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Can your Spirit control Matter? January 10, 2010

In one of my earlier posts The Magic of Materialism I tried to explain my feelings and observations on the Dualism of Matter and Spirit. This question if not a theoretical but a very practical one. How to find a balance between the two?  – since both Spirit and Matter are at the core of our existence.

I received many interesting comments on the topic and yet the main conclusion seemed to be “ok, matter is there and we all need it so no need to ask what to do about it”. Nobody, including me, has suggested that Spirit is more powerful than Matter when we do let it manifest. Somehow this simple and obvious thing did not come into my mind at that time. However watching my life and life of other people who live Spirituality, I can definitely say that Spirit overpowers Matter, and that – easily!

Before I list the examples, let me define Spirit (although that is rather an impossible task! ). To me it is the eternal part of a human being which is in a constant state of joy and light. The part, which is not possible to destroy by whatsoever bad/evil/unpleasant event or emotion. The part which is the purest and endless Love. The part that is always one with the Whole… If a person lives in that state, he/she can be called a spiritual person.

And because such a person lives in tune with the Universal Spirit,  it becomes quite possible to make an impact on  Matter.

Daily wonders” that are permanently being experienced by many people I know, as well as by myself:

  • healing of self and others (from a headache till incurable diseases)
  • improving the chemical and energetic quality of water and food
  • fast and miraculous solving of daily problems of all kinds
  • check if the person telling you something is actually telling the truth or cheating
  • take the most benevolent decisions
  • incredible coincidents and presence “at the right moment on the right place”

“Miracles” performed by the highly spiritual persons known and unknown in history:

  • walking on water (Jesus)
  • controlling weather (various Indian saints and even musicians)
  • walking through the sea (Moses)
  • being at several places at one time (many saints)
  • and many other so called miracles which we all know from various cultures, I will not list them all here

I mean “so called” because to me all this things do not seem a miracle: when one realizes the correlations between Spirit and Matter many phenomenon become very understandable.

You may ask me why would it be important for a spiritual person to control the Matter, to make an impact on it? I think that in a daily life matter is so overdominative that it often gives no chance to Spirit to awaken and manifest.

Yes, Matter and Materialism as its outcome can be extremely comfortable and enjoyable. But all the joys of the physical, emotion or mental level can not even be compared to the absolute joy of the Spirit. This is something that I belive everyone needs to experience at least once!

At this point let me quote my beloved Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 – 1927) who gives an insightful explanation of the impact of Spirit on Matter in a chapter called “Vibrations”:

“The inward and essential part of each and every being is composed of fine vibrations, and the external part is formed of gross ones. The finer part we name spirit and the grosser part matter, the former being less subject to change and destruction and the latter more so. All that lives is spirit and all that dies is matter; and all that dies in spirit is matter and all that lives in matter is spirit. All that is visible and perceptible appears to be living, although subject to death and decay and becoming every moment resolved into its finer element but the sight of man is so deluded by its awareness of the seeming world, that the spirit which really lives is covered under the garb of matter and its true being is hidden.

All things and beings in the universe are connected with each other – visibly or invisibly – and through vibrations a communication is established between them on all the planes of existence. As an ordinary instance: if one person coughs in an assembly, many others begin to do the same, and the same is the case with yawning. This also applies to laughter, excitement and depression. This shows that vibrations convey the condition of one being to another. The seer therefore knows of the past, present and future, and perceives conditions on all planes of existence. Vibrations work through the chord of sympathy existing between man and his surroundings, and reveal past, present and future conditions.

The saints and sages spread their peace not only in the place where they sit, but even in the neighborhood where they dwell; the town or the country where they live is at peace, in accordance with the power of the vibrations they send out from their soul.”

 LOVE, axinia (image by me)


38 Responses to “Can your Spirit control Matter?”

  1. I have always felt that the purpose of spirituality is to lead a guided life. So often we are presented with this idea of emptiness and of being made hollow. I remember in my travels in India how often I heard that analogy of a “perfect devotee’ being like a flute in Krishna’s hand. That emptiness allows the ‘breathe’ to flow through and make ‘music’. I remember a quote of Mother Theresa that says I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

    So what I am trying to say is that I feel that it’s never the will of an individual that seeks to manipulate matter, it’s the surrender to the greater will, that allows a host of things to manifest in the moment. For example in a really nice poem Rumi says very beautifully “when two of them meet (two sufi masters) they are no longer two, they are one and six hundred thousand. The Ocean waves are their closest likness, when wind makes from unity the numerous”. In terms of the sufi experience, after one has passed through fana – the hollowing of passage of the self, the next stage is baqa subsistence in God. The miraculous happening I feel are non-other than the Friend Himself working His will through the Vehicle of an emptied vehicle.

