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Stunning evidence of vibrational awareness November 29, 2010

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We humans can normally identify our peers on some outer signs (nationality by face features and colour,  social background by manners and clothing, etc.). I for instance, can pick up a Russian in any crowd by some features like the (pale) face colour, features and expression, even some body language can give a hint.

Thus we always need to see or to hear a person in order to characterize his/her origin or occupation. In the same way the performance of a person can be also rather false (somebody trying to “play a role”, to pretend to  be somebody, especially in a social context). That’s the typical case with politicians when they do their job “well”.

Having vibrational awareness, its easy to find out “who is who” despite all the shine and charm, and even if a person thousands of miles away. Vibrations give us a chance to feel the true nature of a person despite all outside features.

Yesterday we had a stunning case to illustrate this fact. My husband and me, we were going by subway. A young man was sitting opposite to us. Sunnenly he asked us in English:

 “May I ask you a question?” – normally people don’t talk to strangers in a Viennese subway :).

We said yes.

 Then he asked “Do you know about Sahaja yoga?” –

“yes”  ( a bit surprised)

“Are you Sahaja yogis?” –

“YES! But how do you know?!?”

“When you came in I just felt such strong vibrations, and my Kundalini rose up when I saw you, that was clear that you must have been yogis”.

The young man turned out to be visiting Vienna yogi from a neighbouring country so there was so chance he knew us personally from somewhere.

The really stunning fact about it that there was no chance for him to find you we were practicing Sahaja yoga by any outer features: supposing a “spiritual person” has a certain look/style, and most of them really do (you know what i mean). But I was dressed up in my pearl-colour Versace winter coat, with the fur hat, having overall quite a glamour look. By no means one could identify a spiritually experienced person by it :). My husband looked just like any other men, no sign of anything special.

It’s it amazing? This is really something what I love so much about Sahaj vibrational awareness – that you can always find out on vibrations practically anything you want!

Anyone similar stories? 🙂

P.S. Vibrational awareness is nothing but the manifestion of the Spirit, the “physical” Spiritual awareness.

LOVE, axinia


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  1. mahesh chendake Says:

    I have experienced it in different way …many times.
    the person I am expecting to meet or in need just by inner way of thinking or even not… thinking??,I get immediate response either by cell or by any mean… and he tell that I had intuition to call me. ( even just a hour before I experienced same and giving the same answer of sahajayoa even though another person is far away and non sahaja but he knows that I do practice it ,we have not met almost for a year …afterword we had good chat, as somewhere I am thinking to call that person for almost last two weeks!!!) but when purposefully I try to check vibration many time I get unfavorable results . i don’t know what goes wrong.
    probably balancing …. many time I do not.. and have less or no vibration on top. Some times I get very good vibrations without reasons and I enjoy them for longer duration but when purposeful thinking occurs it doesn’t work.

    • axinia Says:

      Hi mahesh, i don’t know how long are you doing sahaja meditation, normally after some time the more or less constant cool breeze on top of the head and on the hands should be established. Then everything is easier. 🙂
      In you case may be there is some tension in Agnya, ty to work it out.

      • mahesh chendake Says:

        From April 2002.
        problem is in the vishudhy ,agnya and hansa. may be muladhar some yogi says I am Rt. sided. I use more reasoning for everything.I don’t believe in miracle,previous birth karma and even life after death. I believe in GOD and spirit and whatever life I have.I have to do something for uplifting myself spiritually in present life whatever I have.( People says I am talented,hard worker, responsible , self trusted social easily adjustable in any situation but arrogant ,self proving, not listening to others, harsh and loud speaking, selfish lazy,unkempt untidy emotional etc…
        In front of photo I do get vibration on top but I am unable to sustain it throughout day. one reason told to me that I am working in hospital setting ( negative environment e.g in yesterdays case I was in NICU ( 11 Premature baby’s . close contact with 3 baby’s out of one which day one baby having respiratory distress ,we deed intubation then for lung collapse ICDT, another baby was on respirator and close monitoring another baby with wt 750 gm so it seems totally negative environment ) but whenever I am in teaching school as the day passes due to contact with variety of people usually i loose vibration and vital energy but as a nature of job I cant avoid all these things. it is told to me that I need tobe more meditative and use more cleaning technique ,where somewhere i fails due to lazyness. but above problems are there even before accepting sahajayoga.
        Since childhood my nature is towards spiritual life and I was more religious which is now totally changed I have stopped all religious practices and concentrating only on SY. Now I find some purpose for my life whatever may be chakras /vibrational Physical/financial/social problems we ( My family wife and children..) will continue it and that is final( jeena bhee yaha aur marana bhi yeha)… It is final destination.

        • mahesh chendake Says:

          while writing it ,even though came from ICU and not done any Rx I m having fair vibration on hands as well as on top.
          2-3 years before one worldwide very popular , very close to mother deep meditative yogi from maharashtra told me on same issue that, It is in our hand that to meditate only .how much tobe given in the form of vibration or spiritual uplifting or clearance of chakras, is in mothers hand . we can’t force on it. just we can pray . that’s all. It is the intimate relationship between the person and mother. No third one can help or entertain…. so I am believing on Mother and people like You and friends who are sharing on this blog ( may be SY or not) and in SY ( Which I think spiritually evolve better than me ,around for trusted relationship and …..whatever life I am getting I am happy and enjoying.

  2. Dmitri Says:

    wow thats wonderfull, this kind of happening must be great….i also had such an incedent, also in train, but without vibrational awareness…..i just felt about one girl that she must be a sahaja yogi, but i got the toghut from her mennares the way she spoke and this kind of stuff….but i didnt said anything to her and i really dont know if she was or wasn’t……i actully never hed vibrationl awerness…..but when i maditate i alwayes get tension in my left side on the level of nabhi chakra…sometimes in both sides…but alwyes….i think kundalini just dont pass this area…alldow i sometimes feel espically if get in the morning to meditate….a cool sensation in the neck…..i feel it strongly…..can you know what sort of problems i have just from reading this??/ and what i can do to have vabrtions on the top of the head?????? thenks!!!

  3. swaps Says:

    Very interesting indeed! And a pleasant encounter too 🙂

  4. Well, I would not say it was completely amazing, not because it was very rare but I am used to people talking about vibrations all the time. The only thing that would amaze me right now, since my experiences with vibrations is nearly nil, is that the passenger was able to identify which Yoga you practised. I guess you already know the answer to how he knew; I will know it someday. My mother talks to me about vibrations since she is very experienced in that. Once she was in Europe and back home something happened and through vibrations she was able to predict if things will get back to normal or not. Although it is not always accurate, I guess it is a pretty good way of knowing the most probable outcome. Thank you for sharing another one of your lovely experiences. 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Hi Friend, it’s interesting that you say you are used to people talking about vibrations all the time – I don’t know anyone outside of Sahaja Yoga who is doing it… may be you can ask what sort of vibration do they mean?
      What I mean is a clear physical sensation: https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2008/04/12/cool-vibrations-sahaja-yoga/
      andd you can even experience it yourself: http://www.freemeditation.com/online-meditation/self-realization-workshop-kundalini-awakening/

      try it out and enjoy the experience, after that you can check on vibrations everything you want! 🙂

      • Dear Friend,
        First of all please accept my apologies for a late response to your comment. Yes, I have heard people talking about vibrations for a good part of a decade now. In fact, the person who talks to me about that the most is my mother. She first started with Reiki and reached some levels of mastery into that. In Reiki she says, she is able to feel the vibrations and from the vibrations she is able to help people heal or know things well in advance of them happening, but of course it is not accurate all of the time. One example which is close to my heart, a young girl had suffered from Leukaemia and was in one of the last stages of her time on Earth. My mother was able to know from the Reiki’s vibrations whether she would make it through the night or not and when she passed on, my mother was no longer able to feel any Reiki vibrations about her. Sometimes it is even possible to feel the exact location of pain the person is feeling in their body by simply asking the Reiki energy to make the healer feel the pain in their bodies.

        After Reiki, mother learned more about another Spiritual Healing techniques, in one of these new techniques she is able to cleanse a person’s aura and reduce the ailments of the person. It is a meditative technique as well and she is able to feel vibrations from people in her daily routine. I asked her what kind of vibrations she feels, her explanation was simple vibrations in the palm of the hand, the palm of the hand feels numb, but there was no mention of a cool breeze. But that is probably because different people might feel different things. The Yoga she practices is probably known as Kriya Yoga, but I might have to double check that.

        Thank you very much for the links to the Sahaja Yoga Meditation. I have visited the links and have found the materials interesting, please do not misunderstand me, but by reading the materials (since I have a very good memory and an extremely imaginative mind) I will be limiting myself to experience things only possible from a set of things that can happen during meditation. I want to experience the cool breeze or whatever good feeling I get to experience like a child who doesn’t know anything about what is going to happen, but understand and enjoy the Blissful experience like a wise man who has known his Spirit forever. I will definitely write to you when I experience something. Thank you once again. 🙂

        • axinia Says:

          thank you fro your input, dear ~letTheColorsRumble! As far as I knoe in Reiki they don#t really speak of vibrations but of just “energy” , but may be it’s some other school…never mind.

          The expereince of getting vibratios is possible thorugh Internet, but you amy find it cooler to get it directly form somebody (may be find a SY center in your place). I do wish you could experience this fascination sensation – and believe me this is something you cannot “imagine” even if you have a rich imagination!!

          • Dear Axinia,
            Sorry for the misunderstanding, you certaintly have more experience in this than me and I am not trying to undermine you. I will think about this again and try to experience it either way.
            Thanks 🙂

        • Nishant Says:

          In the same vein,

          Baby daughter of my sister got hydrocephalus. Medicine wasn’t working and it was terrible pain to watch this exceptionally beautiful baby already developing deformity. After a lot of running around, my sister, upon the recommendation of a relative, took her baby to a sidha yogi who not only diagnosed the disease without explanation but also detailed from time to time even the minutest medical developments from time to time on each visit to his ashram. The sidha started working through his meditative prayers. That was in 1992, when expensive stents imported from US were being implanted in the baby’s brain each six months. . ….Would you call it less than a miracle if I tell you that today the same girl is about to finish her MBBS degree?

