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Why only few people are good at sales? July 1, 2008

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Two questions:

1. why it is the sales manager who are the best paid and most desirable?

2. why there is so much job-hopping in sales? Why so many start and give up? And why does the best salesmen become best-sellers themselves?

I was facing this phenomenon for some time and came to a interesting conclusion to sell things is not a natural thing for most of the people! Most of us have a big difficulty already with selling “themselves” – what to say about selling products/ideas/stuff… It is not by chance that sales is often being labeled as a “hard” job.

The deeper reason for it  – my own theory, may be totally wrong – I see it in the general consumerisation. Our real needs are not that many. Most of the things being forced on us  we actually don’t need. If a human being would only buy what he/she needs – there is no need to sell it aggressively: just open a shop and stay behind the bar. Isn`t it so?

One can argue that creating new things is a strong drive in a homo sapience. I agree. However imagine what kind of creativity one can develop or unfold, if we all wouldproduce things that are really benevolent for us? What kind of the world it would be if we would procreate and produce things that are not driven by lust, greed and envy? -which is today`s driving force of economy. We can produce things that are so useful and beautiful, that the need of aggressive sales will simply drop off 🙂

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10 Responses to “Why only few people are good at sales?”

  1. Most people do not want to engage in sales because it is an unethical occupation. Mosts salespeople are pushing products that people do not need and cannot afford. They have quota requirements so they use pressure tactics to meet their numbers. It takes a self-centered and materialistic person to work in that occupation.

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you, johnnypeepers – you made the point.

  3. Nita Says:

    Just adding to what Johnny said – it takes a certain type of personality to be able to sell. In the olden times when there was no consumerism existed, these personalities also existed. They may not have sold anything, but they certainly must have succeeded by selling themselves! I don’t see anything immoral in this. As long as you are hurting others, there is no harm in trying to sell one’s skills. For me it’s hard, and that is why I admire those who can.

  4. Bad Karma Says:

    Perhaps a lot of people have problems being good salespeople because it’s hard to convince people that a product is worth buying. But when a product has a unique personality or soul to it, and you can make sales pitches to people who would consider buying it, then it isn’t so hard. I wouldn’t have a problem convincing you to buy an iPhone over any other mobile phone, and I’m not a salesman.

    Have you heard of bzzagents? Rather than using conventional sales methods, they give products to lay people for free – bzzagents – and then these people try the product out and reflect their honest views about the products and tell their friends. I think honesty is key to being a good salesman – and people will sense that.

  5. Tomas Says:

    I think that the absence off the aggressive sales features the heavenly conditions of the life after the death. The current level of our involvement in the sales of such sort symbolizes our readiness to accept the invitation to come into the heavenly home.

  6. axinia Says:

    @Nita and Bad Karma – I do not mean selling is immoral. I also know some people who are really good at that. In fact, myself I am good enough at selling other people, ideas and also myself :)) But only till the point where the money is not involved!!!
    As soon as one sells from heart and dont think of the intreset/money, it all goes well and sencere… Otherwise money intreset hang like a Domocl sward above your head and the behaviour differs…
    HOnesty is really crucial, in every sphere of life. But even in the case of bzzagents it is not he honesty that works – because these agents feel the “have to” tell others. It is really a differnce thing.

  7. Sales, is like any other profession. There are advantages as well as disadvantages. Initially, it is quite hard to get used to the profession but after a while, you become a professional. Like any other field. Being a sales person (Technical sales) myself, I could say this without hesitation.

    What I like about this job is the amount of responsibility that sales persons are required to handle – They have to create enquiries, make sales presentations, convince the customer over the competition, take the order, coordinate within the internal departments like finance, logistics and service to successfully execute the order and also answerable to his boss, channel partners, vendors, distributors and finally to the most important of all – customers.

    The exposure obtained in this profession to various people and professions and processes is probably the best.

    Destination Infinity.

  8. axinia Says:

    Destination Infinity, thanks for your intresting comment!
    Sure one gains experience and skills, and everything gets easiert. You are also right that as a sales manager one deals with many other people around, one is much connected and depends on agood collaboration. It is also a rather high responsibility. But probably one needs some inborn qualities for that… I worked in different fields till now and I can say that sales is really the hardest. May be it is not that good for women 🙂

  9. I chose sales not because I was good at it. I was extremely bad at that. I never had any in-born qualities that many sales people have. I didnt love money. I didnt like travelling. Infact, I was one of the quietiest person in my classes. I hate being around with a lot of people. In fact, i could have become a very good scientist with the qualities I had back then! I took up these job because I wanted to develop the qualities that I admired with the sales people. I thought, even if I dont become like one of them, I might become much better than what I was. back then. But once I entered, I never faced a threat to my job due to under-performance. In fact, I lost jobs because of over-performance, not the other way(Thats a different topic altogeather).

    But initially, it required a lot of persistance. The people above me had also crossed my stage and hence they gave me time. Only thing they ensured was that I was doing something, and I was taking orders without complaining, which I did. After some time, we automatically learn. I was considered in-par with the “in-born” sales type of people. There are certain dis-advantages to the organization(after giving due credit to the advantages) by employing them. Top management is cleverer than we think, they are.

    There is only one dis-advantage that I feel women might have in this job. They dont take pressure. They over-react or get into their shell. Sometimes, its embarassing for the senior person to pressurize them.(It would be better if the boss of a woman is a woman herself – but it doesnt happen often). But take my boss – he can (and does) fire me freely when my numbers are bad. This pressure acts more like a motivation to perform. I would say it is essentially required. But I have seen successful women in this field, even in a conservative place like South India.

    Destination Infinity.

  10. axinia Says:

    thanks for that intresting perspective, my friend!

    It soulds very convining:) The key-word however you mentioned is: “pressure”, performance pressure. That is what makes the whole thing terrible for many, I guess.

    Another thig – it has been recently prooven that the brokers make the best deals when their testosteron level in blod higher than usual. This hormon, as you know is the “male” hormone, in charge of the agreesiveness and masulinity. What I see is that one really need that for sales… Even women, if they do the job, they becomer harder. Dont you agree?

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