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What is really wrong with capitalism? Or Why I believe in communism. February 23, 2008

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 Capitalism, Neo-Liberalism, Corporatism – call it whatever, I personally have a big difficulty with the kind of a system I live in. One of the reasons for that difficulty can be that I spent my childhood and youth in a society that was not driven by money and consumption (at least not to that extend like in the West). It seemed to me that people  – because they were not that stressed to make money and to spend them – lived happier, enjoyed more and appreciated the human values like friendship, family, creativity.

When I came to live in the West 10 years ago I was most of all shocked by the concept of profit, which seemed to be very natural for people here. Profit, copy-right, interest… It took me years to comprehend the ways and methods of this system. And now, while working as a Sales Manager in the Marketing and PR business (!)  – imagine what I think about all that machine. Day by day, the more I can penetrate into the depth of the capitalism, the more I understand that my personal belief lays somewhere else. May be I am a communist?


I was trying to introspect and understand what is actually irritating me so much? Why does capitalism seem to be so unnatural, unhealthy and even anti-human? There are many critical points that are rather well known. But in my meditation on this topic I got a very interesting answer, which explains everything to me: Capitalism is driven by the weaknesses of the people, not their strength. Lust, greed and envy are the driving forces of the modern consumer-society. And that will never help people to evolve! In Austria (where I live) you cannot sell any product without showing some naked body (interestingly, especially for art gallery-ads they only choose some nude pictures), even to advertise for the yogurt the model should better take off everything. Another recent fact: Every Austrian throws to the bin 40 Kilo of food per year (!!!) – 10% of which is unpacked. Isn`t that mad?

Obviously there is no better system at the moment. But I hope that Humanity will find the right way soon. I slowly start to believe that something like communism (in the true sense of it, not the “models” that we had in the history) will be a benevolent alternative to the capitalism of the modern times. I don´t know much about communism (in fact, they say that even Marx did not really explain much how actually it should work). Apparently he saw it like that:In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.”[22]


Whatever it might be, I desire that the next form of the human social, political, economical, etc. existence will be built up on the strengths of people: collectivity, creativity, solidarity, good will and good heart. I believe that it is possible. But only as a natural evolutionary step. No revolutions, please 🙂

P.S: btw, when I look at the official definiton of communism – it seem to be a prefect society to me: Communism is an economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.


LOVE; axinia


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  1. Nita Says:

    Axinia, even before you wrote this post I had guessed your thoughts. I knew you thought like this…and I understand. What you say is true, capitalism is based on a human being’s inherent weakness…I would encapsulate it as selfishness. But that is why it is the best system because no other system will work. I too wish humans were altruistic but that is wishful thinking. You say that you hope we will evolve to the higher state, but I think that this will sound the death knell of our species. The human species has survived not just because of his brain, but because he can be selfish. If he is not, other species will overtake us. In any case I doubt whether we will evolve to that state as it is not in the best interest of the human race.
    About altruism, what bugs me is when people pretend to be altruistic, like in communist and socialist regimes. It is best to admit what we are and try to work from there.

  2. radha Says:

    I read everything, also the comment above. what Nita said in the last 2 lines it s perfect, i agree totally. we have to admit at which point we are now and wash away all kinds of definitions. Personally i get scared when hearing any-ism. The Chinese people here where I live have only one thing in their mind: to make money. And the closest ones I have show their “love” to me by giving gifts all the time and not even asking how are you today, what have you done in the morning etc. we are becoming superficial, we are all the same and we do not have any realistic idea of how a good society should work. Probably because we never lived in a good one ever. We only tasted something in the place where we grew up (me for example, and you I also read). We are tasting something good also now, it cannot be that we are completely surrounded by mud and fakeness. But what we have to learn is how to face ourselves and our problems, individually and collectively.

  3. axinia Says:

    Hallo, NIta and Radha,thas a lot for your thoughtfull and intresting comments!