          Would be ungrateful if I skip this… I’ve seen it myself, the sidha never expected rewards in cash or in kind, he practised in deed the quality of unanimity (SamBhav) for he treated the poor and the rich alike. His only instruction was, “If your work is done, please distribute prasad and offer flowers to the Goddess (for it’s She who does the job; I’m only her instrument)”.


  5. radha Says:

    this summer i went with a yoguini to a stunning beach in south of italy. the day was sunny and nice, we were enjoying the trip and so on. when we got there the weather was keeping beautiful and shining and tehre were quite lots of people having fun in teh seawater of this tiny gorgeous bay. i could hear peopel accent from all over europe and america, it s a famous place infact. Despite all thi spositive merry surrounding there was something inside myself, which something is going to be wrong here. But i tried to focus on beauty and my friend happiness to be there for the first time. I remember that for few seconds i had this thought glimpsing at the huge mountain protected by metalic net all around ” oh wow and if it is going to fall in one point?!… no, it s impossible, try to enjoy your day and wash away this akward feelings you are having”.

    My friend sits in teh water, it s a natural hot spring spa, those natural pools that after maximum 30 minuts you have to leave otherwise the blood pression will lower, need a little precaution in these places; moreover the sun was hitting hardly: hot spring + hitting sun is not a good combination neither for teh liver neither for the brain. I live after 20 minuts and go get repaired under my umbrella with a wet towel on teh head, i want to keep fresh, and ask my friend to do the same, it s fricking hot! No, she seems happy to stay in 30 minuts more, 1 hour! oh gosh and i reckon her blood pressure is not on healthy levels in these past months. ME: Pls come out! SHE:No, i like here, i am in meditation. ME:Ok if you say so.

    God, something is wrong here, all is too hot, i really want to live. My friend is done after an hour spent in the smoking water, she feels okey. Ok good, lets dress up and look for some shadow, lets eat these figs now, tehy ll give us energy. Yummi. we are now all dressed up under the only umbrella we got eating figs. My restless feelings seems quitened but ….

    Suddenly my eyes move towards two men 50 meters distant from us they are quarrelling and in a jiffy the real fight starts! 5/6 men from England and Germany ( i hear the words spoken) are beating each other in teh rocks, heavy fight, ladie sall around screaming and other peopel trying to stop them, it s hell under the hitting sun in the gorgeous smokey bay.

    I stare at my friend: lets GO! we have to live NOW, these people are crazy. We quickly rush over the 200something stairs to leave the bay finally with our hearts drumming. We are safe and my prediction was correct since the very beginning. Wherever you go vibrations tell you every thing. Literally everything. We should trust them as much as possible!

  6. radha Says:

    BTW my friend with serious fever for 3 days after this experience.

  7. nimirel Says:

    always believed that we are made like a divine computer with everything built-in within us that is needed to exercise wisdom and discretion. everything in the universe is vibrating energy, including our thoughts, feelings, things in our environment and other people…and it all impacts us through the concept of sympathetic resonance. there is an ‘energetic and vibrational’ connection that is happening with or without your conscious awareness.

    nonetheless we often don’t realize it till….you know, one undergo several ‘tests’ to achieve this ‘station’-vibrational awareness! with humility, devotion, pure desire

    Like senses of sight, smell and taste are spontaneous and natural to us and we use these senses without thinking about them, a new sense becomes an integral part of ourselves… vibrational, discerning and discriminating power to see the innate nature of things at a new stage in our awareness….no ‘bubbles’, just the opposite..(my ‘pure’ knowledge what I’ve always been seeking:)
    p.s: who knows , maybe someday you’ll recognize me in my easygoing jeans in the crowd at the Karlsplatz! Die Welt is so klein!

    • mahesh chendake Says:

      It is gift of practicing mental silence through sahajayoga meditation technique. it is truth and not a dream.will be accepted widely.
      Thanks nimirel.

      • nimirel Says:

        Namaste Mahesh,

        We are definitely into challenging times unlike any in the past but life without change has no meaning, hence we’ve to transform ourselves to deal with all kinds of challenges (family, monetary, professional plus the burdens of the countries we live in) no bubbles, no delusions. in short, we have to bloom out, dear Mahesh!
        I do thank you!

  8. One of the best and most interesting articles on “vibrations” that I’ve ever read:


    • nimirel Says:

      You are a part of everything that exists.

      You are infinite consciousness,

      And so is everyone and everything else.

      We all are literally a part of God.!!!

      your name, alone awakens strong vibrations:)))
      deep inside I feel, you have so much to offer to this crazy world. don’t wait till 2012, dear Raj♣♥
      take care!

      • your name, alone awakens strong vibrations:)))

        Whose name 😕 Mine? Which one? Is it “An alien Earthling” or “Raj” 😕

        Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Mirel! But no, I’m not going to wait for 2012. While I keep hoping against hope that 2012 turns out as hyped, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out to be a damp squib or fizzles out tamely 😐

        What kind of assurance do I have that 2012 will turn out as promised? Sadly, almost nothing 😦 Apart from the somewhat concrete increased solar activity, there is very little. And even increased solar activity is nothing new to the planet. Then there are wild promises of a supposed “pole shift” due to “galactic alignment”.

        Of course, we have Mayans’ amazingly precise Long Count “galactic calendar” ending on December 21, 2012. That in itself may mean nothing. What happens when any old calendar ends? A new one begins, that’s all 😐 Like the 2010 calendar that will end in less than a month from now and the 2011 calendar will begin after that. And the Mayans’ description of the dawn of a “new age” can turn out to be an innocent translation error for a “new galactic year” according to their Long Count galactic calendar.

        Then we have the promised “End Times” according to the Abrahamic religions. But sadly, no specific date is mentioned in any of them 😦 And people are assuming that this (as well as other “changes” according to non-Abrahamic religions) will occur in 2012 merely because the Mayan calendar ends at that time and solar activity, pole shift that MAY occur at around the same time. For all its global hype, 2012 may turn out to be a grand flop 😐

        The only other somewhat concrete thing that is available is the situation in the Middle-East/West Asia i.e. your region of the world 😉 Everyone knows that region is sitting on an explosive, deadly powder keg that can blow up at any time and totally suck the entire planet into a devastating WW III when that happens. Just like the Balkans prior to WW I.

        So am I waiting for and preparing for 2012 😕 No, I’m already prepared for whatever MAY happen then, even if the planet turns upside down or gets fried by solar radiation 😐

        What I’m more worried about is NOT 2012 itself, but the 2012 hype failing to materialise, as I’m completely unprepared for such an unimaginable disaster of epic proportions 😯 The global “elite” scoundrels plan to completely destroy the civilised societies and everything good, civilised and humane in the world and turn the planet into a large spherical turd world shit pit 😡 When the savage, uncouth, unethical, sub-human turd world hordes take over the planet in alliance with the satanic global “elites”, they will turn it into a LIVING HELL for everyone and take it back to the STONE AGE as the barbaric, sadistic, vile turd world lowlives (along with their turdy cesspools) are the rotten vermin of humankind, the scum of the entire universe 👿

        I try to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Hoping for the best would be hoping for the 2012 hype to turn out to be true. That I’ve already done and keep doing (though it increasingly looks like a hopeless cause). Preparing for the worst means preparing for what would happen if the 2012 hype fails to live up to expectations 😯 I’m completely unprepared for such an indescribable disaster and need to do so ASAP! 😐


        • nimirel Says:

          I hope that Mother Earth as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency or consciousness and a new and special era will begin in the very near future…till then trying one’s ‘best’
          (raj, a powerful name….Alien Earthling, a familiar nickname my friends used to call me with a college)

          • seeker2008 Says:

            nMirel you might like Llewelln Vaughan Lee’s alchemy of light he talks of similar things that you have mentioned here

        • axinia Says:

          hi Raj, I wonder how are you “prepared” for the worst????

          • Unfortunately, Axinia, I’m NOT prepared for the worst, not yet 😦

            The worst, of course, would be the sub-human hordes of the filthy turd world taking over the planet in alliance with the satanic global “elite” scoundrels, destroying the civilised societies and peoples and annihilating everything that is good, civilised, humane, decent and progressive on this planet, in order to take the Earth back to the barbaric stone ages and turn it into a LIVING HELL for everyone, including all other Earthly species. Being vile, murderous, sadistic, sub-satanic, uncouth, unevolved, anti-ethical, low IQed, pea-brained, sub-human savages, that is the only thing the turdy hordes of lowlife barbarians are capable of. Once that happens, even Satan himself would cringe is horror and disgust at what the sub-human hordes of filth beings would be doing. Hell would have to down its shutters permanently and its caretaker (Satan) would become jobless as a turd worldised planet controlled by the sub-human hordes would be a much, much worse place than hell itself! 😯

            How can one possible prepare for such an epic disaster of unimaginable proportions 😕 There can only be three possible ways:

            (1) If you can’t beat the evil sub-human hordes, then join ’em. It may be acceptable for some, but NEVER for me. I’d rather drink poison than join the filthy hordes of sub-satanic sewer creatures in their evil, sadistic deeds.

            (2) Escape. There are different forms of escape. The easiest would be to escape to some isolated spot on the planet that would still be free of the sewery, sadistic new world order of turd world sub-humanism, one that fiercely guards itself from the surrounding sub-human turdlings. The next easiest would be escape by drinking poison or committing some other form of hara-kiri, preferably taking as many turdy sub-human savages as possible when one decides to escape in such a manner. The most difficult one would be to escape planet Earth itself. Considering the difficulty of such a venture and the unavailability of Earthly life-sustaining conditions near our planet, I don’t see how this is possible 😐 Unless of course, one is lucky enough to hitch a ride on the spacefaring vessels of some friendly Aliens who hear the SOS and offer a lift. Or, by some unbelievable good fortune, one is able to lay their hands on the plans of the anti-gravity vessels German scientists were believed to be close to developing near the end of WW II, and actually have the ingenuity to complete such a craft.

