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Happy birthday, Vova! June 29, 2010

Today one of the most amazing people ever living  has his birthday!

And I tought of a small virtual present, a blogpost. I tought of a tribute listing some of the qualities that design his personality to the brilliant person he is.

  • he has the most incredible intellect I ever met: his point of view is always so unique, that even highly intelligent people never come to the (obvious!) conclusions he comes to.
  • he knows all the answeres. no kidding! He has this magic ability to give the right answer to any question, even if he does not know the subject. There is a story behind it, that he was meditating upon getting this quality and he’s got it! I must admit such a thing just thrills me since I am so keen on intellectual stuff 🙂
  • he can do everything with his hands: repare, invent, find a unique engeneering solution for any construction problem
  • he loves children and knows how to bring them properly up
  • he writes poems and songs, and sings them with guitar
  • he is incredibly romantic and carrying: he remembers every my little wish and is looking for possibilities to fulfill it. Even if I have already forgotten it myself, he would still remember what I wanted!
  • his Russian language is very pure and beautiful, he expresses himself very well
  • he is balanced and feels very meditative.
  • he has a great sense of humour and loves telling jokes (Russian “anekdotes” ), estimated 10 per day 
  • he keeps the perfect order in everything and no one can beat him in packing: sometimes I think he can pack an elephant into a suitcase 🙂
  • he is a true genetelmen
  • he is a person of high ideals, a global-thinker
  • he is humble and never shows off
  • he loves the way people seldom love nowadays…

 Well what else shall I say?

In Russian one would name such a character “Golden hands, golden mind, golden heart”.

Now you can ask me, who is this fantastic person?

 Vova is my husband 🙂

Happy birthday, my Love!!


18 Responses to “Happy birthday, Vova!”

  1. swaps Says:

    Oh that is quite a list!! 🙂

    Can I dare add to it… I found that he has humility too and like they say, ‘speaks straight from heart’.

    his Russian language is very pure and beautiful, he expresses himself very well

    That is cool. There is something beautiful in speaking one’s mother tongue … I have great regard for such people.

    A very sweet post 🙂

  2. Many more happy returns of the day, Vova! 🙂

    Lovely post, Axinia – it’s so natural as you two make a perfect couple!!!

    I just have a silly question – what does Vova stand for? I understand that Vo stands for Volodimir but va?


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, thanks 🙂

      The ending”a” is the Russian way of shortening of male names, making them sound sweeter.
      like this:

      Sergey – Seryozha
      Alexey – Alyusha
      Dmitry -Dima

      • Thanks for clearling that up, Axinia 🙂

        I was silly enough to believe that all Russian and indeed all Slavic female names were the ones that compulsorily ended with an “a”, with even the last names getting additions such as “a”, “ova”, “aya”, “eva” etc. 😐


  3. nmirel Says:

    a birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip side by side!

    though we’ve never met….may I make a tiny addition to the list? (zum Spass)

    ‘He wears blue but never ‘sing the blues’….

  4. Alima Says:

    That’s so sweet of you, Axinia!!! Congratulations to

  5. Валюша Says:

    I love you both! 😉 and you have good luck to have each other 😉
    happy birthday to Vova!

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  9. Ben Says:

    Wow what a compliment to be given. You must be a great man Vova to earn such a love, I think many envy your love. You are very blessed and fortunate indeed and have my respect.

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