    • axinia Says:

      Dear David, I know very well what you mean and yes, you are abolusoletely right!

      The only thing is that if this is so clear to you, it may mot be at all clear for some who are not that spiritually experienced as you. I think we should always try to find the words that will be clear to everyone.

      Spirit is something one can impossibly explain. And yet we can try 🙂

      Finally in reality the matter gets transformed not because we want it, but because, becoming this Spirit, the part of the Whole, we can cat the right wave and indeed come this wonderuful flute you have mentioned…

    • swaps Says:

      Hey David, this concept of ’emptiness’ gives a lot of hope. It is beautiful.

  2. There is not much difference between the two as far as I’m concerned – in the sense that matter and spirit are not mutually exclusive and neither are they inversely proportional 😐

    If they were mutually exclusive and inversely proportional as is commonly touted, then the so-called “spiritual cultures” would be highly civilised places while the so-called “material cultures” would be backward and primitive.

    However, it is the exact opposite. Most of the so-called “spiritual cultures” happen to be very uncouth, regressive, savage, barbaric and decadent while most of the so-called “materialistic ones” happen to be civilised ones.


    • Hello Alien Earthling

      I just wanted to know what criteria you use to define a culture as ‘civilised’, ‘uncouth’, ‘barbaric’, and ‘spiritual’. Perhaps you may provide an example of each as well. I have noticed you refer to these a lot and I am not sure what you mean by this.


      • Hi Dave! 🙂

        Let’s leave aside the definition of the so-called “spiritual” and “materialistic” cultures for a moment.

        It’s easy to classify “cultures” on a civilisational scale.

        At one end we have the civilised cultures. Among other things, such civilised cultures usually have a high human development index or HDI. HDI itself is a very rough way to measure how civilised a culture is. However, HDI alone is not enough. One must also take into consideration things like the quality of life, the worth of a human life, the status of women in society, the levels of crime and corruption, the justice system and laws, access to healthcare and education, socio-economic equality (and the absence of socio-economic barriers), accountable government that works for every citizen (not “democracy” as even the most barbaric places claim to be “democracies”), treatment of the less-fortunate people, social safety net etc.

        The more civilised a culture is, the higher it would perform on all these parameters.

        At the other end of the scale, we have the filthy “cultures” of the world. These uncouth “cultures” usually perform very badly on all these civilisational parameters. The HDI of such places is quite low and human life is worth very little in such savage “cultures” as such places are usually overflowing with the rapidly overbreeding hordes. These uncivilised places are intolerably corrupt with high levels of violent crime and organised crime. Women have a very low status in such barbaric “cultures” as the primitive hordes that inhabit such places believe they are “breeding machines” and the “property” of men. (In the most uncouth “cultures” of them all, female foetuses and baby girls are killed by the millions for the only reason that they are female.) In such savage places, “development” is characterised by a shameful logic called “one billionaire surrounded by one hundred million desperate, starving poor”.

        The uncouth peoples that inhabit such places often follow uncivilised, sub-human societal practices and their primitive minds harbour mediaeval beliefs. The hordes of such nasty places often have no access to healthcare or education and as a result, the literacy rate is quite low (especially for women). Why education or healthcare, the masses usually wouldn’t even have access to clean drinking water, toilets and electricity. In such nauseating places, even criminals who commit heinous crimes can get away scot-free if they have the money, political connections or if the law enables them to commit such crimes with impunity. (Yes, there are filthy countries where this is true.) And I can go on and on.

        As for examples, it’s obvious from the criteria I mentioned as to which “cultures” can be called civilised and which ones are uncouth and barbaric. Each place can be classified on a civilisational scale using the above parameters.

        The funny thing is, most people belonging to savage “cultures” would fail to recognise and accept that their primitive societies are uncouth and barbaric. Being mediaeval minded, instead of trying to civilise themselves by reforming their uncouth practices, they often try to justify their sub-human practices using various ridiculous pretexts.

        The funniest of them all, is that they try to portray the civilised cultures as pathetic, “materialistic” ones while they exalt their own savage, barbaric, uncouth “cultures” as being “spiritual”. For a neutral observer, this would be highly amusing 😀

        The unfortunate thing, is that this brainwashing often finds enough victims 😦

        I hope I’ve answered your query.