            (3) Fight! As cocksure as the sub-human turd beings would be of their own power and as overwhelmingly countless in number as the savage scum beings would be, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fight them to the finish. Being extremely low IQed pea-brained sub-human turdlings, they may be overwhelming in number and power, but it should take no more than a fighting force of a few hundred thousand globally interconnected, aware, highly secretive, intelligent, ruthless and capable fighters to keep the hordes and hordes of teeming turdy scum beings at bay and to slowly but steadily overturn their new turd world order of sub-humanism and flush it down the S-bend and into the sewers where the putrid vermin belong. Of course, as with any guerrilla warfare, there is always the danger of getting defeated by the overwhelming number and sub-satanically evil nature of the turdy savages, but that is immaterial. It’s always the better option to courageously die on one’s feet fighting the sub-human turdlings than having to live on one’s knees in front of the filthy, sewery vermin.

            Those are the only three ways of preparation that I can think of, for the savage, sub-human times that await the planet and everything on it. When the evil time of sub-humanism comes (as it increasingly looks like it will), I (and everyone like me) will be forced to choose one among the three options available 😐


            Which one would you choose, Axinia dear, when push comes to shove 😕


      • Dave-O Says:


        Very Nice comment. it reminds me of a story i read about the Sufi Kharaqani. I will have to come back and post it here for you. What is happening in 2012? I must have missed the previews at the movies or Youtube


        • nimirel Says:

          Hi Dave…do you still remember Axinia’s interesing blog articles like ‘2012: only 5 years to get ready for the Doomsday? ‘ & ‘How we’ll be farming after 2012?’;)
          we’re just brainstorming:) Can we see the seeds of a global consciousness, a deep awareness that we are all one people who are a part of a living, interrelated ecosystem? An awakening consciousness of oneness, a consciousness that is not based upon duality but upon a primal knowing of the oneness that belongs to life…Can the awakening of the heart of the world redeem what has been desecrated, heal what has been wounded, purify what has been polluted? Are we at the earliest dawn at a new era:)
          looking forward to reading the story…
          with love

          • seeker2008 Says:

            Hello NMirel,

            I haven’t spent time thinking of 2012. According to the Sufi way attention to the past and psychologically living in it as well as reflection upon the future is a waste. This doesn’t mean of course that we don’t have a saving account, or a 401 K, or buy groceries only when we feel hungry. lol

            I don’t think one can prepare mentally, physically, emotionally for global catastrophe though. At most we can put practices in place that might mitigate the effects of a catastrophe when it comes according to how we think it should come, but what we predict often time doesn’t match the actuality of occurrences.

            That’s just my spiel though. The story goes as such…. some merchants went to see Abul Hasan Kharaqani to receive his blessings and prayer for their safety as they were about to embark on a long journey. He told them to begin their journey in God’s name and should any evil come their way, they were to mention Abol Hasan of Kharaqan. Some of the merchants frowned on this and said that mentioning some verses from the Quran would be better,others took the sheikh’s words to heart and left quietly.

            Of course the merchants were attacked by bandits and everyone mentioned the name of Kharaqani were robbed pitilessly. The merchants when they returned asked the shaikh what did this mean, since assuredly the name of the Creator is greater than one of the created? The shaikh replied, ‘Yes, It is so’. They pressed him further for an explanation and he said [This is the part that you reminded me of in your previous comment]

            You Mentioned a name without realizing the Named, whereas those who were spared, mentioned the name of the one whom they knew was an initiate and a lover,and this is the same as calling upon Him.”

            • seeker2008 Says:

              that should say and except everyone who mentioned

              • nimirel Says:

                thank you for the story Dave.

                ‘So many castes and so many creeds,
                So many faiths, and so many beliefs,
                All have arisen from ignorance of man,
                Wise is he who only truth conceives.’

                Truth in its realization is one; in its representation it is many:(
                Self realization is the first encounter with the Reality!

            • nimirel Says:

              absolutely right, the more we think, the more we are dragged out of the centre into what-has-been or what-is-to-come. As long as the ego runs one’s life, most of the thoughts, emotions, and actions arise from desire and fear

              Indeed, I cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where I can find myself is in the Now.

              Most of our interactions are confined to the exchange of words — the realm of thought. There is a tiny gap between each thought and the next, a quiet split-of-a-second thoughtlessness. Not of the past, not of the future, but of the here and now. And it is in this silence between thoughts that the Spirit speaks to us.Through meditation we develop, lengthen this split-of-a-second thoughtlessness, into an ever-present now: you know this gentle ‘journey’ to a spectacular new awareness and deeper understanding. The distinction between ‘acquired’ knowledge and ‘revealed’ knowledge!!!
              I feel the future is not just something waiting for us, it is a continual work-in-progress that takes place in every era and that occurs through each individual’s innovative, imaginative, and conscious participation…

              • Hey NMirel,

                Our late Sufi master used to say that if we could be completely immersed in the moment we would have traversed the entire path. I feel personally looking at myself that we seek to avoid pain and bad things and increase always the good thing that happen to us. By thinking about things in narrow terms of what is beneficial to us we really mess out. There are many great blessing in going through things which aren’t what we think would be the best for us. There is even this idea of conscious suffering in sufism which is pretty unique. I will have to tell you about it sometime. IN the mean time dogs to walk laundry to do, haircut and shave 🙂 thank you for your comment

              • mahesh chendake Says:

                I will tell you one story
                one senior manger take out circular and told to all branch mangers to submit weekly report
                first manger become angry he thought boss is not having faith so why to work instead of report he send resign
                second manger told Clark keep it as it is we will think when second reminder will come
                third manger told no manpower, no money no material alone I cant do anything, appoint the clerk, sanction the funds then i will think
                fourth manger send return letter asking why particularity boss want report he is having all other work to do ad he stand in fighting position if you want come and collect
                next manger told clerk leave all the work aside write 200 pages report and submit…….
                so moral of story is how we perceive the things and what are our attitude lot of things are depend on that …..even though whatever may be original intention ….it is not easy work
                I feel the future is not just something waiting for us, it is a continual work-in-progress that takes place in every era and that occurs through each individual’s innovative, imaginative, and conscious participation…
                absolutely right, the more we think, the more we are dragged out of the centre into what-has-been or what-is-to-come. As long as the ego runs one’s life, most of the thoughts, emotions, and actions arise from desire and fear … totally agree. answer of raj is lying here … even though lots of meditative people are there why favorable results are not there…
                Most of our interactions are confined to the exchange of words — the realm of thought. There is a tiny gap between each thought and the next, a quiet split-of-a-second thoughtlessness. Not of the past, not of the future, but of the here and now. And it is in this silence between thoughts that the Spirit speaks to us.Through meditation we develop, lengthen this split-of-a-second thoughtlessness, into an ever-present now:
                hope it will find better solutions we have to practice it.
                Thanks nimirel.

  9. draupadi16 Says:

    Superstory, Axinia! Ich hatte ein anderes Erlebnis:
    Vorigen Freitag besuchte ich das Wiener Metropol Theater, wo eine Jazzband mit Martin Breinschmid spielen sollte. Das Theater war fast ausverkauft und ich dachte noch, erwarte Dir nicht zuviel. Als sie loslegten, war ich mit Vibrationen überschüttet. Ich war wirklich erstaunt. Zum Schluß gab es fast Standing Ovations!
    Gestern erlebten wir einen Gospelabend mit Heini Altbart und seiner Band. Ich dachte wieder, wieviele der Musiker sind realisiert? Einmal hatte ich ihn ja schon auf seine Urenergie angesprochen. Alles Liebe von Draupadi.

  10. You would not believe me, but…I meet permanently co humans everywhere.

    I found telepathy always a polite way of communication, but I would not reduce pattern recognition to it.

  11. Nishant Says:

    That reminds me.

    While working in a travel agency in this foreign country (more home-like than my home-country), I sat behind the desk working on some reservations. That’s when these two ladies barge in (their grandeur) and we’re cut across face to face. Even though slow and shy by nature, I conjured up the confidence to blatantly ask them, “ARE YOU SAHAJA YOGIS???”.
    They were the first Sahaja Yogis I came to know there. What quizzez me even today is how I could perceive despite my exposure to Sahaja being minimal at that time.

    …One of them went on to become my rakhi sister or should I say, soul sister (âme sœur is the word in French).

  12. Are you guys aware about the drop of spiritual narcissism in this wanna sound like a supreme elite with a special aura ,cocktail?
    At least as old decadent aristo, I have a bit of self irony, when it comes to meetings of “superb difference” recognising each other in the grey masses.
    Is “Recognising” like minded people or friends not something energetic very natural in an interconnect planet ? The need to reaffirm a certain “group belonging” appears slightly suspect to me, and points more towards a WE/THEM fragility of the system!.

    • axinia Says:

      dear antiphonsgarden, i guess you completely missed the point here… sorry to note that.
      I wanted to highlight the phenomenon of feeling vibrations, which is really something different from intuition, sixth sense, troutsreading or else. But the more so – the uniqueness of that is that actually EVERYONE can be so, there is no exclusiveness whatsoever about it. Why not try before critisize?

  13. I tend to “miss the point”! when I see the bigger picture!

    • axinia Says:

      but how do you know you are the only one who can see a bigger picture?

      Many people say the same about me, that I can see the bigger picture 🙂
      All this is very much relevant…

  14. If I count well, we are now 2 with a critical view !

    • Yes, a grand total of a paltry 2 😐 You’re one and I’m certainly the other one 😉 As hopelessly depopulated as our little club is, I’m still delighted to have such wonderful company, antiphonsgarden, mon cher ami!


      • Merci cher ami,
        As said before, during some keeps busy with the “select energy vibes”,
        I go for the “vibrating”whole.Are shit flies not great masters to point out the evident vibrant energy of the crap&the mess impacting nature&humans?

        • axinia Says:

          antiphonsgarden, as I have noted earlier, there is nothing selective in vibraitons – in fact, everyhitng consists of them.
          It’s only the point of willing to feel them. Vibrations help to percept the reality more fully, not only mentally which is mostly the case with human being…It’s really good and healthy to step up from the mental perceptions.

