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Why do my eyes glow? July 22, 2007

photo of axinia’s eyes

Many people notice some special shine, or glow in my eyes. That is not a common thing. Want to know how do I make my eyes glow?

My mystery behind is simple: The glowing eyes is nothing but a pleasant side-effect of getting the Self-Realisation (Kundalini-awakening) and practicing Sahaja Yoga.  

No one knows for sure, but they say it has something to do with the activating of the parasympathetic nervous system at the moments of thoughtless awareness (meditation).

Interestingly, it had been known and described by some spiritual people of the past. Jyaneshwara (12751296), one of the greatest sages of India depicts the phenomenon in his script “Jyaneshwari”, Chapter  VI as follows:

“Kundalini is one of the greatest energies. The whole body of the seeker starts glowing because of the rising of the Kundalini. Because of that, unwanted impurities of the body disappear. The body of the seeker suddenly looks very proportionate and the eyes look bright and attractive and the eyeballs glow.” 

Want to have your eyes sparkle and your face beam? – get your Self-Realisation! J 

LOVE, axinia


34 Responses to “Why do my eyes glow?”

  1. priyanka Says:

    so so sweet. 🙂 keep doing this great job!

  2. Bala Says:

    That photo is really powerful i will say,
    It sparkles. 🙂

  3. Sunshine Says:

    your eyes are real glowing!

    such an interesting site! Will read more of that later.

  4. I have noticed in some of my friends how their eyes shine, and yes, it does seem to have something to do with self-realization.

  5. axinia Says:

    Thank you, my dear ones!
    It is still amazing to me how it works, even so eveident on the physical level…

    Wishing you all sparkling eyes 🙂

  6. mastmalang Says:

    Intriguing post. I believe sparkling is the language the eyes use to talk to the world.

  7. axinia Says:

    very poetical, mast malang! but unfortunately i have seen so many “dead” eyes…what do they communicate?

  8. mastmalang Says:

    Dead eyes also tell a story but their story is usually tragic beyond normal.

  9. axinia Says:

    I do not believe in tragedy, at least in the way what is usually understood under it (illness, suffering, death, etc.)…
    To me a tragedy is something when one does not want to evolve…But even then – one will have to, sooner or later. So – no tragedy. At all…

    • 😉 Says:

      For what reason do you think there is so much residents y fight what you are it couldn’t be that some body else is more deserving probably ! Y do you think someone would persevere with pointless residents *?

  10. Eyes can flash with hatred, lust, or anger, too. This is different than when they sparkle with joy or shine with self-realization. At least, I believe I have noticed such things.

  11. faisal Says:

    Hello to every one.
    i know only one thing if some one break feelings that man cant say any thing about feelings. think positive all the time.
    best wishes.

  12. reeti Says:

    Hi Axinia,
    Your post reminded me of an old saying which goes like … eyes are windows to our soul.I think sparkling eyes just reflect a loving, nurtured and beautiful soul/spirit!
    PS..I simply adore your blog!

  13. Avdhutaya Says:

    the eyes sparkle as a result of self-realisation due to an increase in liquid on the eyeballs as a result of a balanced nervous system and the dialation of the pupil due to the concurrent innocent, blissfull, fearless awareness, all of which combine to produce a surface and background more suited to reflecting the surrounding light.

  14. axinia Says:

    Exellent explanation, 1000 thanks, Advhutaya!

  15. MysticSaint Says:

    beautiful and powerful at the same time. thanks a lot for it.

  16. radha Says:

    Also my teacher at primary school used to tell us “gli occhi sono lo specchio dell’anima” (the eyea re the soul’s mirror). She was so right! I love your pic! 🙂

  17. Swaps Says:

    Smiling eyes.

  18. […] For me personally the most fascinating fact about the human eyes is that they can physically prove the enlightenment of a person – the eyes of a self-realized person have a very special and obvious for everyone glow. More on it here. […]

  19. […] Для меня лично самый захватывающий факт о человеческих глазах – то, что они могут физически доказать просвещение человека – у глаз самореализованного человека есть очень специальное, и очевидное для всех сияние. […]

  20. […] am very grateful to Shri Mataji for finding this amazing method of Kundalini-awakening an-mass, the method that enables everyone to get his/her Self-realisation and achieve a happy, […]

  21. […] freshness and loveliness. Regular sahaja meditation has some interesting impact on a meditator as: glowing eyes, softer skin and beaming face. All that will be consciously or unconsciously recognised by the […]

  22. brian kidder Says:

    the 2 girls who’s eyes shine, both are prostitutes. I just thought it was the devils way of him letting everyone know that
    he owns them. Weird too be cause neither one of them had eyes that shined before. They know this is true as well. Like I said weird…

  23. Ananth Balachanadran Says:


  24. Luxurie Says:

    i’m glad i found this. every morning when i wake up my eyes glow as well. My eye color is REALLY dark though. (Close to black). Reading this article makes me feel good about myself 🙂 ( i never liked my eyes)

  25. […] Why do my eyes glow? « 1000petals… Comments Off […]

  26. andy Says:

    I say someone today with eyes that shone so brightly it was almost scary. This is a young guy who has embarked on some spiritual lifestyle. It was like light was coming thru the eyes. I have never seen anything like it. After speaking to him I felt an incredible sense of peace, Thanks Avdhutaya I needed some kind of answer, hence coming here.

  27. Am actually going through that but people tend to think am something else

  28. Am going through the eye glowing thing but people tend to think about that there is something wrong with me I don’t know how to answer do enlighten me

  29. Delna Says:

    You and I have almost the same eyes. Interesting, interesting source for more research as I have been looking for the “why’s”.

  30. kathy smith Says:

    I was waiting in line for my order to be picked up at McDonald’s When a Stranger approached me and told me that as he was looking at me he said it was a diamond in my eyes and it was glowing I’m 72 years old I’ve never had anybody tell me that till today

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