        • axinia Says:

          Dear Raj,
          the only problems with your attitude I have is that:

          1.you have never been to “civilised” coutnris and do not know how things really are, from inside

          2.I know well 3 different worlds -the West, India and Russia (Russia is obviously a separete form of civilisation 🙂

          Your knowledge, although an impressive one, it not really backed up by the experience and thus, lacking the understading of truth.

          Sorry to be so sraightforward, but this is simply the fact 🙂

          • Please don’t say sorry for being straightforward, Axinia 😐 I prefer it like that 🙂

            What I’ve mentioned is not really my knowledge. Anyone and everyone can know those simple truths about “civilisational levels”, however bitter they may be to digest 😐

            I know well 3 different worlds -the West, India and Russia

            Hehehe… see my dear friend, you seem to indirectly agree with what I’ve said, that the world can be classified into three as the First, Third and Second Worlds on a civilisational scale – with the First World standing for the more civilised places, the Third World for the uncouth, savage, primitive and regressive and the (now defunct) Second World for those in between 😉 You are being more diplomatic in describing them, I was more blunt, that’s all.


            • axinia Says:

              3 different world but without classification which one is First, Second or thierd. JUST Diffrent. because
              -from the point of view of the comfort of the spirit, India is the first, from the material may be not. depend on the view.
              And to me, Spirit is alwas first 🙂

              • I’m glad you agree that the worlds are so different, Axinia. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along 🙂

                You’re trying to classify the worlds on a supposedly “spiritual-materialistic scale” 😐

                I’m trying to classify them on a “linear civilisational scale”, going from the uncouth, barbaric ones to the more civilised ones depending on civilisational parameters. Of course, civilisation never had anything to do with being “spiritual” or “materialistic”, it just describes how a society behaves considering acceptable norms of decent societal behaviour.

                It’s quite funny to observe that the most savage and primitive “cultures” try to brainwash people into believing the ridiculous claim that they are “spiritual” 😀 How can “cultures” that are simply uncouth, regressive and barbaric ever claim to be “spiritual” 😕 It’s even more ridiculous than North Korea calling itself the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”! 😆

                Even if their primitive mindsets aren’t capable of advancing civilisationally on their own due to the barbarity of their “cultures”, all that the uncouth “cultures” need to do in a global age is to emulate the civilised behaviour of others 😐 These lowly “cultures” aren’t even capable of that, so they try to destroy the civilised ones instead. It’s nothing but history repeating itself. Unless something drastic happens, in the foreseeable future, the rapidly overbreeding hordes from the primitive, uncouth “cultures” will set the world back by several decades civilisationally 😯

                It’s a real pity 😦 😦

              • Not exactly, Axinia 😐 I believe we are heading for a situation where the regressive, uncouth world (not necessarily “eastern” and certainly not “spiritual”) is trying to destroy the progressive, civilised world (not necessarily “western”). To be more precise, the uncouth “cultures” and their rapidly overbreeding hordes are trying to destroy the civilised cultures and their naturally declining population.

                It’s a battle between high-quantity-with-low-quality and low-quantity-with-high-quality 😦

                Civilisation always means improvement in the quality of life, and not quantity 😐 (If it meant improvement in quantity, then rats would be the most civilised mammals on the planet 😀 )

                I’m not the first to say this, and I won’t be the last, but globalisation is a sinister design to destroy the civilised cultures. Instead of pulling up the lowly Third World to the standards of the civilised First World, it is meant to pull down the civilised First World to the lowly standards set by the Third World 😡

                If something does not happen, the entire world will soon be reduced to one rotten Third World sphere, where the uncouth standards of the semi-civilised “cultures” will become global societal behavioural standards 😯 What it means in effect, is that all civilisational progress is going to come to a grinding halt if the rapidly overbreeding hordes have their way 😮

                There in lies the pity 😐 It’s going to be a terrible time for civilisation and Mother Earth when the uncouth “cultures” lead the global race to the bottom 😦

                Perhaps, it’s time for certain long overdue planet-shaking events 🙄

                I hope I haven’t annoyed you too much, Axinia 😉


            • There is this interesting/funny anecdote I thought you would appreciate told by the sufi teacher Idries Shah in his book Seeker after truth. He was answering a question put to him which was “are you[sufis] opposed to science?” here is his responce

              “No but I am opposed to scientist not being what they think they are. I once went to a lecture concerned with blood transfusion, attended by a scientific audience, with a Sufi friend. The lecturer spoke disparaginly of ‘lingering folkloric beliefs among ordinary people, and how scientist should work against these. My friend requested permission to ask a question. When he was given it, he turned to the audience and asked them how many knew to which blood group they belonged. One quarter raised their arms. When asked which of them knew their ‘astrological sun-sign, everyone did.”