          • I don’t see any need to divide between any aspect of perception.
            And I doubt that all vibrations are equally perceived as “worth perception” in the moment a hierarchy of spirit is formulated.

        • Every thing indeed vibrates. If light can behave in a funny and strange way, as “particles” AND also as “waves”, then matter too can behave in the same way as “objects” as well as “vibrations”.

          To understand the behaviour of light completely, one must be willing to consider light as both particles and waves. Considering only one (any one) and omitting the other will lead only to a partial and incomplete understanding of the nature of light.

          It’s the same with matter. Believing that “vibrations” can explain everything about the world is downright silly, as it is a totally incomplete and misleading understanding. Deliberately ignoring the material nature of objects in the misguided belief that everything consists solely of vibrations is the same as building a bubble where one can “hear” the vibrations alone but cannot perceive the existential nature of things.

          Also, the willingness and ability to merely feel the vibrations means absolutely nothing 😐 As you say, antiphonsgarden, even flies can very well feel the vibrations around them but cannot do anything more, as they have brains that can merely feel things but do not have much thinking ability. Flies have a nervous system and sense organs that can feel things (like vibrations) quite well, but their nervous system is not well developed enough to make them THINK.

          It’s one of the features of life itself. Even lowly organisms like amoebae can “feel” certain stimuli. The higher up one goes in the animal kingdom, the better is the ability to “feel” stuff as the nervous system and sense organs are more developed. Certain animals have unique abilities to feel certain vibrations. For instance, I guess groundhogs can feel the “vibrations” that cause weather conditions. Birds can feel the “vibrations” of the Earth’s magnetic field and atmospheric conditions as they migrate over long distances.

          Somewhere up in the animal kingdom, among vertebrates with well-developed nervous systems, I guess the ability to THINK evolved. I bet mammals that live in close proximity to humanoids, such as cats and dogs, have a pretty good ability to think for themselves. Of course, being self-proclaimed sapient creatures, Homo sapiens sapiens are right up there when it comes to thinking ability. Other humanoid hordes, such as the Homo turdica manuoidensis, the Homo criminalii hindoides, the Homo sewericus hindoidensis, the Homo feudalicus barbaroides and many groups of uncouth Homo savagensis turdworldensis don’t have as much thinking ability, as is proven by their sadistic, savage, satanic, perverted, anti-ethical, sub-human behaviour, filthy “cultural” practices and systems.


          • Well,thank you for the concern about Sigmund Freund s health, but sadly I have to inform you that he died 1939.Not so, his courageous hypotheses about the human nature who provides descent therapists,who are rarely “followers” , with a solid base of observations they can confirm or argue about through their own experience .
            Each therapist is used to be called regularly bird names, it is often a part of the projection game, nothing to take too “personally”.But considering some post modern though ending clichés how to perceive the world & Freud (Heard Marx gets popular again in the last crash after having been similarly put into the corner by pretend cool self aggrandising poseurs…its only a matter of time, till the introspection phobic middle class parroting heard “bons mots” rediscovers his own unconscious dark cave.) are not truly what one would consider a challenging argument to the topic, I wait with engaged patience for the repressed aspects who will reappear for sure.

          • axinia Says:

            Raj, vibraitons ARE MATERIAL. in fact they can also be measured as any other scientific phenomenon.

            • I’m not sure if you and I mean the same thing by the word “vibrations”, Axinia 😐

              I don’t mean any kind of “vibrations” that are supposedly “spiritual” which are claimed as the monopolistic, patented, exclucivist IP by some. I guess such people believe that to experience the same kind of “vibrations”, one must completely give up the thinking ability of one’s brain 😯 and become a non-thinking hominoid ready to dwell in a fabulous bubble of one’s own making where even the universe’s most evil, uncouth, barbaric, sub-human, eternally stinking, sadistic, rotten shit pit of a land (such as the turdy, filthy Indian empire) and its absolutely sub-human sewery “culture”, filthy systems, deeds and practices appear as supposedly “spiritual” merely because one has voluntarily and shockingly given up one’s own thinking ability 😯

              Such kind of “vibrations” are not for me 😐 I did not mean such vibrations at all.

              By “vibrations”, I meant the scientific phenomenon of every material object having some kind of vibrational frequency. Being something about science, this cannot be described in the lowly realms of “non-thinking” where one has lost the ability to scientifically question and understand things because the thinking ability of the brain has been voluntarily thrown out of the window.

              The material “vibrations” I talk about are a powerful natural phenomenon decoded only in the thinking realms of science, not in any primitive “non-thinking” realm where scientific principles simply cannot be applied. Every object indeed has some kind of “vibrational” property to it. Just like a tuning fork vibrates at its own specific frequency, so does everything else, though the “vibrational” properties of complex objects are difficult to calculate. In fact, understanding the nature and frequency of such “vibrations” is absolutely essential for those who are involved in the design and construction of bridges, stadiums, buildings, boats, aircraft, automobiles etc. etc.

              I believe you and I are talking about completely different things when we mention the word “vibrations” 😐


              • axinia Says:

                well by saying so my friend you mean that I (axinia) “completely gave up the thinking ability of one’s brain and become a non-thinking hominoid ready to dwell in a fabulous bubble of one’s own making” -it is what you really want to say?

                • No, Axinia, that is certainly NOT what I want to say 😐

                  In fact, that seems to be exactly what so many (like Indian Fakir, for instance, in the comment below) are suggesting. That one should completely go into a PERMANENT state of “thoughtlessness” in order to experience the “vibrations”.

                  I don’t see it that way. When Homo sapiens sapiens are supposedly so “special” only because they have evolved in order to use the thinking abilities of their hominoid brains, then what’s the use in completely giving up such a wonderful evolutionary ability in order to experience supposed “spirituality”.

                  As you may know, I see the (obviously thinking) mind as a stepping stone to the spirit, just as I see the (physical) body as a stepping stone to the mind. I don’t see the thinking mind as something that has to be completely discarded as waste refuse in order to achieve the spirit. If you observe carefully, you would see that this is quite similar to antiphonsgarden’s view that philosophy and spirituality can only go together, hand in hand.

                  But I wonder why so many (like Indian Fakir) and many others too, like our dear friend Mirel insist on permanently discarding the thinking abilities of the mind 😕

                  Obviously, all of us seem to be on completely different frequencies here.


                  • I get your message very clearly on my little resitance radio!.
                    “Un ange frole l horizon!, je repette, un ange frole l horizon!”
                    I resonate vibrantly with it in the hope for humanity to overcome this artificial uncultivated era.

                  • axinia Says:

                    Raj, the state of thoughtless awareness is so amazing that you would never want to leave it ones achieved – but unfortunately it seems that it is not possible PERMANENTLY for us, not yet.

                    By the ways THOUGHTLESS does not mean stupid or without intellect, it means a very high state of awareness which leads to – can you imagine? – to the complete awareness and full knowledge of everything. Something I guess we all would like to have.

                    In a state of thoughtless awareness it’s not only that you are complete awake and alert about the surroundings, but you get information about whatever your want immediately!!! this is truly amazing. But this information is NOT THOUGHTS, it’s knowledge. I have myself experience several times this state when i had to answer something and I really had no clue what to say, and then suddenly I was uttering things which where totally correct although I could not possibly know them!

                    I really wish you could have experienced it one day…then you will see what I mean.

                    • No thank you, Axinia dear, I don’t want to go into a state of permanent “thoughtlessness” 😯

                      I become “thoughtless” when I sleep and that is more than sufficient rest for my mind. I can also become “thoughtless” on a few other occasions when I’m awake, for some time at least.

                      The natural state of the mind is the thinking state. That’s why Homo sapiens sapiens happen to be called the same. Anything else is either a resting state, a bubble state or an artificial, induced or forced state. I don’t believe there is something to “achieve” by becoming “thoughtless” 😯 Voluntarily shutting down important and vital brain functions is NOT an “achievement” by any stretch of the imagination. It is the opposite, in fact.

                      There is only ONE thing in the entire universe that can travel faster than the speed of light, Axinia dear. And you guessed it correct, it is your hated THOUGHTS. Only the speed of thoughts can exceed the speed of light, nothing else 😐

                      So why in the universe would I ever want to completely give up something that I possess that can travel faster than the speed of light in order to supposedly “achieve” something (i.e. a bubble state) where one cannot even travel at all 😕 Even the grandest bubble, however big we imagine it to be, is in the end a bubble after all 😐 A bubble is a confined, enclosed space that is shut off from the outside experience and is a make-believe world. In sharp contrast, thoughts can not only travel everywhere, but they can even travel faster than the speed of light!

                      Would I be willing to trade the sole thing in the universe for a delusive, make-believe bubble world of my own making? No, of course not! 😐

                      True knowledge CANNOT be gained by bubble-dwelling, it can be gained only by THINKING. It is thoughts that lead to knowledge, knowledge doesn’t come to those sitting inside a bubble.