    Nita, I did not say that at the core of capitalism is the selfishness, because i did not mean that, though I am aware of that it plays a great role too.
    And this is exactly the point – I believe that selfinshness to some extend IS the driving force of the human evolutions: even our spiritual development we seek because of our personal seflish benefit and interest. It is truly so!

    I am also not speaking about altruism, because I am very much aware that altruism is not evryone´s habit and probably will never become (although there are very interesting researches showing that animals can be completely altruistic without ANY benefit for them)…NO, Altruism is not the thing.
    WIth the next step of the human develpment I meant the way that everyone feels, understands and actually lives that:

    1. It is in my personal intrest that I live healthy (means, NOT driven by lust, greed, envy, etc)
    1. It is in my personal intrest that people around me are happy.

    I know it sounds like a dream, and it is really a long, long way to go. But somehow I cannot imagine that if the humanity will keep up the same capitalist manner, it will survive for centuries… The speed is too high!

  4. steve Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    Putting aside the idea of a golden age of evolved souls for a minute and focusing on capitalism versus communism I think the problem with both systems are not the system itself but the abuse of the system. If a man finds he has an ability to fix a shoe then opens a shop and starts a business to fix shoes to support himself and his family then that is fine and human being should be encouraged to develop their talents in order to sustain a living. This is where communism got it wrong and didn’t live up to the quote in your post because human beings have certain needs for recognition, significance, achievement, creativity, sense of pride and purpose in what they are doing which spurns them on.

    Communism killed self- motivation and creativity, look at what it did to the writers and artists. It killed the basic desire of human beings to express themselves even on an entrepreneur level. There is nothing wrong with being creative or being an entrepreneur per se but American capitalism has turned this basic creative and practical desire/need into something a lot more sinister, rapacious and even in some cases evil. Reagen accused Russia of being the evil empire but what the Americans have done in South America and other places in the world in the name of capitalism is evil. They have encouraged torture and death all over the world in the name of capitalism and so-called freedom.

    The other aspect is that now global corporations have only one M.O. and that is to please shareholders which creates this insane short term strategy where the only concern is to please the analysts with a profitable quarter result and not to ensure the overall good of the employees and even the company for that matter. Unfortunately, the government itself becomes the ultimate enforcer and protector of the system and encourages the anti-social and as you said anti-human aspecs of a system which inherently I don’t think is all that bad.

    Of course this is what happened to communism, it also became ruthless and socialism became anti-socialism. In East Germany they say one out three people were in or spied for the STASI. What sort of insane society is that?! I think Nietzche was right when he said that human beings were driven by a ‘will to power’ and unfortunately when setting up any human system with utopian ideals this dark side of human nature, this ‘will to power’ will rear its ugly head. Of course this also applies to religions, are they not also driven by a will to power which is in direct contradicition to the founding ideals of that religion? I think until we achieve a spiritual utopia then what is workable is a mixture of the two – social capitalism that is controlled and regulated with underlying social systems such as health, housing and education for all but it will definitely be far from perfect.

  5. Juke Says:

    Every day we witness altruism – the emergency and welfare services, the voluntary sector, charities, and countless others work for the wellbeing of others with little or no reward for themselves. Society would collapse if it were not for altruism.

    The problem is that we have allowed the greedy and the selfish to prosper. Our Earth is home to all but we have allowed one person to have a million shares while another has none. Yet no human being works a million times harder or is worth a million times more than another.

    The progress towards a more equitable society is a long one but history shows that progress has been made. It’s not about capitalism vs communism, it is about civilization becoming ever more successful and efficient. With time, it will become more and more evident that the gross inequality and injustice we tolerate today acts against the interests of civilization.

    No-one can know what society will be like in 100 years time, but every small act of kindness and every word spoken out against tyranny helps shape a better future.

