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What fascinates you most about life? December 12, 2010

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This is an open question to all my dearest readers here, see it as a poll question – I did not create a proper poll because I can’t imagine standard answers to it. I guess each answer will be unique!

Please comment with your answer and I will leave my one after a couple of days here in the post.

So, what fascinates you most about life?

What is the most stunning thing for you about living?

What do you consider a true wonder day by day?

Please name only ONE POINT.

1000 thanks and looking forward to your inputs 🙂


And here is my contribution:

I am fascinated by the EVOLUTION of life, and to be more exact by the daily wonder of spirtual growth/self- development/self-unfolding (whatever you may call it). I love the way this process is never-ending: Évery time you think it’s getting better, then thre are new and new horizonts that open before your eyes and thre is no limit to it, never!

LOVE, axinia


20 Responses to “What fascinates you most about life?”

  1. A very interesting question.. have asked the same to myself many times.

    The most fascinating thing in life so far for me : Invisible relations between everything.

    Whether as humans or animals or birds or trees or the Mother Earth, every being is somehow influenced by the actions of the other. And not only on this planet, it is a point that is valid in the solar system and the entire universe and maybe even Beyond.


  2. Bala Says:

    Human mind is the thing that fascinates me every moment

  3. Terry Says:

    To me the way mind and heart shift between the experience of happiness and sadness and non-attachment is the most fascinating mystery as this point in my life.

  4. Triveni Says:

    The human being and his/her relation with surroundings, god.. the various types of personalities and the naughty play of the whole world by God!!! 🙂
    I love the drama that unfolds every moment. the best play anyone can watch is Life 🙂

  5. Areti Says:

    How the Play unfolds every day..

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    magic of vibrations !!!
    really I have not clearly understood the total phenomenon but i am sure one day I will find it. since last 8 years 100 % working on it and search will continue….

  7. swaps Says:


    (My answer to most of your questions 🙂 )

  8. Leela Says:

    beauty as well

  9. axinia Says:

    letTheColorsRumble, Bala, Terry, Triveni, Areti, mahesh chendake, swaps and Leela:

    thank you, my deares ones – every answer if really wonderful and enriching! What I see in all of them – and what probably unites of all you here – is the LOVE TO LIFE, the way eveyone of you are able to see the beauty of life and to enjoy it.
    I am so greteful to have you as my beloved reareds and commentors, THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN.

  10. Erwin Says:

    A true wonder for me day by day, that frequently assails me on the train on my way to work in the early morning, is just looking round at all the people on the train in sheer wonder, and marvelling at how all these people get up every morning, groom themselves so nicely, dress themselves so nicely and go to the city to work. What motivates my fellow human beings to do this every morning? ( I find it quite an effort myself sometimes to even get up in the mornings; it would be so much easier to surcome to lethargy and jsut not do it, surely? And yet all these people do it ! ) I look at them and I silently bow to them for making that effort. And marvel and think, “Life is a miracle!”

  11. Sinuar Says:


  12. Sinuar Says:

    The entire World

  13. What fascinates me the most about life?

    Why, it has got to be NOTHING, of course! 😉 I mean, the NOTHINGNESS of life itself 😐

    Life comes out of nothing and goes back into nothing, yet between these two NOTHINGS is EVERYTHING 😐

    Nothing is the true origin of everything and everything ultimately ends in nothing to complete the cycle. Everything is contained in nothing and nothingness is what everything dissolves into. That is what fascinates me the most about life – as simple as that! 😐


  14. The increasing level of hopelessness as we grow 🙂 At least, I am confident about one thing – people never change!! I don’t know how or why that fascinates me but if there is a second answer that I can give it should be the ‘The Lie called the Truth’
    Boy, that fascinates me a lot!! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  15. Alenok Says:

    Mirror-ness of life. The way Universe reflects our state of mind right back to us..

  16. Indian Fakir Says:


  17. Sinu Ar Says:

    I think that is Evolution also, because I was about to say “the possibility to change every day”. I mean, we can’t bring back the history, what’s done is done. But it’s true that life always gives you several oportunities to learn from your mistakes and be a wiser, better, humbler person. 😉

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