                      Remember what Christ said, ASK and it shall be given to you, SEEK and you shall find it, KNOCK and the door shall be opened unto you. Why did he NOT say, “Sit around in your bubble, throw out all thoughts, laze around and idly while away time and everything shall be given to you”. Because IT CANNOT be got by that method, as simple as that! A bubble object is not a real object. Bubble knowledge is not true knowledge because bubble-dwelling is a mere trick (but a fabulous one) played upon the mind by itself 😐

                      Remember, dear Axinia, that everything good, humane and useful in this world was obtained through the process of THOUGHT and APPLICATION OF THOUGHT, and not by bubble-dwelling. Why do you think you and I can communicate with each other and with others all around the world. Was the internet invented by a reclusive, loincloth clad hermit happily dwelling in his bubble under a tree and tricking his own mind into believing the sheer crap that he had “knowledge” of everything 😕 NO, it (and indeed everything else like it) was invented by those who could think and apply their thoughts! 🙂

                      Why do you think the filthy, inhuman, uncouth, sewery shit pit of a land called the turdy Indian empire is as sub-human, filthy, stinking, rotten and savage as it ever was with the most inhuman and evil practices, shitty systems and filthy “culture” there ever was on the planet 😕 It’s BECAUSE of bubble-dwelling. Not completely for sure, but at least partly because of it. Instead of thinking and applying thought, one section of the best minds that walked upon this filthy shit pit of a land took up permanent bubble-dwelling as a form of escape from the sub-humanism and turdy barbarism that characterises this satanic, sewery sub-continent. All that mind potential went waste inside their self-made bubbles and they could contribute nothing, absolutely nothing to better the filthy shit pit of a land and change its sub-human mindset. All they did was to promote the ridiculous idea that bubble-dwelling is the greatest achievement that a humanoid is capable of. What is the end result? It’s this:


                      That, bad as it is, is not the worst outcome. The worst outcome has to be the fact that the savage hordes of sub-human creatures that (over)populate the filthy empire began to believe inside their turdy pea-brains that they could behave in as sub-human a manner as possible and do as evil things as possible and wash it all of by claiming to be “spiritual”. The savage turd beings even try to pass of their filthy sewery deeds and systems as supposedly “spiritual” to those who are naive and gullible enough to believe such rotten crap.

                      Of course, thoughtless does not mean stupid or without intellect. It just means willingly giving up the thinking and reasoning abilities that make one a Homo sapiens sapiens. When one is unable to think for oneself, then its very easy to brainwash the mind and control it. When one gives up one’s thinking and reasoning abilities, other things begin to think on one’s behalf and this leads to control, exploitation and all other evil. No wonder, all turdy regimes, like the commie goons and all other totalitarian savages try as much as they can to control the freedom of thought and expression of thought. Mind control is the stated aim of all sub-human regimes, whether in the first, second or turd worlds. Wouldn’t such turdy regimes love anything that could make the citizens voluntarily throw their thinking and reasoning abilities out of the window. I bet they would.

                      I’m very sorry, Axinia, 😦 but I’m not willing to trade my thinking and reasoning abilities for all the gold in the world or for the most fabulous bubble state of existence possible 😐


                  • nimirel Says:

                    i think a lot my dear! are you kidding? my ‘thinking abilities’!!!
                    i think a lot about domestic and global problems, the minarett-lovers immigrant workers in Europe (your favourite one), about my former acquaintences, political scientist & human rights activists in D.C, Germany, Austria….are you the only one who follows, experience inhuman conditions of the East, who is upset because of the human rights violations, atroticies committed in the world

                    Raj, first of all, I am a woman living in an ‘officially muslim’ developing culture, after many many years abroad! I fight the cultural political degeneration but I never give up to respect & treasure the cultural heritage. whining & complaining instead of activism?

                    hell & heaven both experienced inside us. i’ve experienced hell, i wanted to reach for heaven. I’ve found peace, joy in carnatic music, in Ganapati….
                    I’ve played Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, american country, jazz with my fiddle. Nothing gave me so much pleasure to hear bhajan, raags….what is wrong with that! this pleasure makes me ‘uncultivated’?

                    I read german, french, Anglo Saxon literature, daily Wall Street, Financial Times, die Zeit, Spiegel, turkish print media. This makes me cultivated?

                    ‘thoughtless state’ gave me my peace, my life back. With effective meditation, I learn how to transcend my fears and anxiety, calming the mind and leading to a calmer more focused thinking process
                    Human evolution is an ongoing process; What is wrong with that.

                    I dont insist on anything, I just share my experience. I haven’t learned this from the textbooks. One can’t verify or falsify ‘spirituality’. Its inside in each humanbeing, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew.

                    One can only ‘reach’ it.
                    I don’t wanna ‘philosophize’ any further. It has no meaning.

                    Save a liitle room for self-love, human love in your heart!
                    P.S:I don’t wanna ‘philosophize’ any further. It has no meaning.

                    • mahesh chendake Says:

                      You are simply great Nimirel. You have passed all the hurdles. you said in perfect words. No comments further.just enjoy mental peace and vibrations

                    • nimirel Says:

                      (dear Mahesh, I couldn’t see the reply button below your comment!)
                      everybody unique, nobody perfect! I am a simple humanbeing, definitely not a great personality. Hurdles are part of life, an ongoing process. We live. We experience.
                      ‘attention’ makes the difference!
                      ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’!!

                    • seeker2008 Says:


                      Very well said! What you said reminded me of a poem I read recently from our late master. Instead of posting it here I thought it be better for readability to post it on my blog: http://tinyurl.com/2a96rzv

                      Hope you like it

                    • dave-O Says:

                      Hey Raj,

                      It seems silly to suppose that I would hate you, or be offended, furious or angry because of our differing views. I am pretty sure that I have never been discourteous to you or said anything that would support such a behavior on my part. Please remember that I come here to share just my experiences. That’s all. If I am asked questions I will answer. I hope (but don’t expect) that the same courtesy is extended to me that I am left to my views and experiences unless I personally ask/solicit someone for information or guidance.

                      A lot of the things you claim that I believe, in reality I don’t especially the bit about the animals not being spiritual I was surprised to read that about myself -it made me ready to be a celebrity and read stuff about myself that doesn’t match – I am joking the eggnog is spiked around these parts :-).

                      Rather than explain what I believe, which is much more untamed and wild I suggest we just agree to disagree and move along. i don’t think I would fair any better than belonging to a spiritual school where my teachers rigidly teach me to believe things.

                      Raj my hand is always extended to you in friendship

                  • dave-O Says:

                    Hey Raj,

                    I hope you are doing well mate, I am sending you some cheer from NYC.

                    Concerning thoughtless awareness I figured I would share something on it. I think we are given a mind for a reason, it is a tool it has a purpose. I don’t see the point in doing away with the mind as much as knowing when I need to use it and when I don’t need to use it. That would be like doing away with my left hand because I am predominantly right handed. I have to use it [mind] at work, figure out how to pay bills this month, program scripts to look analyze data. etc and in many other places writing business proposals, make a soufflé, etc.

                    As sharp and balanced as we can make our mind, I feel it is limited and not the preferred tool to use for spiritual matters. The mind is only part of the story. With certain kinds of meditation and other spiritual practices, I may want to temporarily quiet the workings of my mind, like put it on hibernate while I am doing other things. But as long as we live in the world we need a mind,

                    We are all on different wavelengths as we are all different people with different experiences and backgrounds. I don’t see us every being on the same wavelength nor do I feel that we should be as well. However i don’t think NMirel meant we throw the mind away into todays refuse pile and just sit around in some ecstatic trance or state while life passes us by. I think what she means is the furthest thing from that.

                    For me philosophy a mental discipline i.e. in that we read, we study we analyze we can even get degrees in it at a university or college. Degrees don’t make a mystic however, neither do volumes of book read, or bizarre phraseology.

                    • mahesh chendake Says:

                      @ mirel, don’t take me negatively
                      what i feel the destination where i want to reach you have already reached there and enjoying.I am still on the way and i am little hurry along this long journey that i want to reach before i sleep… before I sleep. your rich spiritual experiences will definitely guide me so people like you,axinia and many more i call great and try to remain in contact ,nothing else.
                      It is my problem that I can not communicate properly. Thanks and wish you and all the same that is “Merry X’ Mas and Happy New Year”

                    • nimirel Says:

                      believe me (flashback from not-so-distant past) I was soo involved, obsessed about my ‘problems’, remorse and regrets, I couldn’t think out any solutions to move on! no sense of perspective and detachment…

                      I am just walking on my path like you, tiny footsteps:))) hopefully more productive, more alert day by day!
                      Nobody can give you better advice than yourself. Nobody is better qualified…namaste Mahesh

                    • Mes chers amis Mirel et Dave,

                      I can understand that you have not given up your thinking abilities 🙂 If you had indeed given it up and had gone into a permanent thoughtless state like some reclusive hermit who permanently dwells in his own make-believe bubble, then how could you two possibly keep posting comments here 😕

                      But I simply cannot understand why you keep glorifying a state of permanent “thoughtlessness” as if it were the greatest thing a hominoid is capable of achieving. Make no mistake, my dear friends, the so-called “spirituality” is something that occurs in the brain. And by spirituality, I mean ALL FORMS of spirituality, whether it is “bubble-dwelling spirituality” or “spiritual humanism” or anything else, for that matter.

                      Mes amis, I know all of you belong to a spiritual school (or similar schools) where your teachers have rigidly taught you to believe that only humans are capable of the so-called “spirituality” and that the so-called “spiritual state” is the highest thing a hominoid is capable of achieving 🙄 I simply do not believe in such a thing! As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the spiritual bubble and the so-called “thoughtless awareness” is nothing special, absolutely nothing! Even higher animals are perfectly capable of the so-called “spirituality”! Just because humans arrogantly believe that only they themselves are capable of “spirituality”, it does not become the truth. Here is solid proof, if any was ever needed, that even higher animals are perfectly capable of “spirituality”!


                      Mes chers amis, I can understand that it would be so difficult for you to believe. Since all of you have been so conditioned to believe that only those humans who become completely thoughtless bubble-dwellers are “spiritualists” and even other humans aren’t capable of such a level of “spirituality”, it would come as a BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE 😯 to you that even animals are perfectly capable of spirituality, and you would simply refuse to believe such a thing in your highly conditioned state.

                      You are not alone in this, amigos mios. At some point, even I was skeptical of the spiritual capability of animals, though I always suspected that some mammals (especially cats 😉 ) and birds are quite capable of spirituality. Now, I’m convinced that “spirituality”, like everything else is a product of evolution and occurs in the brain of most higher animals.

