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Let me introduce you – An Everlasting Smile Blog October 19, 2008

Smile…..an everlasting smile…..

As mentioned in the “I am a blog-mama”post I love to support people who want to start blogging. Since I started two years ago the number of my blog-trainings keeps increasing. Normally I meet up with a person for that. Later we discuss the development over telephone.

But the case with Sahaja was very different. She was a blog-reader, and then felt like starting her own blog and asked me for the guidance. I never met her and actually never seen even a photo of her before that… But her innocent comments and very sincere way of communication touched me so much that, despite of my very limited time I wanted to help her to start blogging (over email and chat).

And now, I am proud to introduce you her wonderful, very personal and very special blog   – “Smile…An everlasting smile…”. I love her honest sharing of experiences and feelings about her life as a young Indian immigrant in UK. I love ther distinctive style with exclamation marks and pure emotions…

Apart from her brilliant writings, Sahaja has also started a photoblog Miriad Colours of Life, which is so lovely and sweet.

Good job, girl! keep it up!


LOVE; axinia


3 Responses to “Let me introduce you – An Everlasting Smile Blog”

  1. Thank you for your advise!

  2. Sahaja Says:

    Ohhh That was Lovely Axinia!!! Indeed very lovely!!

    Thanks a lot for all the support you gave me……I mean it!!
    As I told you, its very different in being a reader to being a blogger…..It gives a lot of understanding of the topics on which one posts….It also gave me a different perspectives on issues….And mainly one of the most important thing is getting to know good people around……feels really good…I think I have made a few friends already……..and now that mine is on your blog, i can expect indirect coaching through the wonderful friends you made 🙂
    I was a bit surprised to know that you generally are not used to give tips online, but you were really helpful, helpul enough to make a person like me start a blog 🙂
    You truly are an inspiration, not only to me but also many others!!

  3. axinia Says:

    thank you, dear Sahaja!
    I am glad I could help you a bit. Blogging is a never-ending story, there is always somethig new and fascianting to learn about it. enjoy! 🙂

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