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POLL: can you see Spirituality becoming popular with the mainstream? July 18, 2010

 Traditionally, religions have regarded spirituality as an integral aspect of religious experience. Many do still equate spirituality with religion, but declining membership of organized religions and the growth of secularism in the western world has given rise to a broader view of spirituality.

Secular spirituality carries connotations of an individual having a spiritual outlook which is more personalized, less structured, more open to new ideas/influences, and more pluralistic than that of the doctrinal faiths of organized religions. At one end of the spectrum, even some atheists are spiritual.In contrast, those of a more ‘New-Age’ disposition see spirituality as the active connection to some force/power/energy/spirit, facilitating a sense of a deep self. For some, spirituality includes introspection, and the development of an individual’s inner life through practices such as meditation, prayer and contemplation. Some modern religions also see spirituality in everything: see pantheism and neo-Pantheism. In a similar vein, Religious Naturalism has a spiritual attitude towards the awe, majesty and mystery it sees in the natural world.

Whatever we may call it, the question is whether you are observing the increase of interes to Spirituality worldwide? Since I have readers from all over the world here, would be really interesting to get their valuable insight!



31 Responses to “POLL: can you see Spirituality becoming popular with the mainstream?”

  1. I voted an emphatic NO! 🙂 As you can expect of me 😉

    My reason is not quite “No, I don’t see it. Spirituality can never become really polular with the masses.”

    My reason is – spirituality is not something that can be achieved by the uncivilised, uncouth and unevolved societies, because they aren’t civilised in the first place.

    There are three ways in which humans can function.

    1) Going by their base, animalistic instincts. Animals don’t use the higher thinking abilities of their brains, maybe it hasn’t evolved in that way yet. They just live by their bodily functions and base instincts. The uncouth hordes function in a very similar way. The savage turd world societies always go by things called “herd mentality”, “laws of the jungle” like “might is right”, “feudal primitivity” like “voracious arse-licking of the power hierarchy”, “rapid overbreeding” like lowly insects, vermin and pests. Their pea-brains can never function in a better manner since they are uncivilised, unevolved and uncouth.

    2) Going by their higher mental abilities. The mind is actually a part of the human body, the brain. But, apart from the normal control of bodily functions, the brain also has other abilities. Essentially, the mind is the brain acting in another dimension. Peoples who let this different dimension control their lives become civilised, as they don’t let their turdy, base, animalistic instincts control their actions. It isn’t a wonder that the civilised societies are much more evolved, don’t have their masses breeding like pigs, don’t believe in filthy feudalistic logic, herd mentality, arse-licking or laws of the jungle. Instead they believe in civilised things like “right is might”, “do unto your neighbour as you would have them do unto you”, etc.

    3) Going by the spiritual ability. The spirit is nothing but the mind acting in a different dimension, just like the mind itself is the brain (body) acting in a different dimension. Don’t believe me? Then why aren’t animals “spiritual” according to you? They are similar to us (at least the mammals and birds), the mammals have very similar bodies to us, they have similar complicated anatomies and physiologies, they even have equally advanced brains. (By brains, I meant the physical brain and not the mind.) So why don’t the spiritualists start training animals to become spiritual?

    Unfortunately, the lovely animals cannot use their brains to function in the dimension of the mind as humans do. They go by their base bodily instincts. So for animals to become spiritual, they must first develop the mental abilities of their physical brain, only then can they think of developing the spiritual ability of their minds.

    It’s a very similar thing for the uncouth, unevolved, uncivilised societies whose rabidly overbreeding hordes let their lives be controlled by their base, animalistic instincts. That is the reason why their filthy societies are uncivilised, because their thinking abilities are more like those of animals, and not like the thinking abilities of the more evolved, civilised societies.

    Unless the masses of savage, uncouth, rabidly overbreeding hordes of the filthy, unevolved societies become civilised first, they can never become spiritual. The reason is similar to why animals cannot become spiritual, because they go by their base, wild, herd, animalistic instincts. Unless the hordes begin to use their higher mental abilities to become civilised, they cannot even dream of becoming spiritual.

    Of course, we have masses of uncouth hordes from one particular part of the world (a filthy sub-continent) claiming that their turdy “culture” is so “spiritual”. That is a BIG, BLATANT LIE! It’s sham spirituality and rabid deception and lying at its very worst, as the savage hordes and their filthy “culture” along with their turd world trash can aren’t even civilised in the first place.

    Do I believe spirituality becoming popular with the masses? NO, not with the uncouth, unevolved, uncivilised masses of the barbaric societies in the filthy parts of the regressive turd world. They need to become civilised in the first place. Even that may be too big a task for the rabidly overbreeding hordes who go by their base, animalistic instincts, herd mentality, laws of the jungle and feudal barbarism.