                      So, as I’ve always maintained, hominoids’ thinking abilities are something very special and unique and they are what makes a Homo sapiens sapiens a Homo sapiens sapiens. Why in the universe would any human ever want to voluntarily and permanently give up such a wonderful divine evolutionary gift and completely throw it out of the window, merely in order to go into a self-made delusional bubble state of existence that even dogs, cats, apes and birds are perfectly capable of experiencing??? 😕

                      I can understand that you might be furious and angry with me or even start “hating” me 😦 for presenting such a thing here, something which goes completely against what has been rigidly drilled into your minds in your spiritual school(s), but I wouldn’t mind it, mes chers amis 🙂 It’s Christmas today, and for a despised undesirable one like me, I guess it would be completely in the true spirit of the greatest THINKING and SPIRITUAL human who ever walked upon the planet and the greatest Earthling of all time to love those who are furious or angry with me or even “hate” me for saying what I do 😐

                      Wish you all a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, my dearest friends from all parts of the planet!!! 🙂 May the light of Christ and the love of his peerless soul bring cheer and happiness to you and your loved ones on this day and for ever!!! 🙂


      • Indian Fakir Says:

        No, you’re not a grand total of paltry two. In fact, you represent a whole lot who are either sly or shy to shed their spiritual elitism and lack sincerity and courage to question themselves.

        First, vibrations or vibratory awareness are monopoly of no one. Almost all sects, cults and faiths etc. recognise the existence of it in some form/word or the other. It’s the competence of an ‘individual’s vibratory awareness’ that should be the question in question. 🙂

        For me, if you CHECK vibrations, it’s self-imposed falsehood, a mental game, self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion or whatever else. However, if you feel them spontaneously (without your mental decision) then I go by that. One must not forget that the state of thoughtless awareness is a pre-requisite to vibratory awareness.

        …Haven’t you come across instances of yogis using vibrations/vibratory awareness as a tool for self-promotion and depreciation of others???


        • About the yogis…..MANY!

          Vibration awareness does not required to be an oral omnivorous unable to reflect and chew reality bites unquestioned .I don’t see any need to reject my ability to reflect to increase my ability to perceive. All aspects are cooperative in me, if it is not the case in some, well than the self is exactly there in this controversy …not escaping into a more “holy” concept of reality.

        • In fact, you represent a whole lot who are either sly or shy to shed their spiritual elitism and lack sincerity and courage to question themselves.

          Spiritual elitism? 😆 I would rather apply them to those hordes of bubble-dwellers who believe they are somehow up there in the cloudy realms of a “supposedly” spiritual plane because they have voluntarily and shockingly given up the thinking ability of their own brains in the pursuit of some grand self-delusional bubble 😐

          Courage to question oneself? 🙄 Questioning is the preferred method of scientific processes of thought, something “non-thinkers” have voluntarily given up totally 😯 Having given up their own thought processes in pursuit of the grand delusional bubble, they outright lack the ability to question ANYTHING since they have thrown all thinking abilities out of the window. Not only do they lack the courage to question themselves, they also lack the ability to question the slippery path of self-delusion and denial they have been pushed into pursuing. Unfortunate folks 😦 I hope they are able to get out of the delusive, easily burstable, warm and cosy bubble they are building and enclosing themselves in.

          if you CHECK vibrations

          Anything, absolutely ANYTHING that opposes the ability to examine or check it before trying it is of seriously suspect quality! 😯 I make it a point to stay miles away from salesmen who promise me that the stuff they are peddling is the greatest thing on Earth of its kind, but do whatever they can to prevent me from checking or examining it before trying or buying it.

          As the old saying goes, Caveat emptor (something like “Buyer beware!”) 🙂

          So yes, I would do whatever I can to avoid stuff that claims it cannot be checked or examined because I have enough reasons to suspect its quality 😐

          One must not forget that the state of thoughtless awareness is a pre-requisite to vibratory awareness.

          So one should completely and permanently give up the thinking abilities of the human brain (and all that goes with it, such as the questioning ability) and throw out of the window whatever makes a Homo sapiens sapiens a Homo sapiens sapiens in order to experience the so-called “vibrational awareness”???

          Thank you very much! And yet, no thanks! 🙂 You’re welcome to reside in such a wonderful state of “permanent non-thinking bubble dwelling”. It is not something for the likes of me 🙂 There are so many other ways to attain “vibrational awareness” that use the thinking abilities of the mind as a stepping stone to spiritual ability and not as some worthless refuse to be discarded on the path to the spiritual bubble.


          • mahesh chendake Says:

            Raj & axinia
            you must be knowing I have decided to study on that and I am sure my dream will come true very soon. next few months my statement will be selected by university and in next year actually I will able to do study.
            I have included those parameters in my study which will prove axinia ‘s writings.
            I will definitely communicate my results to you as they are going to publish in international journal
            If all of you suggest any more parameters to include in study you are welcome as they will enhance my study.
            effect of parasympathetic predominance, mental silence (definition of mediation) thoughtless awareness or remain in reality or oneness will be key words in study on which I will develop hypothesis. obviously i will use substal chart and basic knowledge about various chakras and nadies and teach them sahajayoga meditation as intervention. It is observe that control and effective use of parasympathetic predominance is possible within 4-8 weeks of regular meditation
            basically I will study effect of meditation on control of hypertension,Br.asthma, APD stress and such diseases as I am a student of medical surgical nursing faculty .Meditation will be used as intervention in treatment of these diseases along with regular treatment in experimental group along with control group who will receive placebo or regular treatment of those diseases only.
            so scientific study…. as axinia write about cool breeze (vibrations) , I will try to prove it.

          • Indian Fakir Says:

            On a second thought… (thoughtless one though 🙂 )

            Why the yardstick of vibrations (which are anyway felt on our physical body, and often produce confusing and conflicting judgements) as the only means of assessing ‘awareness’?

            Truly divine awareness, I reckon, is automatic, truly spontaneous and uncalled for – something like Sixth Sense and higher states of awareness.

  15. I hope for as many people seeing the bigger picture as possible.

  16. I can even noticed when a “spiritual” group creates a franchise on a natural phenomena.

  17. Neoliberalism extended to energy, gives even “special” names to vibrations.

    May I suggest the thought that energy vibration awareness is not connected to any group participation and remains a free experience.

    • axinia Says:

      I don’t see a point in discussing this and I am surprised this lttle story has raised so much judgements and concepts…I mean any experince cannot be discussed, because this is something to experience. It’s like describing the blind person how the green colour looks like.
      Why Mental acrobatics?

  18. Well, I find interesting to observe what is supposed to be worthless to discuss, and why experiences seems to be divided from discussion.
    Why avoidance of reflection?

    I ,obviously the supposed “blind person” unable to perceive the colour green, think that some have real advantages in NON discussing certain topics and that they are connected with a determinism to sell a certain franchise “how the word IS” and that true philosophical debates would trouble the business as usual.Can It be that a certain “holier than those non system pleaser’s” had just a little hypocritical outburst of real to experience emotional vibration? Can it be that some temples are build on false security’s who needs to be confirmed again and again and again and each contradiction might need to get send to the “bad kid”corner?

    I still want to trust in the human potential able to experience both simultaneously: philosophy and spirituality.

  19. axinia Says:

    dear antiphonsgarden,
    as you amy have noticed, the slogan fo this blog (see subtitle)- and of my life as a whole-THE ONLY TRUTH I KNOW IS MY OWN EXPERIENCE. And experience is to be shared, no to be discussed. I really don’t see what’s here to discuss.
    Philosophy? yes, I used to love it (in fact “the questions of philosophy” was my favorite magazine when I was 15), but this leads to nowhere, when not backed up by experience. Mental acrobatics, nothing more.
    It woudl be really intresting to read here what exepreinces YOU HAVE MADE YOUERSELF, not the concepts you have learned or figured out…please share, I am sure you have a lot to offer. (you may do it on your blog and give a link here, if you want). Will be highly appreciated!

  20. I think I shared it many times before in here and in my blog.
    I simply don’t share your vision that philosophy “leads to nowhere”, and I have right now again the impression that you engage much passion in affirming a thought ending cliché, based on what?…your experience? to stop each further reflection. Strangely enough, I have heard that kind of phrase too much in groups who assume that it was better to leave the own brain at the door if one wanted to join the holy bunch.Sorry, I don’t see any need to do so.My spiritual and intellectual experiences goes hand in hand, and has protect me very often from brainwashing abuses where only the top dogs are suppose able to formulate a thought.

  21. axinia Says:

    I wonder was it not the THOUGHT that attracted you to my blog? Most probably it was 🙂

    Actually I understand your standpoint very good, and there is not much difference between you an me…the other time in the discussion about God and Rose, and being one with God – I am completely with you!

    The only thing I don’t understand is why so much bitterness in your words about everything? It is the age, the negative expereinces, or the overall dissapointment with humantiy?

  22. I am glad you see my goodwill in my contruibutions, I think often of you and consider you as a friend in Vienna with whom I have to wash a spiritual pudel sometimes.Soap foam splashing all over!

    I cant believe you live such a sheltered life that you don’t see the necessity for humanity to not repeat “at eternum”(relatively short time theses days to our specie maybe!) the same avoidances .I simply think, as old ranting French I am used to another handling of philosophy as the a “russian soul” who had to handle the contradiction between the daily mess and the superbe authors, and has now arrived in a capitalism, who s sideeffect might not be view in the same way by us both.
    What you call bitterness is simply the impatient compassion of a fire worker waking up people in a burning house.
    We have no time left for more “everything is fine if only you smile!”.

  23. Considering that a certain vision of spirituality
    1)considers the body as minor animal tool who needs control,.
    2)considers senses are too sensual,
    3)considers thinking as worthless,
    4)considers sexuality as “trouble”,

    One wonders how much human is left in it!

  24. We can observe how even these days, some megalomaniac people repressing their citizen are trying to pretend of themselves to be “fathers of nations”(I guess “mothers of nations” are an option too!), and the first they send to hell, are critical intellectuals and artists out of “care” for the good functioning of such a system.Control is the main word and neurology/psychiatry gets reduced to “pleasing/not pleasing” the benevolent divine inspiration.

    Lets not assume too fast, such concepts are not existing in the spiritual playground.

    I wonder sometimes how easy it is to instrument people to such “elevations of the spirit”.My spirituality is based on freedom, not on a split personality.