  6. axinia Says:

    HI, Steve. I feel very honored with such a long and profound comment, thanks!
    Let me komment on 3 points:

    1. First of all who said that at the Soviet time “Communism killed self- motivation and creativity, look at what it did to the writers and artists.” – the level of art that was there is unfortuntely unreachable now, in so called “new time”. It is a shame, what kind of art you can find in Russia now (mostly rubbish!), looks like ceativity is dead – that was just the opposite in the Soviet times, because people had to cover the meaning and that created very deep and beautiful books and films – that are alrgery UNKNOWN in the West. Same for self-mativation, we had very heroik and amazing people! -Also totally UNKNOWN (good brainwash, thanks to USA 🙂

    2. I wonder why people seem not to check it – although I emphasied it – that the kind of a system we had in the Soviet Union was NOT a Communism, by any means. It was a very funny form of something, and when I write “communism “I definetly NOT mean that system 🙂

    3. Your suggestion for the future looks really good, and I think that most fo the people on this Earth will be happy to live in such a society of “social capitalism that is controlled and regulated with underlying social systems such as health, housing and education for all but it will definitely be far from perfect.” Sounds nice, and it is probably very managable with some good will. But it is still not enough for me 🙂

    @Juke: nice thought! Though I heard that altruists are not that selfless 🙂 – but finally there are really lots of people who do not think in terms of profit, thanks God!

  7. Bad Karma Says:

    Capitalism can be good, when it corporations and people are concerned about the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Profit is not evil; it’s just that the system is unbalanced right now and most organizations only seek profit.


  8. axinia Says:

    Thanks, my friend! interesting idea, but honestly, I believe that profit is not a natural thing. Just look, how normally people react to net marketing or how do you personally react to somebody who just want to sell you something. It is really not that pleasant to communicate with somebody and know that this person actually wants your money (especially if it is hidden!!).
    The trick is, I think because all of you who commented here, you grow up in systems based on profit, and it comes as a natural thing to you. But this is not! – if you have some other experiences like me. Most of the Russians, for example, had to LEARN to think this way. The ones who became rich very fast learned it faster 😉 The rest is still struggling…

  9. eila Says:

    Hello Axinina!
    It is so great pleasure to share opinions like I do now. I agree!!!
    Old American indian has said about western culture, capitalism and so on: ” Big mistake” and I agree.
    Let´s change the world by changing ourselves.

  10. steve Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    I’m sure there was great art in Russia under communism but it was censored. Some writers were sent to Siberia etc. By self-motivation I meant that you couldn’t just start your own business, everything was state run which kills self-motivation. Are you saying this was all US propaganda?

  11. axinia Says:

    HI Steve,

    I hope I will have tipe and chance to give you some correct information on the state of things in the Soviet Union 🙂 You will be surprised!

    As for censored art, that is exactly what I want to say: after the collpas of the Soviet Union nothing was censored any more – and what kind of culture do we have there now? It looks like the deeper things come out under pressure or under certain limits. May be it is a matter of a Russian set of mind, but our people LOVE things that are “hidden”, it makes a special kind of intelect (you can call it Russian Agnia 🙂 That is why the situation now is seen by may as a decadence of art…unfortunately… but it is the fact.

  12. steve Says:

    I’m not saying the opposite is great. You read what I wrote regarding the evils of US capitalism. Read Noam Chmosky – he criticisms of the US are a great read. Very insightful criticisms regarding US foreign policy.

