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The nature of impressions we get from things is nothig else but vibrations June 19, 2009

I came across this text of my favorite saint Hazrat Inayat Khan and was stunned how accurate he was describing something what the practitioners of Sahaja meditation know from their daily experiences – but he was describing it before 1927!

Isn’t it great that something that has been known and accessible only to the few in the earlier times, now is easily available to everyone?!..

Enjoy the saint’s experiences:

“There are many ancient places where one finds stones engraved, woods carved with some artistic designs. Sometimes there are letters engraved on the rock of a mountain, on a stone; letters which today no one can read. Yet one endowed with the gift of intuition can read them from the vibrations, from the atmosphere, from the feeling that comes from them. Outwardly, they are engravings, inwardly they are a continual record, a talking record which is always expressing what is written upon it. No traveller with intuitive faculties open will deny the fact that in the lands of ancient traditions he will have seen numberless places which, so to speak, sing aloud the legend of their past.

    One sees the same in the atmosphere of the trees in the forests, in the gardens, which also express the past – the impressions that have been given to them by those who sat under them. Often people have superstitions about a tree being haunted, and this one finds much more in the East. Actually a vibration has been created, consciously or unconsciously, by someone who has lived there, who has taken shelter under the tree and pondered upon a certain thought, upon a certain feeling which the tree has taken up, and which the tree is expressing. Perhaps the person has forgotten about it, but the tree is still repeating the thought that has been given to it; for the tree can express the voice that was put into it more clearly than a rock.

(image of Brahmapuri, by me)

    In tropical countries where in ancient times people used to travel on foot through the forests and woods, and take shelter under a certain tree, all that they thought and felt has been taken up by the tree. Those with intuitive faculties open have heard it more clearly than if they had heard it from a living person.

    One finds the same thing among animals, the pet animals which live and partake thought and feeling through their contact with man. There especially exists a superstition about horses. Those who know horses are very particular in buying one which has good vibrations, apart from considering its health and breed. Often a horse of a very good breed and perfectly sound may prove to be unlucky. The reason is that the disappointment of someone who has been riding upon this horse has been left there, recorded upon the heart of the horse. Perhaps the condition of the person has changed, but that which the horse has kept is still continuing.

    I myself was once very impressed in Nepal by seeing a horse and an elephant which were kept only for the Maharaja of Nepal to ride on. It seemed as if those two animals were conscious of their rider. One could see from their dignity that they knew that they belonged to the Maharaja. In every movement of the horse, in the look that the elephant gave, one would feel the presence of a Maharaja. And not only that, but all that belonged to the Maharaja, as pain or pleasure, as life and experience, all seemed to have been recorded upon the horse and the elephant. The most surprising thing was that the elephant was not larger than other elephants; it was even smaller, and most often it is the size that gives dignity to the elephant. Nor was the horse any larger than other horses, but the size did not count. It was the spirit in those animals, a life that one could see, expressing the feeling they possessed in their heart.”

Hazrat Inayath Khan (1882-1927), Sufi Saint


9 Responses to “The nature of impressions we get from things is nothig else but vibrations”

  1. Tomas Says:

    It was interesting to read. To say the truth, the title of your post inspired me with wish to argue. I am hard to agree that what give the meaning to our being is just “nothing else but vibratons” That sound harsh to my ear, but the facts you share with us are worthy pondering deeper. Thank you.

  2. sailaja Says:

    Absolutely Beautiful !!!!! i wonder how this sufi saint was such a pure realized spirit who could describe vibrations so wonderfully !!!!! Excellent.

    • axinia Says:

      i am also impressed…yes, there have been some great souls in all times.
      I am sure there have been some others who know it same way, but he managed to make his knowledge accessible for many, not fo a desiple or two.

  3. Veni Grig Says:

    Thank you for this lovely post Axinia.
    Isn’t it a clear teaching to be careful what vibrations we emit,
    and how we impact the surrounding environment.
    Each anger, jealousy, or domination… kill something beautiful, and sabotage divine plans for spiritual ascent of humanity and all other forms of life connected with them.
    Pure Divine Love is care and compassion we all have to realize, and to aim living in harmony with everything and everybody.

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  6. That is amazing , but it requires to be read with mindful thinking before making any judgement

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