              • axinia Says:

                OMG, this is tooo good, David :))))))))) thanks for sharing!!!

              • … he turned to the audience and asked them how many knew to which blood group they belonged. One quarter raised their arms. When asked which of them knew their astrological sun-sign, everyone did.

                This precisely shows how superstitions and blind beliefs 😡 have a such a vice-like grip on society 😦 When the minds of people are deliberately dumbed down to the level that they prefer to know a silly, frivolous superstitious concept about themselves instead of their own blood groups that could save their lives, it isn’t a wonder such primitive superstitious crap is holding back the progress of humankind that science enables 😦

                Whenever science enables people to take one step forward, primitive blind beliefs take them two steps backward 😮

          • …it not really backed up by the experience…

            On the topic of experience, Axinia, does one really have to drink poison to understand that it kills 😕


        • Raj

          I think I understand your point a bit more. As I understand it, HDI is used to rank countries by level of “human development”, which usually also implies whether a country is developed, developing, or underdeveloped. It was done to shift the focus of development economics from national income accounting to people centered policies. Judging from what I have read online, HDI is not a basis for measuring how civilized a country or culture is. A developed country and a civilized country mean different thing. I wonder as a scientist is it possible to 1. Establish unique objective criteria for the evaluation of civilization. 2 Even if one could exist ,could it be applied objectively. As a scientist outside of the realm of the social sciences I don’t believe either is possible. Meaning that cultural, political, religious and economic bias, to mention a few, play a significant role in the interpretation of the data.

          Also if I may be permitted to think out loud; no country is self contained. We trade with other countries, go to war with other countries visit travel. It is not too difficult to see that results of imperialism, colonialism, world wars affect us all to this date. The Countries on the lowest end of the HDI scale are all former colonies, and I believe that they have not had the benefit of time to build an infrastructure allowing for development. Also I imagine foreign economic policy does a lot to affect this scale.

          But science aside, words/phrases such as uncouth, filthy, savage, overbreeding hordes, barbaric, nauseating I feel show more your opinion of these cultures then establish any measurable criteria to ascertain how developed a country is, let alone how civilized a culture is. Maybe I am missing it, but I don’t really see the applicable science in what you say. I see more your opinions though I maybe be wrong in saying that. In what I have read, though limited perhaps, an article such as The measure of civilizations published in the journal of Journal Academic Questions by Springer New York never describe cultures and civilizations in these words.

          I remember the words of Schopenhauer “Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world.” Could it be the case?


          • Dear Dave,

            You’re absolutely correct in noting that HDI, while a rough measure of how “developed” a place is, cannot really be taken as the only measure of “civilisation”. Unfortunately, a term such as “civilisation” is too broad and covers too many topics for it to be calculated on a scientific scale of measurement (for now at least) 😐

            Only recently did we have a way of measuring how developed a place is through HDI. Though it’s not perfect, it does give a decent measure of how developed a place is. May be in the future, we may have someone come up with a measure called HCI (Human Civilisational Index) or something similar, to measure how civilised a place is. And this index would be calculated on a weightage assigned to several factors like HDI, quality of life, worth of a human life, status of women, the levels of crime and corruption, the justice system and laws, access to healthcare and education, socio-economic equality (and the absence of socio-economic barriers), accountable government, treatment of the less-fortunate people, social safety net etc. etc.

            Once we have such an index, we would have a rough idea of measuring how civilised a place is, based on the HCI, just like we use HDI to roughly measure how developed a place is. Then people would understand that a civilisational scale certainly exists and it can be used to measure how civilised a “culture” happens to be. And just like terms like “least developed, developing and developed”, we would have terms like “least civilised, civilising and civilised” 😐

            Strangely, terms like “least civilised and civilising” on a future HCI can be used to diplomatically describe the “cultures” that I refer to as uncouth, barbaric, savage etc. Till then, I’m very sorry for using such crude language 😦

            Let’s face it, the least developed places can give as many excuses as they want, like imperialism, colonialism etc. to divert attention from the real causes. Funnily, when the hypocritical hordes belonging to the uncouth “cultures” talk about imperialism and colonialism, they only talk about the past imperialism and colonialism that they were subjected to. They never mention a word about how they themselves are the imperialists and colonists now, occupying, looting and devastating places their evil empires regard as colonies. Being uncouth hordes belonging to unethical “cultures”, they conveniently ignore their own crimes and instead dish out excuses for their own regressiveness.