    • axinia Says:

      Raj, with the masses I probably mean the West…since I can grasp it much better.

      Here, where people have satistied their basic needs many start thinking – what’s next? This is kind of the next step in evolution. IF you remember my post of D.Andreev quote:

      “our divine birthrights: the right to be free from the yoke of poverty and the oppression of power-hungry groups, the right to well-being, the right to all forms of free creative work and the public unveiling of the fruits of that work, the right to religious searchings, and the right to beauty.

      The right of people to a secure existence and to the enjoyment of the benefits of civilization is an inborn right that in itself does not necessitate a renunciation of freedom or spirituality. “

      • I agree with Andreev’s quote, Axinia. Those are divine birthrights of every individual and cannot be given or taken away by anything or anyone on Earth.

        The evolved societies are aware of their birthrights because they are civilised and have all their basic needs met. The same cannot be said of the uncouth societies.

        But unfortunately, even then things are not going to go in a positive way. That’s because the elitist global power cabal that control the world wouldn’t want the civilised societies to take the next step of societal evolution as it would mean the end of their vice-like grip on society. On the other hand, they love the model of the uncivilised societies where the power cabal often get away with whatever crimes, corruption and other crap they do. The global power cabal would try to forcibly pull down the civilised societies to the lowly level of the uncouth ones.

        It is a evil project, a demonic design that is being carried out at furious pace – the turd worldisation of the first world. The USA will be the first to fall to turd world standards – sadly, it’s looking inevitable now.

        Some say it is almost done. Want solid proof? Here it is:


  2. pooyan Says:

    My answer was a conditional Yes;
    if you call spirituality any type of movement away from materialism, then Yes; but if you mean registered Religion, then I must say that at least I can see the masses are more interested in strange practices and Yogas or even magicians than any priest 😉
    So please define the word spirituality a bit more dear Axinia, and … ahhh, I am waiting eagerly to see the last result. 😀

    • axinia Says:

      pooyan, thanks 🙂
      Obviously under Spitiruality I do not mean religion, otherwise I woudl ahve used this word. Spirituality is anything beyond Meterialism, anyhtings where people start asking themselfs what are they doing here on this Earth? What’s the purpose of life?
      It is avery broad meaning. Generally, Spirituality is a seeking for a satisfaction of a Spirit, in any form.

  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    Axinia ,still I will say “No”?
    because fake spirituality is increased.
    I don’t feel that people around me are aware of real spirituality ( What I Understood) and ready to receive real knowledge and truth. they are in search of different things,surprisingly, recently what Vova said in his blog, they may get spirituality by Nature’s gift of evolution.

  4. mahesh chendake Says:

    Here I remember one story. Once One king decided to live all his prisoners on occasion of his birthday. So he ordered but his adviser told, Let’s check how many prisoners really want freedom?. So he asked one question to all prisoner’s ” what do you want on king’s birthday?. there were 3000 prisoner’s. Majority of them demand for –
    wife in prison
    Good bedding
    Good food
    news paper, books TV.
    Allow to visit friends etc
    but NO body demands for freedom . Adviser find out that they were happy in prison.
    Only one person demanded freedom and adviser told him that king has released to him on occasion of Birthday.
    Your story of spirituality is like that. Masses are enjoying ignorance at the same time complaining about materialism ,religion,patriotism,castism and much more … Fake spirituality. That is not true awareness of spirituality.

  5. Kanagu Says:

    My answer is yes… I see people even though want to show themselves as atheists there is a small part in them unconciously believes and follows spirituality…

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Becoming “spiritual guru” is popular business in India.It gives everything money,woman , fame…. and crowd around you. In my nearby district in Konkan,
      A person removed from govt .service,working as ” gramsevak” in 1988,for corruption, now owner of 400 cror property with all leaders ( I can’t count total property),population from Maharashtra ,Hindu religion,behind him. I have seen his rise from zero in front of my eyes. He received all awards n recognition from all municipal corporations and panchyat’s and “Hindu Mahasabhas”. His staying place become ” Kashi” where he rarely stay now, and his word become final word for “hindu” and all political leader in Maharashtra. They sit’s in his leg and weight for his blessing for hour’s together leaving their important businesses, even running parliament !!!
      Such real stories you will find all corners of India.
      About people from India, Sometimes I really can’t understand what to say them, A sheep, Blind followers ….. I think they understand everything but I don’t know why they run after them. How come you can label them as spiritually evolved? All political leader and those such fake guru’s are combined together and just snatching,sucking the society. Blind belief loving people just follows them.Most of class people, even so called middle class who supposed to be think tanks of society now becoming more n more stronger fake religious follower and thus disturbing communal harmony. “Hindu terrorist” is a newer concept given by them. It is new face of hindu religion why to blem Muslims? so masses from India are away from spirituality and closer to various fake isms…. disturbing total harmony of society. Fittest to survival,….. increase the our own communal population….. earn money what ever the way possible ….. and rule the people with false philosophy and power is the only mission of Indian people.Indian politics has become just dirty tank of mud. Masses follows them and that’s why now a day’s , all Indians are strongly opposed and attacked by whole world also. so where you find spirituality…..?

