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Extraordinary experience of ONENESS November 4, 2009

These days I am reading a truly unique book , a bit later I will post my review. However now I cannot hold myself back from posting a true gem of it, a beautiful experience of the author, Daniel Andreev – a Russian poet and religious thinker of the middle of the XX century. The book itself  is called “Roza Mira” (“The Rose of the World”, “Роза Мира”), it was written mostly in prison at Stalin’s time, and is about religion in the modern world.

The extraordinary experience I am quoting here reminds me a lot of the Enlightenment of the main character Herman Hesse in his famous novel Siddhartha. This is the unique experience of ONENESS, of feeling oneself being not only the part and parcel of the whole, but actually being this WHOLE


“In my life such an experience took place on the moonlit night of July 29, 1931, on the banks of the Nerussa, a small river in the Bryansk Forest. I usually try to be alone when in Nature, but that time it so happened that I had taken part in a camping trip with a small group.
We reached the banks of the river at the close of a hot, cloudless day. We took a leisurely dip, then gathered brush, and, building a fire two meters from the quietly flowing river under the canopy of three old willows, prepared a simple meal. The sky darkened. A low July full moon glided out from behind the oaks. Little by little the conversations and stories died down; one by one my companions fell asleep around the crackling wood. I was left awake at the fire, lazily waving a branch to ward off the mosquitoes.
When the moon, noiselessly moving behind the finely patterned, leafy branches of the willow, entered the range of my vision, those hours that come close to being the most wonderful of my entire life began. Breathing softly, having laid back on a handful of hay, I heard the Nerussa flowing not behind me, a few paces back, but as if through my own soul. That was the first unusual thing I noticed.

Everything on Earth and everything that must exist in the heavens poured exultantly and noiselessly through me in a single stream. In bliss barely supportable by the human heart, I felt as if slowly revolving, graceful spheres glided through me in a universal dance, and everything I could think of or imagine merged in a jubilant oneness.

The ancient forests and clear rivers, the people sleeping by the fire, the peoples of countries near and far, cities waking up and busy streets, cathedrals with sacred icons, seas tossing tirelessly, and steppes with blowing grass— everything indeed was within me that night, and I was within everything. I lay with eyes closed, and beautiful white stars, large and blossoming, not at all like those we are used to seeing, also floated along the world-turned-river like white water lilies.

 Although the sun was not visible, it was as if it, too, were flowing somewhere just outside the range of my vision. Everything was suffused not by its glow but by a different light, one I had never seen before. Everything flowed through me and at the same time rocked me, like a child in a cradle, with all-soothing love.

In trying to express in words such experiences, one understands better than ever the poverty of language. How many times have I attempted through poetry and prose to convey to others what happened to me that night! And I know that no attempt, including this one, will ever succeed in communicating to anyone else the true significance, dimensions, and profound effect that occurrence had on my life.”


Sharings from Daniil Andreev to be continued…



19 Responses to “Extraordinary experience of ONENESS”

  1. axinia Says:

    I never had such experiences myself, and this ones sounds awesome to me…I think if more people would have been a ble to FEEL the oneness fo teh world, to BE that…then the world woudl have benn a very different place.

    BTW, later on I will tell you about his vision of the worl’s future – that is fascinating and…sounds like it will come true!

  2. radha Says:

    it would be nice if other people who hav had this experience of oneness could recall where and how it was the very first time. it s cool to know detailed dates, places and memories/feelings of these first times ~ i always enjoy reading them..

  3. It is very fortunate to have such an experience in life. More fortunate is to realize that nothing can be more enlightening than oneness to nature . Waiting for more review. Also thinking of buying this book. Its in English right!

  4. radha Says:

    axinia, you can share all these books you read in a virtual bookshelf under spirituality,many people would be interested to know!

  5. Abhinayaraj Says:

    I had similar experiences twice or thrice.. very difficult to put in words and Herman was very blessed to do so.. it was thru’ a process of spontaneous meditative introspection. somehow it din’t occur again and again.. but the experience reminds of the glories deep within and Illusions far outside. It was like this.. the very experience of the birth and awareness of the physical birth in this world convinced itself as if it was a painting on a plate of something else which is very much aware of itself, is self-regenerating and life generating thru’ a kind of conscious-play.. I recognised that one as the Primordial Self as like a Mother who has given birth within Her powers to many smaller awareness within her being being but very much conscious of it.. while mine though could be felt as a part of Her could not solve the mystery of the whole.. but the joy of being with the whole in itself was a unimaginable reward which i still remember with gratitude.. BTW- Herman hesse was a great soul and so his book “Sidhartha”.

  6. Abhinayaraj Says:

    As Raj said.. even such a experience does not prevent us from falling down in our awareness.. The illusive world is so tricky! 🙂
    I guess that’s why even though the experience of self-realisation could have happened to many.. few in the entire history of humanity have stood apart!!

  7. Dima Says:

    Thank you Axinia, I’ve heard a lot about Andreev, but haven’t read yet. i feel i should. did you traslated it youself? it was really good :), and i agree with you that such expirieces change our lives. i know it from my own expirience. though it’s not easy, but once you’ve been there, you keep striving back 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      thanks, Dima. No, this is not my translations, but it is indeed a very good one. I have fouund a good English version online, when I will be posting about the book, I will give all the links.

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  9. seeker2008 Says:

    What a beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing. It so hard to hold on or to maintain these experience. I have to feel that they comes and go as passing clouds. Like an analogy I heard, they are like the strand of the hair of the Beloved, as much as they testify to the longing in the heart, as much as they test to the reality and the closeness, they still arent it!

    One taste is often enough to take us further 🙂

  10. […] get fantastically beautiful experiences of Oneness, I posted already the story by Daniil Andreev, let me quote […]

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