps more to the artist than the listener. I beg you all to take a good look around you. There are things we can change without money or bribes. It could be well placed gestures or ideas that spark a mind that has wandered off course. It could be as simple as caring for an elderly person or showing somebody young how to care. There is nothing more disheartening than the blank stare of somebody who has given up. As we age our hearts will be broken and healed again. I personally don’t look back too much but if there was one thing I would change I would have learned to share love. I was easily shattered which taught me how to be fearful of love. The lesson isn’t dwelling on the miscue it is knowing what I did wrong. Luckily I chose forgiveness and even learned not to hate the people who made my life miserable [even if I avoid them]. Maybe when we are single for too long we look for love too much. It should be a natural emotion carved out of the things we like to do. You can’t force somebody to love you but you can show them the good that surrounds your heart. If they don’t like it you can always move on.

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