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The top secret of success February 21, 2007

 image by a4gpa

Children are the most successful of us all, for  they succeed to be loved just for what they are!

“What are boys and girls made of?” – goes a song from my childhood. Yes, what are they made of?

I guess, the incredible sweetness and magnetism of a child`s nature is a great mixture of innocence, wisdom, spontanety and pure heart.  These qualities are manifested through two simple but genius ways:

  • a child is joy-giving
  • a child enjoys everything

How many of us, adults have preserved these miraculous features?

Being joy-giving does not mean one should laugh and smile every minute (but it comes out naturally more often, when you are joyful). The enjoyment and a pure joy of a heart is not what the mass-media is selling. It has not much to do with the body…

Enjoying everything makes life incredibly easy and makes you a winner in every situation.  Let´s say, someone is angry.  You look at that person and just see how ridiculous he/she is in this fury, or how perfect the expression of anger is or how funny that would look in a film…

The only thing is, I guess one can not learn it in any class.

No physiotherapist or trainer would be able to teach you that.

Only your spirit.

LOVE, axinia


15 Responses to “The top secret of success”

  1. Eric R Ward Says:

    Excellent blog with some very insightful observations. Also, thanks for attributing my photography work 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    Thanks, Erik! I was happy to find your work at flickr, and this photo of two girls is so full of sweetness!
    I notice that people go from photo links to the flickr site faster than from other liks in the text – hope to be a good promotion for you 😉

  3. dio Says:

    Even seeing this image is a joy.

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  8. tatushka55 Says:

    If I could leave you a Phot in comments I would make you smile once again.
    The photo would be of my little 2 years old niece “DEA”
    She is something :love: you can never get angry with her 🙂
    And this really makes her very successful, everybody loves and idolize her.

  9. Sahaja Says:

    I might seem to be boasting….but I feel, I fall into that category! I seriously wish I would stay like this through life’s ups and downs 🙂 ……People keep asking me, how can you enjoy everything, there are people who say that I dont know what I like thats why I enjoy…..and there are people who say I am ignorant so I dont really see the consequence! I did not know how to explain to them and say, No its not anything to do with that, its just my personality and cant change it!! You have expressed this soo well, now I know how to answer if someone asks me questions!!

    And ya, awesome pics 🙂 esp the first one!

  10. Sahaja Says:

    And ya, I feel you are like that too….I can connect with you so much because of this basic nature 🙂 what do u say?

  11. Deepa Says:

    How beautifully you have captured the innocence of children,the purest forms of humans on this planet. Most of us grown ups are also like that when we are alone enjoying others and ourselves. Then we forget and get back to thoughts, reactions and resentments. If we were at that stage once then we have not lost it. We just need to get back there and enjoy.

  12. mani Says:

    very true.only by being the spirit we can enjoy every moment of life .I wish every body can reach that state 1 day

  13. Cute little ones! They seem to be having a whale of a time 🙂

    Children can indeed radiate joy at times.

    I would not call all of them little angels, though. I guess it depends on the way they were brought up as well as the reason they were born in the first place.

    A spoiled brat can be an embarassment for its parents. Spoiled brats grow to become adults with the emotional intelligence quotient of a rotten vegetable.

    The uncouth hordes of the semi-civilised parts that breed kids by the dozen don’t do a favour to anyone with their irresponsible parenting either. Since they are bred like mosquitoes, their EQs and behaviour also tallies with those of blood sucking, disease causing mosquitoes.

    I wouldn’t say wisdom is a part of the nature of a child, any child. That’s because their minds are highly impressionable and incapable of identifying the crap in the things that are drilled into them. That’s why the scum beings 👿 in the political and bureaucratic establishments (whether in the First World or the Third World) always try to get a vice-like grip on the education system, to turn innocent children into voracious boot-licking slaves. It’s a pity that most Third Worlders cannot even realise this while First Worlders are resisting the evil plans of the criminals by home-schooling their children in ever-increasing numbers.

  14. Chakravarthy Says:

    nice one… I know a person who resembles this.. who as preserved this nature for the last 24 years.. I used to wonder how she can be like that… for most of us are conditioned and tampered by the society…

  15. jpenstroke Says:

    Love the open freedom that taste like joy I get when looking at this picture.

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