    After the fall of communism it was discovered that these economies were on their knees and one reason was, no one cared. If you believe in the idea, the ideal communism as you might call it then that is different but in the same way that Islam is enforced in Saudi Arabia, communism was forced on the people. If they really had believed and trusted in their own ideology then there would have been no need to prevent people from leaving the country or to construct a whole big brother state to spy on them or to send writers, dissidents etc off to mental wards. In such an ideal communist state people would work because they believe in the greater ideal not because they are forced to believe in the great ideal. They would have been ‘self-motivated’ to work for the greater cause and the reality was that many weren’t, of course no doubt there were some who were still dedicated to the cause up to the very end I assume. Personally I would rather live in a flawed capitalistic consumerist society with all its ills, which you so rightly pointed out, than live in a totalitarian state. I know you are talking about a different communism of course but unless there is a major shift in human awareness en masse that people live by on a daily basis then human beings will exercise their ‘will to power’ and as George Orwell said in animal farm, “some pigs are more equal than others”. Such a perfect society requires a certain humility and egolessness, in fact it is a society of people with a higher awareness beyond the human ideological concepts i.e. it is spiritual, but a living spirituality (not a dead religion) based on higher consciousness as you describe in your other posts. Axinia, this is a very long subject and we could talk for days, still a good way to generate lots of comments for your blog!!!

  13. axinia Says:

    Dear Steve, sure I appreciate you generating comments on my blog, but that was not the original idea of writing this post. I just wanted to share my personal concern.

    You are very right, that I am actually talking about teh amjor shift in the human awareness, which will defientely take time. Lots of time. May be ages together…

    On the other side, there is no point in discussing it now anyway :)) But still I would be happy to have some good talk with such a deep and enlightened personality like you, Steve.

  14. steve Says:

    “Dear Steve, sure I appreciate you generating comments on my blog, but that was not the original idea of writing this post. I just wanted to share my personal concern.”

    I know 🙂

    Well you know at the end of the day what might be the ultimate destroyer of this rapacious capitalism? Mother nature! If the greed is good philosophy continues then due to global warming Mother nature may cause so much damage that it will be beyond the control of any governemt or multi-global organisation to control it. Nature will be the ultimate ‘regulator’.

  15. bobleckridge Says:

    It’s very refreshing to read your views, Axinia. It seems to me that what you are hoping for is nothing to do with “isms” but is to do with people. I love your emphasis on “human values” of family, friends and caring, and also your cry for creativity. I do agree that we are losing a lot with our current global system because the focus in on material things, consumption and, yes, profit.
    There’s good evidence from the field of medicine that the greater the disparity between the well-off and the poor in a society, the greater the amount of illness. It seems it’s not enough to just improve material welfare (although let me be clear, a fundamental human need is survival and the meeting of the material needs to survive)…..people need more than that.
    An interesting BBC programme about longevity (http://heroesnotzombies.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/secrets-of-longevity/) recently looked at quite disparate communities where people lived longer than you’d expect and the one characteristic they all shared was a sense of being connected to something greater than themselves, a sense of community and a sense of purpose or meaning in life.
    I think, for a healthier future, we need to shift our focus from things to humans, from consumption to caring and from profit to purpose.
    Thank you for this post. I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog
    Best wishes from Scotland
    Dr Bob

  16. Tomas Says:

    Good post.
    I just don’t know what to say. Life based on profit looks like … a curse. The “yogurt” stories threaten, question our spirituality . THAT throws down challenge, makes artists to choose : we can either remain faithful to the heart or try to play according the rules of the market. THAT is the test we all are going through, but only the winners enter the honorable silence of the Art Palaces.
    Unfortunately, the toys of the fairy stories awake only in midnights when the logic go to sleep.

  17. axinia Says:

    Tomas, what a great comment!! So beautifully you explained what I feel, you are truly an artist…

  18. There is one proverb in Tamil – “Adhigam aanal amrithamum nanju”. If taken in excess, even the eternal life-sustaining liquid (Amritham) would also become poison, is the approximate translation. Let the capitalists make a lot of money – they would find out the flaws of capitalism then.

    Destination Infinity.