      • A person removed from govt .service,working as ” gramsevak” in 1988,for corruption, now owner of 400 cror property with all leaders ( I can’t count total property),population from Maharashtra ,Hindu religion,behind him… His staying place become ” Kashi” where he rarely stay now, and his word become final word for “hindu” and all political leader in Maharashtra…

        😯 😯 😯

        “Hindu terrorist” is a newer concept given by them. It is new face of hindu religion why to blem Muslims?

        In the evil Indian empire, Hindu terrorism has been proven to be as much of a reality as Islamic terrorism. Earlier, whenever there were bomb blasts, the blame immediately fell on Islamic terrorists, even without investigation.

        Thanks to one brave martyr, Hemant Karkare, who fearlessly, courageously and impartially pursued the investigation against Hindu terrorists, despite being villified by all and sundry, the hidden face of Hindu terrorism got exposed to be as vicious and destructive as its Islamic counterpart.

        Even today, we have fellows who say that there cannot be anything such as “Hindu terrorism” and because the world can have only “Islamic terrorism”. Typical, hypocritical behaviour from the Hindoid hordes.

        How many bomb blasts that were initially blamed on “Islamic terrorists” have proven to be the handiwork of “Hindu terrorists”? Malegaon serial blasts, Hyderabad mosque blast, Ajmer blast, Samjauhta train explosion(?) and “God” knows how many more. One news channel recently “exposed” the “Hindu terror networks” in the evil Indian empire and got its offices stoned and attacked.

        With fringe elements of two of the world’s most regressive religions determined to outdo each other in a vicious race to the bottom, the evil, uncouth, regressive, turd world Indian empire will eventually have to go the way of all evil empires in world history.


    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Kanju, civilized atheists are far better than these uncivilized false literate. !!!!!!

  6. mahesh chendake Says:

    From India ,Like Ravindranath Tagore, I also impressed with yogi arvind ghosh, A pandecharry Asrum. I heard in world war II , his yogic actions protected India from war. another story I heard that when people reach to moon and they look at to earth ,they find light coming from some Region from India .It was pandecharrry.!!!! Before Sahajayoga I used to like him and read his literature. Now willingly and consciously I am followers of Sahajayoa.

    • Maheshsaheb,

      I hope we don’t get carried away. Aurobindo Ghosh may have been a great yogi, but I hope we don’t attribute things to his yogic actions that have other rational explanations.

      The British Indian empire certainly did not suffer as much as some other empires and countries in WW II, but it did suffer to a certain extent. Besides, if Aurobindo really used his yogic powers to tone down WW II, don’t you think he would have used his yogic actions to lessen the sufferings of ALL people throughout the world, instead of just protecting the Indian empire from the war? Had he used his superatural powers, he would have made sure that WW II did not cause so many deaths and so much destruction worldwide, wouldn’t he, like a true humanitarian yogi, instead of just protecting the Indian empire from the effects of WW II?

      When the Asian boxing day tsunami of 2004 struck and caused so much devastation, some in Puducherry (which was not affected as badly as surrounding districts) believed they were spared the destruction only because the protective spirit of yogis saved their place from devastation.

      Was it really so? There is a much more rational, scientific and believable explanation. Pondicherry has a very solid sea-wall that was constructed long ago by the French to prevent sea-erosion. It was proved beyond doubt that it was this solid piece of civil engineering that saved Puducherry from the devastation caused by the tsunami (all credit and thanks should go to the French for building that sea-wall). The surrounding districts, unfortunately, did not have a sea-wall and were affected much more badly.

      Behind every such seemingly supernatural event, there is a very scientific and rational explanation. Even if we cannot find it at the time, the answers are always there with science, waiting to be discovered.


      • From the wikipedia page on seawalls:

        On December 26, 2004, when towering waves of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake crashed against India’s south-eastern coastline killing thousands, the former French colonial enclave of Pondicherry (now Puducherry) escaped unscathed. During the city’s nearly three centuries as a French colony, French engineers had constructed and maintained a massive stone seawall, which kept Pondicherry’s historic centre dry even though tsunami waves drove water 24 feet above the normal high-tide mark.

