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Do you think I shall make a book out of this blog? April 4, 2012

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I am blogging since 5 years already and this blog has almost 800 posts so far…quite a collection! I received a suggestion by a friend to make a book out of this blog. Honestly I was never thinking about it. But why not?

1000petals  blog is so diverse, so many topics and pictures… what kind of book shall it be?

On the other hand, as far as I understand what people like most about this blog is my experiences and philosophical observations through my spiritual life. If I would make it a book concept then it shall be quote personal… – it is a good idea then?

Please comment if you really think this will make sence 🙂




My 5 years of blogging! March 10, 2012

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How time flies…I started blogging 5 years back! And I am still here 🙂

although I have been less active last year because of my baby, I am happy to be able to post at least once or twice a week.

And I am happy to still be able to find nice topics for my readers and to share my observations with you.



Showers of LOVE to everyone!

yours, as ever



Will crisis boost blogosphere? February 9, 2009

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Everyone seems to blog… everyone?? No, there is still a great potential for blogging to spread around the Earth – and the great current crisis seem to be the driving force.

The print media business is experiencing serious difficulties and the readers switch to the online media. And  – suddenly they find themselves slipping into the blogosphere. Once tasted blog-reading one can hardly leave it. The authentical experiences of people taste crunchy and one gets easily addicted. One becomes a blog-reader and then one day, at some point one finds  himself/herself blogging!

Being the cheapest and most authentic form of information services, blogging will definitely boost this year.

 At least some positive  outcome of the crisis. 




Finally – a proper photoblog February 5, 2009

Upon request of my friends I have made a new photoblog with my best pics from the last 2 years, since I started that addictive hobby 🙂

Here is the link, you can enjoy the photos without any text and context!


Please note that there is NO COPY RIGHT on any of these photos, so feel free to use them, also without credits or links.

The foretaste:

LOVE, axinia


How to become happy November 29, 2008

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My another experience based observation on happiness: the fact that one feels happy and the “amount” of it depends on the mere amount of love one gets /the number of people one is loved by.

Quite some time ago I discovered for myself that the only quest everyone is after is the quest for love. Sure we want to have health and wealth too, but generally it is the LOVE that is really fulfilling and gives the delight of happiness.

Being a happy person on my own, I recently made another discovery – that the happiness can actually grow bigger and bigger! And that is, in direct proportion with the number of people we are loved by, or the intensity of that love.

Since my heart expanded a bit more and I started loving people easily (why and how see my post “Pouring love down is so exciting!” here), I get so much love back from everywhere that I even don`t know what to do with it… It is so overwhealming and beautiful, that sometimes I feel like crying!…

Every single person that gets even a bit of my loving attention, is eager to love back! I feel that people are just thirsty for someone to love them. (more…)


Are you an Idealist? November 20, 2008

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If you are reading this post – you are most probaly an idealist.

If you are my reuglar reader – you are for sure an idealist.


Love and keep your ideals high up!



Spontaneous Tag November 13, 2008

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I was tagged by Sahaja with her own so called “Spontaneous Tag”: There are certain times in your day-to-day life when you do/react/answer to things spontaneously. There are times when they become utterly disastrous and times when they actually turn out to be awesome.

My answer will be also very spontaneous, but probably very common to many bloggers – at least every second blogpost is the totally spontaneous one! 🙂

What I mean is there are some posts, that come into my mind and have to dwell there for some time, while I am looking for more information on the topic.

But mostly my posts are very spontaneous, like the ones from yesterday on the female film role  – I just do something and the brilliant idea strikes me “yes! let’s post it” 🙂

I would say this blogging experience is a very creative and relaxing one (because when we act spontaneously, IT IS RELAXING). (more…)


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