  19. Crystlle Says:

    Excerpt from “The Freedom”
    The Must in Choosing a Good Environment
    Hence you can understand the words of Rabbi Yosi Ben Kasma (Avot 86), who, in reply to an offer to live in another person’s town and be paid for it thousands of gold coins, replied: “Even if you give me all the gold and silver and jewels in the world, I will live only in a place of Kabbalah”. These words seem too sublime for our simple mind to grasp, for how can it be that he has given up thousands of gold coins for such a small thing, as living in a place where there are no disciples of Kabbalah, whereas he himself was a great sage who needed to learn from no one? Indeed a great mystery.
    But as we’ve seen, it is a simple thing that should be observed by each and every one of us. For although everyone has “his own bed”, the forces do not reveal openly but through the environment one is in, much like the wheat sowed in the ground, whose forces do not become apparent, but through its environment, which is the soil, the rain and the light of the sun.
    Thus, Rabbi Yosi Ben Kasma correctly assumed that if he were to leave the good environment he had chosen and fall into a harmful environment, meaning a place with no disciples of Kabbalah, not only would his former concepts be compromised, but all the other forces, hidden in his bed, that he had not yet revealed in action, would remain concealed. That is because they would not be subject to the right environment that would activate them.
    And as we’ve clarified above, that only in the matter of man’s choice of environment, his reign over himself is measured, and for that he is worthy of either praise or punishment. Therefore one must not wonder at a wise man such as Rabbi Yosi Ben Kasma for choosing the good and declining the bad and for not been tempted into material and corporeal things, as he deduces there: “when one dies one does not take with him silver or gold, or jewels, but only good deeds and Kabbalah”. And so our sages warned: “Make a rabbi for yourself and buy yourself a friend”, as well as the choice of books, as we’ve mentioned. For in that alone can one be rebuked or praised, meaning in his choice of environment. But once he’s chosen that environment, he’s at its hands as clay in the hands of the potter. more http://www.kabbalah.info
    From Baal HaSulam – The Freedom

  20. Thanks for linking this post to the other one, Axinia. I completely agree with what you say. I have never lived in anything that resembles a socialist society, and I will never, ever trust a severely flawed and self-contradictory concept such as capitalism . . . I prefer concepts that enrich my heart . . . that is the true wealth as far as I am concerned.

  21. axinia Says:

    beautifully said, Raj..
    I am with you!

  22. Atlantic Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    I Admire your hope. Hope is one of the great gifts that makes life worth living. But because of sin and selfishness (except in the soon to be perfect world) a perfect system can not exist. Your dream sounds more like “heaven” than something within the realm of possibilities, atleast in relation to our time here on this planet. God is not a Capitalist. Neither are any of the many good men on your list of world spiritual leaders. These are great role models, yet unfortunately the large majority of the world does not share theirs or your idealist veiws. Your dream would involve a major shift in values and the utter annihilation of selfishness. Addmit it or not we all have selfish natures which only the spiritual can change. The things that motivate our selfish natures are not love for each other or world peace. Therefore a perfect system can not exist and function within a corupt society any more than a corupt society can function within a perfect society. And since this world can not be perfect without devine intervention we must then meet somewhere in the middle between selfishness and higher standards, giving every man and woman the freedom to choose good or evil, just as it was in the begining. It is sad however, that the system which works best within our our world is the thing that will ultimatly distroy us, but such is the life with sin.

    Yes, your hope for someday will absolutely come true but perhaps not in the way you might think. Axinia, I sincerly hope there are many who would choose to live in your world!

    By the way, what did you think of my comment on “2012: only four years to get ready for the Doomsday.” Any thoughts?


  23. axinia Says:

    you know I appreciate your comments very much! And will definitly answer the one on the Doomsday.

    I am a dreamer what you call it, it is true… but I cannot help it, my nature! 🙂
    Human beings are selfish, you are right. In fact it is the selfishness that makes them to spiritual people after all, because to seek spirituality, the desire to know God is a matter of a personal satisfaction (the highest type of a satisfaction I would say).