            The real causes have to do with things like the “culture”, ethics, societal norms, mindset, superstitions etc. of a place. The less civilised a “culture” is, the harder it will be and longer it will take for it to develop itself, IF at all.

            This is not rocket science but facts that are crystal clear to any neutral observer. Living in perpetual denial, shifting blame, massive brainwashing campaigns are not going to help the primitive hordes belonging to uncouth “cultures”. They need to get rid of their mediaeval, barbaric mindsets and civilise themselves fast 🙂

            Unfortunately, this is not something that’s going to happen in a hurry, IF it ever does, that is. Therein lies the problem 😦

            • Hey Raj

              I can better see your point. However I disagree due to what I have experienced in my own travels and being first generation here in the USA with parents/and family from probably what you would called an uncouth, or barbaric place. Time and time again, I have exprienced as dervish the sheer illusion that is labels and outward appeareances but as you call it, this mystical eperience are a “bubble state”.

              What prompted me to ask you this question was mainly curiosity. Although aside from sheer curiosity, I also looked at the live feed section of the blog and I saw some readers from what you may call /uncouth’ or ‘barbaric’ countries. I was thinking that maybe they might feel a bit insulted as there is no scientific scale or reproducible data to measure how nauseating, barbaric, sub-human, filthy, uncouth they are. Being told you live in a less developed nation is one thing, being told you are part of a filthy, uncivilized barbaric hordes is another.

              The truth of whether a culture is filthy or barbaric, or nauseating is the subject of actual objective scientific investigation which as you have pointed out doesn’t exist yet, and may not due to the subjective nature of filthiness. The science of the time can only talk in terms of levels of development.

              • Dear Dave,

                Thank you for being so kind as to see the point I was trying to make, despite my use of crude, inappropriate (and I shamefully admit, even uncouth) words and phrases to describe several cultures 😳

                Once again, if I offended you/Axinia/anyone else by using crude and inappropriate words/phrases here, then I’m terribly sorry 😦 😦 😦 I feel ashamed of myself for stupidly using such unsophisticated terms 😥

                However, if you mistook me for a paranoid xenophobhe or some kind of hater, then please be assured that it’s not the case 😐 I’m NOT from one of those countries I’d call civilised, and unlike you, I’m no immigrant either (and I have no intention of being one). You may be surprised, but it’s not just some readers, but I too, am from a country that I’d call as uncouth, barbaric etc. (I know I would be hated for saying this, but sadly it’s a fact that simply cannot be denied however hard one may try.)

                I hope you understand that I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but simply stating something as a matter of fact. Though I disagree with you, I respect your opinion about labels and appearances.

                I never meant to use the phrase “bubble experience” with a condescending attitude either 😐 I try to associate the word “bubble” with mystical qualitites in the same sense as you mystics associate the word “illusory” with non-mystical qualities 🙂

                Out of curiosity, if I may ask so, which country are you originally from, and more importantly, what led you to take up mysticism 😕

                • Hey Raj

                  No offence taken here at all. I have just read your comments often and have been curious as to what you mean. We have cultures at every extreme, each with their own idea of truth, their own social communal activities. That diversity to me is what makes things beautiful.

                  However, there are without a doubt certain cultural practices which are objectionable in this day and age, some that deny some basic human freedoms that all men and women should enjoy regardless of social class, skin color etc. This is terrible without a doubt; however I am always fearful that in pointing the finger on these abuses we deny the fact that in all of us there is this potential to harm another. In countries with high HDI there is still exists crime and heinous practices maybe not as widespread thank God but to me this is still significant.
                  I guess for me only when we as a whole first acknowledge and accept ourselves that there is a propensity for this behavior too in all cultures and societies and fundamentally all people, can we approach it from a position not tainted with judgment and be objective enough to be of assistance.

                  My family comes from Haiti, the island nation that just got hit by the earthquake. I was born in NYC about 2 years after my parents left the country due to dictatorship and political turmoil. As far as mysticism goes, I was always drawn towards it since I can remember, luckily I had a great first teacher in my father who spared no expense for my education, even sending me to India when I was 15 to further some of my studies. However after having been on many different paths, I have found what I was searching for as Nimatullahi Darvish.

