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The Spiritual aspect of money September 14, 2011

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In her book “Interest and Inflation Free Money”  1996 Margrit Kennedy  offers an interesting  outlook on the main trouble with money – the interest rate.

She addresses the spiritual aspect of the topic “Money and Interest” and explains how many philosophers and religious leaders such as Moses, Aristotle, Jesus, Mohammed, Luther, Zwingli and Gandhi tried to avoide social injustice caused by  the continuous  gaining of interest. All of them gave remarks or even prohibition of interest payments.

For instance  the usury was forbidden in Christianity by threat of excommunication, and in Muslim countries there is a ban on interest, Jews were allowed to take interest only from people of other faiths – the Old Testament conveyed that interest in the long run destroys every social organism.  “Woe be to him who sells money at interest, for he sells what Does Not Exist”. They all knew well the cause of the problem, but it lacked a replacement for the circulation of money securing function of the interest.


7 Responses to “The Spiritual aspect of money”

  1. GS Says:

    I think this is one of those so called “necessary evil”.

    Interest is nothing but “cost” of money. When we want to buy anything we need money, and similarly , when we want to “buy” money, we need to pay for it.

    People “buy” or borrow money, so they can use it for some gainful purpose. Credit is one of the most important factors in the growth of economy.

    For example if one says because one does not have money, one cannot go to school, it is the opposite of growth.

    I love the idea of interest free system suggested in various religions, that is basically to avoid people from “not working”, because they already have money. idleness is an evil, and hence to avoid making people idle, religions suggested that one should not “live out of interest”.

  2. mandakini Says:

    Axinia, the author of this video shows that today’s money is nothing but interest – or debt which is accrued interest.


    Love, Mandakini

  3. Allahm women and banking:
    from 2:13 in English
    (Also in Jewish tradition interest was forbidden.)

    This documentary is a research towards alternatives for current economy.

  4. Dmitri Says:

    axinia cheak this melody please http://youtu.be/BBE0mpQxEf4 from the first note you just go thoughtless

  5. The word “currency” comes from the root word “current” which means to Flow. one of my favorite question is ” what is the value of one dollar? well it can be just 1 dollar to Million dollars? how ?. well, If you circulate this one dollar and you do not lock it up, then there is a good chance this dollar circulate million times and It creates Million dollars!

    You see, wealth is created by circulating…….Wealth grows by giving!

    Nice to see you again! You have become master photographer!

    Lots of love

    • axinia Says:

      hi Suresh, it’s so gerat to see your comment again!! – you hit the nail with that nte, mney must curculate for sure.
      and thanks for the compliment, I am trying my best, but it is still a lot to unfold…

      it’s a pity you don’t post that often any more..really miss your creative inputs!

  6. Nishant AGRAWAL Says:

    Let’s agree to disagree.

    Given the growing prices and inflation, it’s only reasonable to charge a reasonable rate of interest.

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