    However I know that at the core of the human nature there is a garden of flowers – many beautiful qualities and they are always there. They can be kind of covered with coulds, but the could amy go away…Profit is NOT among them. Money-making is not – I am convinced and no one can tell me another! What people really like is love and attention, and this can not be bought.

    I noticed that people who grew up in the capitalistic system (even if they are spiritual) mostly can not imagine the world to exsist withtough all that stuff… But it is only because they never experienced a society where money have never been put that high as they are in a capitalistic system. I am lucky enough to be able to compare. And I am lucky enough to be a dreamer 🙂

  24. […] be if we would procreate and produce things that are not driven by lust, greed and envy? -which is today`s driving force of economy. We can produce things that are so useful and beautiful, that the need of aggressive sales will […]

  25. Ali Says:

    Hi guys, I want to congratulate you because you have been able to discuss an important and controversial issue in a respectful way, everyone displaying his/her points of view without meaning to hurt anyone or forcing anyone to change views. Just to add that it is also my concern the way the current economic system is being driven. I live in Canada but immigrated from a self-declared “Socialist” and at times even “Communist” country: Cuba. I do not believe at all Neoliberalism is the solution to so many problems that are making life not sustainable on Earth but I have experienced the “experiments” or Socialism attempts in the country where I came from and believe me, every single word that STEVE said in the 4th comments is true. Both extremes are simply not good choices to build a better society. I just hope we humans find an equilibrium.

  26. axinia Says:

    Dear Ali,
    many thanks for your input, it is intresting indeed. Cuba is a good example how it should NOT work, you are right…

    I share you hope for the better solution, and hopefully in our life times 🙂

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  29. Rolf Henrich Says:

    Hello Axinia, Steve, Ali and Bobleckridge
    I feel like you, Axinia, but agree to the views of Steve, with the self regulating planet, with Ali that we shouldn’t be imposed anything, and Bobleckridge about what values we really want to live with and for.
    I think we need to accept that any system based on constant growth is doomed to fail, no matter what name you give to it, once resources and geographical space is and will be forever limited. Multiplying like rats expecting the world population to grow like a fungus consuming everything in his path should also be taken in consideration, we got a head to think which differently of the other animals give us the capability to forecast, and as far I know we are already consuming the resources of the future generations. No matter what name you give the systems if it is not based in “common” values and objectives, locally managed (decentralised) there is little hope of anything working.
    Try to have a look at PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) on Google, may be what you are looking for.
    The Majority of humans will only shift their minds when shaken out of their comfort zones by recession, depravation, pain and suffering, unfortunately.
    The most important of all, I think, is trying to live whatever you believe, just talking, reading and discussing about things, the majority of us is already doing, by being hypocritical on our everyday lives. Put it to practice! It is only trough example that you can change people’s souls and is only trough admiration that you achieve real respect.
    Good luck.

  30. axinia Says:

    Rolf, Henrich, thanks for your very intresting and profound comment!

    You say “The Majority of humans will only shift their minds when shaken out of their comfort zones by recession, depravation, pain and suffering, unfortunately.” – It is intresting what I am watching right now in connection with the crisis that suddenly many peoply start thinking what od they REALLY need, and coming to the conslusion that to lead a normal life one does not need much 🙂 A simply relisation…

    I also agree that it is only our own example “to live whatever we believe” is able to change anything…and I personally do it – whatever is written on this blog I acutally LIVE.

  31. anthony Says:

    you’re a moron-you don’t make a single valid or thought-out point in this article

  32. Niki Says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia
    I just happened to stumble upon this blog
    Axinia, I love your thoughts, and also admire & respect it a lot
    since I myself am a ‘dreamer’ type too 🙂

    Perhaps many people would view our thought & idealism as the ‘naive, childish’ one, but I (we) know that every great things on this Earth used to be an ‘impossible dream’ at first.
    I strongly believe that humanity is still, and always evolving. And it’s not only physiologically/physically, but perhaps more important than ever, as you’ve also witnessed in the seemingly ‘transitional change of views’ among the current young generations especially, is the ‘spiritual evolution’, to become the “better, kinder, more humane human beings”, rather than the mere greedy animals or beings.
    No, humans have more capacity than being just ‘greedy animals’.

