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The birthday of an angel: a fascinating life story! November 18, 2010

In this life I am extremely lucky with my close relatives and friends – they all are amazingly beautiful human beings and at some point I can’t keep myself from paying them my tribute (see my earlier posts on my mother, father, husband, best friend).

Today is my beloved sister’s birthday and I would love to use this opportunity to tell you the story of her life.

You may ask me what is so remarkable in the life of a young woman? Has she suffered a lot, got into “stories”, changes 10 husbands, got from poor to rich and then back like in a bad novel? No, no. From the narrative point of view – nothing, there are stories of people who are much more captivating than any novel. It’s not the case here. The fascination of Tatiana’s story for me is in its evidence for a living transformation which is possible through the light of the Spirit.

As a child Tatiana was a rather mediocre girl with no special talents and qualities, sometimes greedy, sometimes even mean. In this photo of her as a child you can see that she was not that open and even somehow mistrustful…Really not an angel.


Being an ordinary girl, she was not interested in anything special, and not at all in spirituality.

However having a seeker like me in the family, it was  probably logcal for her to get attracted to spiritual seeking and when one day I came and told her: “Tanya, I think I HAVE FOUND IT!” she immediately wanted to join me. That’s the way we came to the fascinating Sahaja Yoga practice 15 years back. We were young and had lots of fun about doing meditation and discovering new opportunities, new sensations, new awareness and gradually the new life dimension.

 By this time she went for musical studies and had rather a boring voice and no evidence for it improvement. All of a sudden Tatiana’s voice opened up and she started singing like never before!After several months of Sahaja mediation practise her voice has dramatically improved. Even her teachers were wondering what happened… And that was just a beginning!

Over the years Tatiana has not only developed a voice of divine beauty, in fact she herself has been transformed from a mediocre to an angelic being.

Today she is such an open-hearted, deeply sensitive, compassionate, loving, caring, generous and forgiving person that it feels like a true blessing to be in her presence, to bathe in her love and enjoy the sound of her voice that touches the depth of any heart…

Well, you can see and hear it for yourself:



I am greateful for witnessing this fantastic transformation of a human being into divine, this is a true spiritual miracle to me! I wish as many as possible can experience it.


С днем рожденья, котик! 🙂


P.S: you can check Tatiana’s professional site here.


15 Responses to “The birthday of an angel: a fascinating life story!”

  1. Amazing life story!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Tatiana! 🙂

  2. Triveni Says:

    I love the twinkle in her eyes.. 🙂 Though v r strangers still I wish to Wish a Very Happy Birthday from me too.

  3. Julia S Says:

    С днем рождения, Танюш!
    А тебя, Аксиньюшка, с прекрасной сестрой!

  4. simplyrohit21 Says:

    Hi Axininia,

    Im commmenting on your blog after a long time. I am slowly getting attracted towards Sahaja Yog. I think I would go and attend the class this or the next week here in Bangalore. I have a lot, loooooooooooooot of Spiritual hunger in me and I think the time has come to seek it for good.

    Thanks a lot for keeping in touch with it! Keep up the good work!

    Love and Light,

  5. A delight!
    It helps in therapy to be pitch perfect!

  6. Marilyn Leate Says:

    Dear Sisters,

    Sweet and touching testimony of the awakening of our true subtle and angelic self within. Happy Birthday.

  7. swaps Says:

    Hmmm…. this is inspiring!

  8. Better late than never – Happy Birthday, dear Tanyusha! I adore
    her and her talent! It’s a nice story – can’t believe she used to
    be greedy!:)))

  9. I believe you two are lucky to have each other as sisters, Axinia! 🙂

    As a child Tatiana was a rather mediocre girl with no special talents and qualities, sometimes greedy, sometimes even mean. In this photo of her as a child you can see that she was not that open and even somehow mistrustful…Really not an angel.

    So when they were kids, little Sasha and Tanya had their fair share of fights, misunderstandings, petty childish jealousy and sibling rivalry, eh? 🙂 Hehehe… 😉 Glad that all those are long forgotten memories now.

    I mentioned elsewhere that other than the strikingly similar eyes, li’l Elias does not have the facial features of your sister. But now looking at his photo and his mother’s childhood photo side-by-side, there seems to be a bit more similarity in the nose and cheeks as well.


    P.S.: …changes 10 husbands

    Which woman in her right mind would ever do such a thing 😕 A different year, a different husband? 😐 When did marriage become equivalent to purchasing a new fur coat or a pair of shoes 😕


  10. axinia Says:

    hi Raj, you are right that Elias reminds of Tanya as a child in some features like cheeks and nose..very well noted!

    And yes, we are both etremely lucky to be sisters! 🙂

  11. radha Says:

    True Inspiration HAPPY Birthday!

  12. L.Mae Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    Earlier this year I had read many of your posts of Sahaja Meditation but was skeptical. About a month ago, after some more research, I decided to give it a try. I have been noticing slight improvements along the way and am excited for every new class that I begin to start.

    This post of yours was particularly interesting and was the small push that lead me to try Sahaja.

    In your post, you stated that Tatiana “had rather a boring voice and no evidence for it improvement” Was Tatiana still considered a good singer then? At what age did she first try Sahaja? At what age did you first try Sahaja?

    What talents has Sahaja helped you improve in/reach?

    Thanks Axinia,


    • axinia Says:

      Hi L.Mae,
      thank you for this interesting sharing, it is always nice to hear that someone tries out Sahaja meditation. You are right, some very personal experiences are the most inspiring, and for me Tatiana`s is really fascinating. Regarding your question:
      at the time when she started singing she was of cause not regarded as a good singer, because it was just the beginning…Interestingly she took to sahaja just at the same time (she was 18). After this her voice has been improvin seadily and amazingly…´Now she is regarded as a great singer.
      I first tried Sahaja yoga at 20 and this was so convincin that I took to it without immediately.

  13. […] singer of a great caliber and I am sure one day the world will also see it. Her amazing story is here. […]

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