  25. Merci beaucoup, cher antiphonsgarden! 🙂

    Whatever the superficial differences in our views relating to the civilised and uncouth worlds, Sigmund Freud’s ideas, capitalism etc. may be, at the core, I can see that we hold essentially the VERY SAME views 🙂

    We belong to the school of spiritual humanism, which holds the view that true spirituality is NOT escaping into a flimsy, delusional, self-made bubble, but realising that the spirit is in each one of us and can be measured by how we individually and collectively treat others. As long as there is suffering, oppression, sadism, sub-humanism etc. in this world, we realise that it is spiritually retarded and uncouth. Such a world is a sewery place, not a spiritual one.

    In sharp contrast, is the school of bubble-dwelling spirituality, which many of our good friends here belong to, sadly and unfortunately 😦 In their school, spirituality is all about building a fabulously escapist, warm and cosy bubble for themselves to dwell in, giving up their thinking abilities voluntarily and enjoying all the bubble attributes. Like ostriches are believed to bury their heads in the mud, they gladly believe any problem is “solved” spiritually only by ignoring it. And oh, lest I forget, they have given up their questioning ability, so they would gladly accept even the most sub-human systems, filthy deeds, criminal acts and perverted, uncouth, sadistic lands as being “so beautiful” as long as such sub-human things are claim to be supposedly “spiritual” (such as the stinking shit pit of a rotten, evil, sadistic, filthy Indian empire, its hordes of sadistic scum creatures, sub-human systems and its filthy “culture”).

    Whenever we point out the stink and rot and sub-humanism in what they believe to be a “great spiritual thing”, they immediately paint us as being “negative”, being “bitter about things” and “complaining and whining”.

    Unfortunate folks 😦 Little do they realise that the ideas taught to them in their school of “bubble-dwelling spirituality” gets laid bare in front of everyone whenever they accuse us of being “negative and bitter”. They cannot understand or empathise with the suffering of those that they don’t know because they live in a fabulous bubble where they believe everything in the world is “so beautiful and lovely”. In reality, everything MERELY APPEARS “so beautiful and lovely” to them inside their warm and cosy bubble they have built for themselves 😐 It’s a delusion they choose to live in and believe in and sadly, they don’t happen to realise it.

    Have you observed, antiphonsgarden, of how our dear friends from the school of “bubble-dwelling spirituality” so often accuse us of being “negative and bitter” and “complaining and whining”.

    What are they doing? They, who claim to be “so positive” are being “negative and bitter” about us and our views and “complaining and whining” that we are not toeing the line of their bubble-dwelling school of spirituality.

    By that, our dear friends are ever so willing to “complain” about us “negativists” but they are NEVER, EVER willing to do the same about the ACTUAL NEGATIVE AND EVIL THINGS in this world! 😯 That’s because, everything (however evil and sub-human it may be) appears “so beautiful and lovely” to them inside that warm bubble they dwell in. The only thing that doesn’t appear so “beautiful” to them is our ideas and reflections that describe the negative things and evil systems on the planet.

    It’s a classic case of “shoot the messenger” syndrome that our dear friends suffer from 😦 Since they believe everything is “so beautiful, lovely and amazing” inside that fabulous bubble, they are unhappy with us undesirables for pointing out the suffering, evil and sub-humanism that exist in this world, which they have been taught to completely ignore in their school of “bubble-dwelling spirituality”.

    It’s the only reason why we two belong to a depopulated club of undesirables, consisting of a paltry two in number. Earlier I used to be the only one in that club and it used to get very lonely in there. Now that you have come along, I’m absolutely thrilled to have your fabulous company and I’m enjoying every moment of it. You may not have noticed it, but my comments are getting shorter and shorter these days when compared to the ones earlier. That’s solely because you say much of what I want to say and therefore save me a lot of typing.

    Merci, mon cher ami parisien! 🙂 En fait, vous n’êtes pas parisien ou français ou européen… vous êtes un terrien, comme moi! 😉


  26. Merci cher ami, I am great full too, to know you as companion on the path”less walked” with solidarity and passionate engagement.A warm feeling in a poseur world.I enjoy also your ability in points we might have divert views on the world, to not narrow me to them and remain in open minded heart fullness.
    “Spiritual humanism” fits me well, as my critic is not anti spiritual but human trusting.My old therapist “home ground” is definitely humanistic, and I defend the good old Freud as one of those who had to courage to as you would say “call a donkey a donkey”, in a time were the psychiatric methods were repressive methods (up to clitoris amputation to cure “female hysteria”, or life long isolation to not “disturb” a “well fonctioning” bourgeois society,).And you can be sure that each repressive regime will try to reduce psychology to a tool of dominance (these days we have again electro “therapy”, something we had succesfull fought again decades ago, but now they call it “nicers,softer..blahblah!”,and a society functioning on emotion reducing to flat mood adaptive pills and cynical politicians telling openly critics to go to compartmental behaviour “treatment”..Critic is a MUST to progress, and many of us are “post Freudian in our work and views, but I cant let such post modern “hip” bashing based on the prejudices of a reactionary era we live on, where the middle class fears introspection like hell,take place unresponded.Critic of a disastrous capitalism worshipping greed as highest human aim, appears more than evident to me.

    Now, lets include our Friends in here as we like them somewhere, or we would not be here.I have gone through many groups, and each time some assuming to be the masterminds (mostly beta wannabes) started their trip of naming the right dogma…I had to leave, out of self respect, I honestly cant cheat.But I know enough about psychology or even addiction patterns to know what brings people to belong to those who remains uncritical and what avoidances they have to practice to remain “in grace”.And pointing at rare birds like us, is a part of the “good child” game.I simply wished some would have learned more out of history.
    I respect the relief of some who s personal pain got helped by some sadhu( one of my granduncle who escaped from a concentration camp under a train,dropped his “high position” in French railway to be in charge of the train station of Lourdes!) but I don’t neglect the marvellous effect of a placebo, wishful thinking or even acts of compassion as support of the own forces.At the same time, I don’t forget those people I helped overcoming the effects of sexual and other abuses in “spiritual”/religious groups claiming the highest moral virtue.One has to care for the whole spectrum.Funny enough,during my “vibrant awakenings”, I might have dropped temporary my “ego”, and even enjoy it tremendously (what an excellent joke!), but I remain as self absolutely able to analyse the situation I am in. And feeling to BE the eternal universe (vibrant…what a palish words,.. it is overflowing ecstatic interconnect orgiastic,haha! ) does not prevent me to care for the most insignificant “details”, like a tremendous non awakening to this reality showing in a missing of social justice and ecological/economical carefulness.

    All this dull, dull ,dull sleepiness is unbearable once one is awake.

  27. dave-O Says:

    I want to wish everyone on the blog here a Merry Christmas. It is a real pleasure to talk with all of you. Mahesh, Raj, NiMirel, and scores of other people I cannot remember at the time


  28. Cher Dave,

    I realise it must have indeed been very unfair on my part to:-

    (1) Assume you would be angry or furious with me for presenting a completely different and radical view,

    (2) To stupidly believe that you feel animals are not capable of spirituality and

    (3) To attribute things (like rigidly drilling ideas into your mind) to your spiritual school and teacher(s) when I wasn’t sure if that was the case.

    I realise my own foolishness in assuming such things and making such a comment. The same applies to Mirel & Axinia (and others) too.

    I’m terribly sorry 😦 for my baseless assumptions, mes chers amis, and I sincerely apologise for the same 😦

    I know that you, Mirel, Mahesh and especially Axinia, have been very kind, courteous, friendly, tolerant and respectful to me, despite our radically divergent views and despite my undesirable behaviour at times (like using uncouth words and phrases). I really do appreciate your tolerance and am very grateful to all of you for your kindness and delighted to know you as friends.

    Merci beaucoup, mes chers amis! 🙂 Wish you all a MERRY, CHEER & HAPPINESS FILLED CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, FULL of BLISS & ETERNAL JOY!!!


    • mahesh chendake Says:

      Hay Raj,
      just come out all of theses agree , disagree,likes and dislikes things and just enjoy the Merry Christmas and ready to receive vibrant new year which is with full of peace,Bliss and eternal joy and our connectivity with each other as human. Christ always brings all those things for all of us on the earth.Let’s understand him and enjoy his blessings

    • seeker2008 Says:


      I have always considered you a friend :-). I think all of our difference serve a purpose and that is to always help us to see the underly similarities in the human experiences. You have never been rejected here :-), so you shouldn’t feel you don’t fit in, there are no teams/sides/camps/groups. (Unless your Team Jacob as I am more team Edward) there is no war going on here. We all stand on our own two feet and say what we feel, some of it harmonizes with some , some of it doesn’t with others. The key point is respecting others and their rights

      You’re always cool in my book Raj 🙂

  29. A big hug to an alien Earthling (don’t worry too much to get rejected for not fitting in,rare birds have attractive feathers!) For a moment I think how at the WW1 in the middle of the battle, soldiers from both sides shared trustfully Christmas and got pushed back into “normality” after.May our inner light make us able to see our deeper humanity in all situations, even in discord.Peace to all!

    • nimirel Says:

      Dear Raj,

      Feeling rejected for not fitting in???? for what?
      I’m just ‘thinking’ aloud, trying to share my crazy experiences, everybody speaks for him/herself. everyone unique here!
      spirituality, meditation trendy words. I meditate because I had a sincere desire to try it. Do not feel you have to….But please be kind to others experiences.
      You’re so articulated, full of knowledge of social sciences, economics….if you desire, give it to others, esp youngsters, girls, who lack basic education in slum areas. Please do not waiste time dwelling on others dirts, inhuman, blaggards, criminals and barbarians !!! I live with them:((((
      I hope this Christmas enriches your life., Happiness & Blessings..oh boy, forgiveness is a tough one!!! Shanti!

  30. Thanks a lot, dear Mahesh, Dave, Antiphonsgarden and Mirel! 🙂
    Maheshsaheb, I think the spirit of Christmas must be quite special indeed, for it can even make a despised undesirable one like me behave within reasonable limits 😉
    I certainly understand that I haven’t been rejected here, Dave, despite my undesirable behaviour at times 😉

    But I would not mind even if I were rejected, for I see absolutely no reason to “fit in” if I do not belong somewhere. I’m quite immune to silly, childish and adolescent things like peer pressure, the need to “fit into” some group or “mimic the behaviour of the members of a club/team/group/school” if I cannot be myself in such a place.