    And what Rolf Henrich said in his comment is true, that majority (not saying all) of humanity are usually ‘foolish’ enough to realize, that often times, only through pains & sufferings that they will realize *something* needs to be fixed, or they’ll keep suffering and eventually die!
    It is sad of how majority of people in our post-modern society are so blinded by materialism & greed-fulfillment that only very few that think like you do, Axinia.

    But then again, I also agree with Rolf’s last sentence that “it is only trough example that you can change people’s souls and is only trough admiration that you achieve real respect”.
    As long as we’re still living & breathing, any CHANGE, no matter how small it is, is still a CHANGE, and it’s always better than nothing at all.

    So keep your ‘dreamer’ spirit, in fact, I really believe in this ‘broken, corrupt, materialistic’ world, our world needs more dreamers type of people.
    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” ~ John Lennon, Imagine.

  33. jacques mesrine Says:

    Capitalism is bad. Corporations should just go to hell. They are just trying to make a profit and improve their standards of living by screwing the poor people over from the world. For example, I recently heard KROQ radio in Southern California that people in China who make iPads for distribution to the US work 15 hour days in dormitories inside the building 6 days a week. They only get paid about $150 a month. How tragic is that? Some have tried but failed to commit suicide. To change the subject, what I hate most about ads in tv are the emotional impact it is supposed to have on people to force them to buy the product. I guess greed, lust and egocentrism are valuable tools to utilize and brainwash the masses. But what really surprises me is the overwhelming stupidity of Americans. I myself am embarassed to be represented by people like that. Please read 1984, learn about the history of this great nation before big business, WW2 and learn a different language. Hopefully it won’t become a problem. On the contrary, I always want to communicate with Americans that have ideas to share, and hopefully I can participate as well.

  34. greg Says:

    What we need is smaller government, less taxes and laws that stop corporations abusing their size and power. And the total banning of all lobby dollars into politics. We also need a common set of values or spirituality within each nation state at least or continent in the cases of the US and Europe and similar.

    If there was a truly level playing field then you would see a fairer society. But at the heart of this is morality and upbringing. There are children near me here in the UK who are neglected and play on the streets all day. It is very hard for such people to self-acquire the morals and discipline I’ve been gifted by my parents. As parents they’ll tend to neglect their own children (on the average). You cannot pass on or give, what you’ve never possessed.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you greg, totally agree on the last point of children. Not sure about what we really need though, I mean the current system as it is will not work any more, not evern in its softest form.