                  Fraternally always

                  • axinia Says:

                    what a beautiful comment, Dave!
                    Was great to learn more about your background (Raj, thanks for this question 🙂 )

                  • Dear Dave,

                    I’m so sorry to learn of the terrible tragedy that has struck the land of your ancestors 😦 The sheer scale of devastation and suffering shown on the web portals is just mind-numbing 😦 😦 I hope your loved ones are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with the suffering people of your island as they try to recover from this serious natural disaster.

  3. symilano Says:

    Hi AxiniA! i want to share a very good quote that a indian sahaja yogi explained to me with his heart! He said that when we meditate, and we feel vibration well, we enter in a new dimension where we are the center of the universe!
    can u imagine it? i think that as much as we enjoy share and grow in our vibration, we centralize more Spiritual Matter of the universe and things start rotating around us!! we are no more the emptiness of the deep space, but something like stars !!
    goodnight everyone


  4. Axinia, when you write about Spirit as the eternal part of a human being which is in a constant state of joy and light… The part that is always one with the Whole…I remember Pondicherry, an Indian city! Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, two spiritual people lived there and I could feel their state of mind not just in their ashram, but in the hole city Pondicharry. I am agree with you that ” the saints and sages spread their peace not only in the place where they sit, but even in the neighborhood where they dwell; the town or the country where they live is at peace, in accordance with the power of the vibrations they send out from their soul.” When I think about it, I wonder why I didn´t feel the same vibrations in Auroville, the city that The Mother found. Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. The idea is great, but the reality is from what I know is far away from the idea!
    And I want to ask what places and counties with strong spiritual vibrations do you know?
    Good night everyone!

    And because such a person lives in tune with the Universal Spirit, it becomes quite possible to make an impact on Matter.

    • Föhre Says:

      Hello Tatjana, I find it amazing to find someone here who knows Pondicherry and Auroville!
      I totally agree, that Auroville is not what is was “meant to be”.
      I lived there in my childhood for some time, with my family, but we then moved to some small “real” village instead, because we did not like so much the “colonial feeling” of Auroville, where westerners come to live the “life of a king” for little money and where Tamil people seem to be unwanted and only used as cheap workers…
      That is a project of so high potential, but yet, it doesn’t work…

      But I miss India a lot 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Tatjana, thanks.

      India has lots of great places..in fact as soon as I tough the Indian ground, I immediately can feel the breath of Spirit, stronger than anywhere else!

      It does not surprise me that Auroville has not become what it had to be – we are still humans even if we long for the perfection and awakeing of the divinity in ourselves. A spiritula growth is a long, long way, even if we are given all knowledge and tools.

  5. pooyan Says:

    dear Axinia, Put more quote from Hazrat Inayat khan, as he is really a great saint, and whatever he said is the truth, absolute truth.
    thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  6. Princess Says:

    insightful post axinia..
    always your posts inspires me or enlightens me 😀

    thanks friend.

  7. Föhre Says:

    Um mich nicht so aus der Diskussion ausgeschlossen zu fühlen, werde ich von nun an auch auf English posten 🙂

    Again a very beautiful article!
    I do agree that spirit goes beyond matter, that through the spirit, matter can be (more than) influenced.
    And I think, when we try to remember, each of us, even the most materialistic, has to admit, that sometimes things happen, that just cannot be coincidence.
    Common examples: You think of a person, suddenly he/she calls you on the phone, or you run into him/her on the street, you think: “I really need a job…” and suddenly a friend or relative calls: “Hey, aren’t you a graphic designer/ engineer/ veterinarian/ … ? I know of a job for you!”, etc, etc.
    Yes, that really happens and more often than one might think.

    And how does this happen?
    Does it happen, just because we want?
    Well, I think it is more, like we send out vibrations and this vibrations have an effect on both the spiritual and the physical world. The stronger the vibration (for example because it is our honest, genuine, real wish, or because we are in great need), the stronger (or “surer”) the effect.
    I don’t mean it as an egoistical: “I want this, I want that!”, but more as: What do you REALLY want/need at the moment, to help you in your development?

    It is known that everything, even the littlest thing, influences everything else, as we are all connected and not only we people, but everything and everybody, connected through a common source, connected through a common existence and connected through vibrations.

    I think we must never forget, that though our spiritual (and material) actions we don’t only influence our own lives, but the whole world.

  8. leelajesus Says:

    Guys you might like it (specially Raj 😉
    it´s very interesting and very entertaining.

    (in fact it´s the only statistics I have ever enjoyed).

    Enjoy! 🙂

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