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Which element is your voice? October 21, 2010

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An interesting definition of human voice is given by Sufi saint Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is true that our voices change according to a situation, although mostly it has one and the same melody, note or an element -as the saint depicts:

“There are five different qualities of the voice, which are connected with the peculiar character of the person.

The earth quality of the voice is hope giving, encouraging, tempting.

The water quality is intoxicating, soothing, healing, uplifting.

The fire quality is impressive, arousing, exciting, horrifying; at the same time it is awakening, because very often warning is given in the voice of the fire quality. The use of the words ‘tongues of flame’ in the Old Testament is narrative of that voice and word which were warning of coming dangers. It was alarming for the people to awaken from their sleep, to awaken to a greater consciousness, to a higher consciousness.

Then there is the air quality of the voice. It is uplifting, raising a person, taking him far, far away from the plane of the earth.

And the ether quality of the voice is inspiring, healing, peace giving, harmonizing, convincing, appealing; at the same time it is most intoxicating.”

Read more about human Voice here.

LOVE, axinia


9 Responses to “Which element is your voice?”

  1. swaps Says:

    Plus the forgotten voice 😛

    (I think yours is ‘water’.)

    • axinia Says:

      thank you, dear 🙂 I wish it were ether…
      but the question was about YOUR voice 🙂

      • swaps Says:

        You know a fact? A person cannot hear his own voice 🙂

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          with recording media it is possible….
          Swaps you know in educational technology a student teacher has to take lesson of micro teaching. A micro teaching is small teaching (20 min) for small group(5-6). It should be preplanned and delivered very effectively. It is recorded. Afterwords retrospective study is done by many times viewing that CD by oneself,peers and experts and evaluation is done and changes are suggested to improve delivering quality of subject matter. your pitch,tone quality of voice, pronunciation,mannerism, effect on group, every thing is taken in considerations.
          If It that is not possible at least one should stand in front of mirror and speak loudly and observe oneself …..

        • axinia Says:

          yes, it’s true. at least not correctly..but still similar!

    • axinia Says:

      Vova says mine is more like the air….:)

  2. I guess mine varies widely according to the situation.

    But… I believe many would only want to associate mine with the element of fire and I would not be surprised by that at all 😐


  3. mahesh chendake Says:

    interesting discussion … cool n lite, raj n swaps!!!
    but what about once inner voice which person can listen himself only when he is in position to listen ( Balanced State)?
    When we say your vishudhi is affected it means any of these element is affected !! it is interesting? just check it and clear it just like our foot soaking a spiritual bath or “allah o Akabar” as it is suggested earlier or any new idea you have?. once it is told from vashi hospital that read/speak “atharvashirshya” putting hand on vishudhi.
    What should be your spiritual voice? Is is mental voice/ inner voice spoken outwardly and not just reaction for any thought or action, for spiritual uplifting of society? or your true wish to convey anything to anybody and spoken in any language including body language. Some time we say different thing and our body convey different thing, I think we lose spirituality there.
    Many time it is my own feeling that this is not, what I want to say exactly,still I goes on speaking an official language, there i think we loose spirituality in voice. for eg . etiology of diabetes -I wish to explain what Mother has told but I cant and goes on explaining what books have given.
    Axinia, What I feel, I can hear ( It s personal feeling…… and being kept connected….) yours means everybody’s voice written over here and it is never in one element including you, everybody’s written voice have all the element ,I experienced it time to time….. still there is definite wish to hear everybody’s voice ….may be in all element depending on situation because I find my self connected to those all, not only you and shows concern ( attach with collective consciousness….? )
    trained voice which we hear or try to train oneself to speak, in corporate language/meetings /classrooms, is many time loose spirituality if it is not original means not from once own spirit.

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