        The barrier was initially completed in 1735. Over the years, the French continued to fortify the wall, piling huge boulders along its 1.25-mile (2-km) coastline to stop erosion from the waves pounding the harbour. At its highest, the barrier running along the water’s edge reaches about 27 feet above sea level. The boulders, some weighing up to a ton, are weathered black and brown. The sea wall is inspected every year. Whenever gaps appear or the stones sink into the sand, the government adds more boulders to keep it strong.

        The Union Territory of Pondicherry recorded some 600 deaths from the huge tsunami waves that struck India’s coast after the mammoth underwater earthquake (which measured 9.0 on the moment magnitude scale) off Indonesia, but most of those killed were fishermen who lived in villages beyond the artificial barrier.


  7. nmirel Says:

    this present time of conflicts, suspicion, hate and falsehood….what impresses one mostly is not a simple and unassuming statement of the truth, but superficial
    showmanship and display. in the east, in the west…., spirituality is not fashion. it’s not about popularity. Not blind but open enlightened faith.I feel that It cannot be worked out at the mental level, through the heart not the head. not for one country , not for one person

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      inspiring n very true, thanks mirel.!!! I try to combine both head and heart, not extreme to one , n even want to go beyond and everybody should be….

    • seeker2008 Says:

      Mirel, nice to hear/read you. How are ya?

  8. nmirel Says:

    Dear Dave, nice to hear YOU, too….waiting for you here:)))
    recently, tough & hectic times personal family business…
    My ripening, maturing, living process…
    for patience is the key to joy. Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows… still, I treat each guest honourable:)))
    Nonetheless, the sunrise at Bosphorus bridge still spectacular!
    What about you, dear friend & family?
    ‘Have you already been caught between the Moon and NYC’?

    with love…always keep in touch

    • seeker2008 Says:

      Hello Mirel!

      It’s always nice to hear from you. Reading what you wrote reminded me of some of the words of Mevlana: ” Copper doesn’t know its Copper Until its changing to Gold. Your loving doesn’t know its majesty till it knows its helplessness.”

      I think I just pasted through one of the more intense periods of personal strife, but no matter how hard the day the sun still rises. Are you a student or graduated?

  9. nmirel Says:

    graduated long time agoo! im in my late thirties Dave:))))
    sorry for my belated reply, i’ve been away from the cyber world for last days….

    • seeker2008 Says:


      You must have a young spirit!. You always sound like you are in your mid to late 20’s 🙂


      • axinia Says:

        that’s true, I also thought so! 🙂

      • You two are not alone. Mirel’s comments had me estimate her age incorrectly as well! 🙂

        When one is a child at heart, it surely shows in one’s comments 😉


      • nmirel Says:

        i suffered a massive heart attack at 28, but nonetheless, still young at heart. In life, I guess, ‘old enough’ is never ‘old enough’
        with love

        • Dave Paquiot Says:

          Your reply brought the the phrase ‘Ashk olsun!’ to mind (May it become love!”)

          • nmirel Says:

            Let it be love. May it be refreshing/wholesome/agreeable!!!
            (the mevlevi traditional usage aside, the phrase more and more often commonly used to express ‘disappointment’ by ordinary folks. Don’t ask me why….)

        • I’m very sorry to hear that you had to suffer so much 😦 How is your health now?

          You’re right, there is no such thing as ‘old age’ for the young at heart. ‘Old age’ is for those who constantly fear becoming old, and try desperate stuff to avoid it, only accelerating the process further. The young at heart never ‘grow old’ (at least not in the real sense of the phrase) because they don’t fear it and don’t try to avoid it.

          With love,
          An alien Earthling


          • nmirel Says:


            thanks guys!

            definitely no fear of becoming old or dying young….

            i personally dont use the word ‘suffer’ in my life. that’s life. everybody ‘tastes’ differrent experiences in life, be it pleasant desirable or undesirable, to enter into a higher awareness, through personal transformation.
            The past belongs to the past and I am not detached to my previous health problems, wounds or disappointments.

            in sum, all the experiences have been teaching me how to be my own teacher, doctor, guru along the way. This process surely gonna continue till the last day of my life
            i learned a lot from the eastern medicine, meditation and indian classical music, ragas, qawwalis. (although I have a western musical educational background)

            Ultimately, I felt like ‘reborn’ again, more powerful than ever.
            definitelt no fear of becoming old or dying young.

  10. mahesh chendake Says:

    keep up!!!
    Mother takes care of everybody up to mximum once you walk on central path.!!!!!!!!!!……..

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