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I am a blog-mama! May 22, 2008

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Once upon a time one lady-researcher introduced blogging to me (thanks God, it was WordPress that I learned). Since then I have been badly into blogging – increasingly.

I started with the idea of emancipating women from emancipation (Shaktipower) and then realised that I can/want actually keep more than one blog – because there is much more I want to share.

Intrestingly, my feeling of a blog in the beginning was like of a home where I invite people to be my guests and to share with me the delight of life… I even wrote a post on that – The sense of Blogging. Some more time passed and I noticed that my attitude to blogging changed – now I feel blogs are like my babies 🙂 I feed them with new content, check their health (stats and comments), take care of their looks and of their friends… A very parential attitude, isn`t it?

It has been 1,5 years since I startet blogging and the number of my babies increased considerably. Today there are 6 of them:







I post there differently – at 1000petals and 2 photoblogs – almost every day, the rest – once a month or so.

There are also 2 blogs that I started and share posting with friends:



Some months ago I realised that a blog is a perfect tool for the event-marketing and successfully used the concept for attracting more people to a certain event (placing relevant information and news + photos from the previous event). This has been a great experience! (for private reasons I do not display the link here). One more blog I have just finished creating – it is aimed to raise funds for one beautiful garden.

Another possibility is the aftermath-photoblog 🙂 Instead of sharing the event-photos on one of the platforms like flickr, boxnet or picasa it is much more elegant to present the participants a beautiful photoblog (Thanks to WordPress für Monotone!!!) where every photo comes up with more dignity because of the chameleon frame.

Apart from that amazing blogging experiences I have given free blogging courses and mentoring to at least 20 persons.

There are also bloggers who apparently have been inspired by my blogging art and startet blogging themselves. These are:












there are probably some more  – sorry if I forgot anyone.

Now imagine why I feel liek a blog-mama!

The logical question you can ask – where do I take time for all that? I don’t really know. I have a stressful manager-job and a couple of social projects… But somehow it works I guess it is the matter of desire. Or a mission? My practice of Sahaja Yoga gives me lots of power as well.

Anyway I have my limits too and I know that I may not dedicate to blogging more than that. And probably the time will come when I will stop blogging. May be. But presently I enjoy the process so much – also because it is much more than just blogging. I guess, you know what I mean 🙂

LOVE, axinia





19 Responses to “I am a blog-mama!”

  1. I guess you are similar to Nita, Axinia, when it comes to helping other bloggers. She was the person who introduced me to the blogosphere and I was inspired to take up blogging after reading her posts. Now I have become addicted to blogging. Sometimes, I spend more time on my blog than what I should but I’m having fun! 🙂

  2. Bad Karma Says:

    Do these 2 factors apply to you?
    1) Not having any children to take care of
    2) Not requiring 8 hours of sleep?


  3. Nita Says:

    So many blogs Axinia! Well, if you do so many then its likely that you will give up a few at least.
    Raj, thanks, but I feel I havn’t done anything really!
    Axinia, I think its great that you are so involved in the blogging world and I hope you never give up. When you came here you told me something about how at work they encourage you to read blogs…I think thats great! At other work places they ban blogs!

  4. Nita Says:

    p.s. in today’s post I have used the maps!

  5. Bala Says:

    Even I am a big fan of your blogs 🙂
    Good job …keep going.. keep growing

  6. axinia Says:

    thank you, my dear ones.
    Another factor I forgot to mention (thanks Nita for reminding) is that reading blogs is indeed a part of my work 🙂 – I am working in the media-monitoring company.

    Answering to Bad Karma:
    1.indeed I dont have children yet (i want them a bit later), and that is definetly a serious factor! 🙂
    2.I require a 8 hour sleep very much!!! – bei I mostly sleep 7 hours…woudl like to have 9 🙂

    Another good and importan reason is that I do not blog on cost of my marriage – in fact, it is just the opposite! My husband became a blogger too and evenings, when we do not go out, we blog (we rejected TV for a long time) – that is much fun and a great hobby to have togther. Same thing with the photgraphy – we startet with photosgraphy because of blogging and we both shoot for our blogs 🙂 Importat: two cameras and two laptops are a must for such a family-hobby 🙂

  7. Michael Says:

    Go on Blog-MAMA! Oh Jeah 🙂

  8. steve Says:

    Keep on blogging in your unique and positive style Axinia! Love, Steve

  9. Yo Says:

    Blog-on! (and thanks for the inspiration, Axinia)

  10. vishesh Says:

    lol,wow! i got all my blogs into one ,because of the time needed to maintain them all between my studies 🙂 gr8 work 🙂

  11. axinia Says:

    right, seen this way this 1000petals blog is representig most of my blogs, all in one (exept the German and the Russian one because of the language)… but I really like to keep them all different, bacause each one is very speical and hat ist own readers…

    thanks, anyway 🙂

  12. Atlantic Says:


    You should know, I’m not much of a blogger, unlike most of your readers. Infact computers are not all that familiar to me. Yours and “The Real Truth” are really the only ones that I’ve been reading. Thanks for guiding here! I really love the diversity and the exchange of ideas. I also hope you’re aware that I appreciate all of your hard work.


  13. Karrine Says:


    Your blog is great!

    I would love to see your blog listed at HerBlogDirectory.com

  14. axinia Says:


    thanks a lot, that is a great honor for me and I appreciale your attention and thoughtful comments!

  15. draupadi16 Says:

    Dear Axinia!
    In February you invited us to a Blog-Course. I came well prepared with a recipe and fotos in my mailbox. It was like music of future for me. And really, as I wrote and created the first Blog I felt the freedom of an actor – like a bird in the sky. A new door has opened in my life!
    Thank you a lot! Draupadi.

  16. klohn82 Says:

    Wow, so many blogs – I guess you become more and more addicted to blogging the longer do this. Which is good, because I have not been doing it for a long time yet ;-).

    Anyway, I understand that there is not much going on in TV that you wouldn´t get to know via the Internet, but I like it because of some live (sports-)events I like to watch und and other things you wouldn´t easily find online (at least, up to now not in good viewing quality + when it is broadcast + for free).

  17. axinia Says:

    thanks, klohn82 🙂
    yes, blogging is an addiction – but as I have no other addictions (I dont smoke or drink, etc.) I can folling this nice one!

    Sure, TV has lots of useful stuff, but for me personally it is not intresting any more. Somehow since I dont have it, I never miss it 🙂

  18. […] mentioned in the “I am a blog-mama”post I love to support people who want to start blogging. Since I started two years ago the number […]

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