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They call it a lifehack August 20, 2012

They call it a lifehack: As you know, lifehacks are anything that is a solution to an everyday problem, frustration, etc.

Meditation is a true lifehack because it makes you feel good every day and sets free the hidden powers within.

The next big thing is that it gives you a knowledge how to manage difficult situations easily, and even improves your health improves your and relationships with people.

On top of it, a meditation practice makes you an admirable and attractive and that makes you succeed easily in anything you want (studies, jobs, people).

People who practice meditation over years have notices several advantages meditation brings into the daily life management:
Fist of all, your attention improves. A sharper attention allows you to grasp ideas easier, you just put your attention on to some subject, and you can understand the depth of the matter and notice the facts much easier than usual. The fact is that people who meditate need less time to lean any difficult subject compared to others.
Meditation can definitely make you more balanced and happy. People will love being with you! You’ll get more chances. Everyone welcomes you and is eager to assist and recommend you. 
The meditation practice gives you a fantastic ability to see things how they are, beyond any mass media brainwash. The knowledge of how and why things really happen gives you a better insight into the global processes of modern society as well as your own life. You become truly efficient and can manage a solid stuff at a short time.

As the popular saying goes: DON’T VEGITATE, MEDITATE!

useful links: freemeditation.com


4 Responses to “They call it a lifehack”

  1. Rob Says:

    Avoiding “mass media brainwash” is key, I think. Meditation allows us to really re-evaluate and re-think what’s really important in life.

    “Don’t vegitate, meditate!” – Exactly!

  2. Thanks Axinia, That is a wonderful post. I definately believe in meditation and learning. I have never heard of lifehacks, but it is definately something I desire. Truth and meditation are great lifehacks I think 🙂


  3. draupadi16 Says:

    Ich kann Deine Ausführungen nur bestätigen. Meditation bereichert das Leben, stärkt und erweitert die Intuition, löscht Schuldgefühle, ermöglicht VERZEIHEN und dadurch ist jeder Tag ein wunderschöner Neubeginn… Alles Liebe von Draupadi.

  4. I think u guys are right meditation has shown lots of beneficial and healthful benefits on our body and mind. If I m not wrong everyone can do it meditation at anytime and anywhere!, Almost all age groups now take an active interest in it.

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