  35. Sarah Says:

    the problem with Communism is that it’s a perfect government for perfect people, who unfortunately don’t exist. It sounds good in theory, but doesn’t work in reality. It puts alot of power in the hands of the state, which basically control everything, and it puts alot of faith in that they won’t abuse their power and act fairly to the people. Unfortunately, that rarely happens (whether the government is communist, fascist, an empire, a dictatorship, a monarchy, when a few people get their hands on that much power they tend to abuse it.)
    Another built in problem with communism that it puts alot of faith for the common people that they will work their hardest despite not being rewarded for it because the government distributes money evenly no matter what. For example If I work at a factory for $5 an hour and work exceptionally harder than my coworkers, I’ll still receive $5. On the flip side if I slack off and don’t do jack I will still get $5. In a perfect world, everyone would work hard for the betterment of a collective society, some maybe would, but unfortunately there are alot of lazy selfish people in this world. I’ll admit myself that I wouldn’t work as hard if I knew that no matter how hard or little I worked I’d get the same amount. It’s like taking a test and whether you study or not, all the kids will earn an automatic B. This is why the few countries that are still communist often need foreign aid. It’s also the reason communist china has been switching to a free market recently. Again this doesn’t apply to everyone, some will work hard no matter what, however there will be plenty who don’t and it’ll ruin the economy for everyone else. Because there are people who work jobs that they can’t be rewarded in, they’ll end up making crappy products, simply because they’d get the same if they made high quality products, ruining the economy. This actually a big reason why the Soviet Union fell.
    One the other side of the spectrum, pure capitalism doesn’t work as well. Capitalism is often compared to survival of the fittest, almost like a game. However, most do not realize that you’re not supposed to win survival of the fittest. Let me explain using the nature example. In nature, things are run on a complex, yet delicate food web that keeps everything balanced and in order. If one species became extremely more successful that other species in its environment, that species would quickly become overpopulated. In turn, since there’s over population now they use up the resources they eat to stay alive. Because of that, other species that depended on that resource would go extinct and the delicate food web is destroyed. Inevitably the over populated species would go extinct because their resource is gone. In the Business world, this happens when monopolies occur, when one company has “won” an entire industry like steel or oil. The United States has not been a pure capitalist or “lassiez-faire”(where there is no government interference with industry and survival of the fittest is in affect) economy since the late 1800’s with the great monopolies of Rockefeller and Carnegie and more big business names. In a lassiez-faire capitalistic society, having a monopoly is ideal however it means that everyone else in that industry you have a monopoly in business will fail. It also means that there are a few people with a lot of money and power and a lot of people with very little, and the ones with a lot of money and power can easily keep it that way. Today’s American economy is capitalistic, but there are government regulations to prevent monopolies (you think capitalism today is difficult to live with, try late 1800 America!) and while survival of the fittest still stands, it’s hard to actually win. However people’s greed and desire to be successful drives competition in industry. The competition results in better products because everyone wants to outdo one another and attract consumers and make money. If you fail in one product, usually you can comeback around if you are able to make a better product When we’re able to keep the balance, the economy actually thrives.
    So in conclusion, I’m not going to berate you how communism is evil and capitalism is so much better, because in reality there is no perfect system that will not have any flaws or hiccups. That’s life. However I do think the system that the US has now is more realistic and works better than communism.

  36. Sarah Says:

    Sorry that was so long haha
    And for the profit thing, sure its natural, animals work for profit to stay alive, you’re only thinking of profit in monitary terms though.
    Say a poor non-industrial corn farmer who farms only to feed himself and family plants some corn and works really hard to produce lots of corn. The results of his labor is the profit. Even if he doesn’t sell the corn, its still considered profit, because it is a valuable output of his valuable input (his hard work)
    Same can be applied to fishing hunting, etc.
    Of course we don’t farm or hunt for our food anymore, so money comes into play

  37. Ryab Says:

    A free market is based on human nature and instinct. Other systems like communism are managed by a central governing body. To accept the latter, you are willing to accept a forceful governing body and forgo your individual freedom and rights. There’s no other way around it. You cannot change human nature, we have to want to be benevolent, we can’t be forced to be benevolent (that wouldn’t be benevolence!).

    If you don’t trust corporations, the wealthy or powerful people in the private sector, why would you trust bureaucrats to make things better? They’re still people with the same instincts and the same motivations in life. People act on impulse and are motivated by certain things. Trying to regulate an economy and a belief system is unnatural and will never work.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Ryab, BENEVOLENCE is the right word, thanks. That is the point of my whole belief actually – communism or whatever you can call it will comes as an evolutionary step when people on the whole will come to the desire of mutial benevolence.

  38. Ryab Says:

    “the problem with Communism is that it’s a perfect government for perfect people, who unfortunately don’t exist. It sounds good in theory,”the problem with Communism is that it’s a perfect government for perfect people, who unfortunately don’t exist. It sounds good in theory”

    By stating that something is perfect in theory but imperfect in practice, you are admitting to ignorance on the subject as any true understanding would take into consideration the theory in practice.

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