    I’m quite comfortable with going solo if the need arises. A herd mentality is not for free-thinkers 🙂

    I see no problems with belonging to completely divergent schools of thought, as we do here. It’s a very healthy sign indeed. The only place where there is only a single school of thought is one where all thought has been repressed (or voluntarily thrown out of the window for good) 😉
    A big hug to you too, cher Antiphonsgarden! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the Christmas peace during WWI, I was not aware of it. This must surely be better than certain sports temporarily halting wars, for the spirit of Christmas happened to do the same to a WORLD war!!! Amazing!

    And no, I never try to “fit in” some place where I cannot be myself. After all, flocking together is meant for birds and sheep(le) 😉 Tigers (and generally, cats) which have minds of their own, roam about freely and independently, without feeling any urge whatsoever to exhibit pack behaviour 🙂

    After all, there are valid reasons why I call myself “An alien Earthling” 🙂
    Oh no, Mirel, as you can see from my above statements, I never feel rejected for not fitting in anywhere 🙂

    Thanks for your kind words, my dear. But I cannot do without exposing and condemning the uncouthness, sub-humanism and criminalism of the savage hordes and completely dissociating myself from the sadistic deeds of such turdy, rotten, putrid, sub-satanic vermin. If I don’t, then I stand the danger of finding myself getting associated with and drawn into the sheer sub-humanism of such filthy rats. It’s sad to hear that you live with them, but you don’t have a clue about the demonically despicable depths to which the turdiest savages of ’em all are capable of stooping down to. What’s worse, the filthy sub-human creatures even satanically LIE (and brainwash gullible, innocent folks) that they and their turdy deeds and their sewery shit pit of an evil empire are somehow “spiritual” while they indulge in their sub-satanically sadistic deeds, the vile putrid, stinking scum beings 😡

    Sure, I respect your experiences and your fascination with meditation and I see no need or have no intention whatsoever of changing whatever you believe in.

    But that doesn’t mean any experience becomes the gospel truth that cannot be discussed or debated on. For every single so-called experience, there would be ten radically divergent and completely different experiences about the same thing!

    Our experiences are merely our little bubble worlds, whether we are “bubble-dwellers” or not. My experience is my bubble world, your experience is your bubble world and so on. In a global interconnected world, our little bubble worlds mean nothing at all. As long as we are firmly ensconced in our own little bubble worlds, we cannot become aware of the universe that exists outside of our bubbles 😐

    For instance, how could one ever possibly know from within our little human bubble worlds that many animals are perfectly capable of experiencing spirituality, just like us??? Our experiences in our little bubble worlds would discount such a possibility out of hand because we cannot think outside the bubble. We can never become truly aware if we don’t think outside the bubble.

    I know your experience would not agree with my experience, ma chère amie, but for me, true “awareness” and “thoughtlessness” can never go together! 🙂
    Cheers and Warm Regards to you all, mes chers amis!


    • Nishant Says:

      You’re gem of an original seeker, and subject of envy 🙂 of many. May I humbly suggest you to read autobiographies and works lke that of of Osho, and of Gopi Krishna (if Kundalini is area of your interest).

  31. Raj, My family had a farm on a hill directly on the front line of the WW1 battlefield.Back and forward goes the madness and at the end nothing is left, and millions have died.I could write about the german soldier giving his accordeon to one of the girls,because he knew he would die,the americain soldier feeding them with chocolates,the one who lost her french fiancé,my grand mere hiding in a champagne cave …and than walking towards Paris with a lost child, she had found on the road on her shoulders.And that not only for WW1.To me all this wars have been told as personal story’s,from different view points and I know that only awareness and engagement prevents wars, not “sound good” speeches.

  32. Nishant Says:

    ‘Thoughtlessness’ and ‘Awareness’ (Ref. last line of Post No. 31 dt. 26.10.10 by An AlienEarthling) are parts of the SAME PROCESS i.e. Spirituality or Evolution.

    The two states of ‘human awareness’ and ‘spiritual awareness’ are neither contradictory nor separable from each other (something like graduation and post-graduation degrees of an academic discipline).
    Adishankaracharya’s pioneering work ‘VivekaChoodamani’ professes the sole idea of never letting go of ‘viveka’ (basic, ordinary, human intelligence/sense of discrimination/common sense) on the path of spirituality. Going through and beyond this much misinterpreted ‘thoughtless/thoughtful’ is the science of spirituality aimed at achieving ‘a higher level of awareness’, also known as the state of ‘Being in the present’. This Present, again, is not synonymous with the present we ordinarily know as, vis a vis past and future. It’s the next, a superior state of awareness beyond the three dimensions of time, and where the rare seeker/sadhaka experiences Joy, Truth, Bliss, Beauty and Love etc., unknown until experienced, for the ordinary human minds like mine.

    Sounds like Sci-fi? Well, that’s what it seems like honey, but worth it!


  33. Having experience with this state of mind, I am definitely against calling it “superior”!!!
    It IS the “normal” state of mind.
    The usual mainstream state of partial consciousness is widespread but still a creative act of avoidance, like each neurotic used pattern.
    I insist to not describe awareness as a linear progress process, but as a relaxation into reality.

    • nimirel Says:

      dear antiphonsgarden,
      I dont insist on anything! this is not an intellectual competition
      I meditate, it gave me a new vision, a clear mind….enabled me to get rid of my past bubbles.
      personal choice!!! some of us have different experiences. I am not superior than you.
      its not about being right or wrong. be yourself but let others live the way they want

      • I was talking about the text of Nishant, were he talks about “superior” state of awareness, so, how do you associate that with yourself?
        I don’t get your point, so you might help me!
        But?…means you consider that I don’t?
        Let me just think a minute…well, I let people BE themselves and would do my best to help them BEING themselves.BUT…and you might have there something…I am not into spiritual consumerist neoliberalism.I don’t believe in ,each has the choice to choose freely his purity washing powder.If we talk about letting people live the way they want, I tell you clearly that I will act up my last breath that all humans might have this choice and not some privileged one imposing on other disastrous absolutely not free life conditions, to afford their personal pseudo free disconnected lifestyle.Lets not forget that as an example, India has the biggest middle class on earth who probably think mostly of themselves as being “spiritual” practicing, and at the same time, the half of all children are still starving.I see clearly the connection.Over one door in Auschwitz was written in German :”each his own!”,should that not make us think about a certain cynicism, pretending everybody has a choice? …I don’t believe in laissez faire!I am aware that each of our choice impacts us all, and I remain critical towards certain middle class avoidance pretending to be the only possible choice we have. Some “spiritual” clubs full fill expectation who are not mine and I consider destructive to our specie and to the individual .I don’t play “nice”(nescius/ignorant) when I don’t mean it!.
        Authenticity is by far a greater sign of politeness than giving a bird shit smiling.

        • Sorry, It was Concentration camp of Buchenwald, not the one of Auschwitz…but, I suppose you understood the context worth our philosophical prudence towards such a statement.
          I am very aware that as long we don’t understand the past horror, we might go blindly into the next possible one.This social and ecological destruction right now will demand from us to take standpoints.

        • nimirel Says:

          Assessing situations and people from our personal vantage point, which is limited, is flawed and misleading, and results. It is this kind of mis-assessment that triggers off wars.

          Unless we human beings rose to a higher level so we could define the problems with a new and better perspective, our so-called “solutions” would continue to fail.

          The majority of people around the world including India take to spiritualism out of ignorance. There is no “ism” with God. Spirit cannot be “ismized..the transformation of human consciousness shouldn’t be no longer a luxury, available only to a few isolated individuals, but a necessity if humankind is not to destroy itself.

          My meditation, helped me reach a state of consciousness which is beyond the mind-a state of pure awareness, where I am alert and fully…much more balanced in myself viewing problems with clarity and compassion. No longer lost in the problems, without vision, rescued from my obsessive thinking, focusing on solutions with a clear mind…realized that I can only perceive the Spirit, my true eternal Self, in a state of thoughtless awareness after the thoughts drop out and the physical sensory inputs are ignored.

          Free, openminded people see forthemselves what the truth is. If somebody preaches sth, says sth, it is not to be accepted blidfolded, including me here:)
          Mediatation can only be worked out by the individual, with pure desire and attention, can’t be experienced by force! it’s a personal journey

          Honestly, I was very skeptical before starting meditating. with the regular practice and sincere desire, I reached a state in which the constant rising and falling of thoughts in my mind came to an end, my mind entered readily into thoughtless awareness and becomes still like a lake without any ripples on it….this took time, this undescribable enjoyment is only possible when I am beyond my mind. This inner beauty and the beauty of creation, a gradual transformation of my awareness and not a mental projection, nor the conception of a human mind. I realized the purpose of my living

          psychological filtering, categorizing, understanding, interpretation, evaluating relative to self, and consequently judging. Everything psychologically attended to, that which passes the filtering process, must be understood. Such understanding requires categorization for understanding such that interpretation is possible; that, which cannot be understood, acknowledging that it cannot be understood satisfies the comprehension process. Insofar as we understand, we must evaluate our understanding relative to our consciousness of self; e.g., is it good, bad, beneficial, etc. Inasmuch as these physical senses and implicit processes are used to form one’s consciousness of self relative to the environment, it cannot be escaped. That is, this fundamental process constructs a reality based upon the environment for each individualized self as ego. This reality, termed perceived reality, forms one’s existential experience as it is assumed and verified by the mind to be in totality, existence.
          Insofar as the perceiver cannot escape that which influences perception as well as that which is used to perceive, the reality constructed is inescapable. As such, any reality experienced by the individual through these means, while it may reflect shared properties, is always individually derived. Being bound to one’s construction of reality as perceived reality, one must react to it. It is in our reaction to it that we find ourselves as self through experience. It is this reality, born from our senses, that is experienced as real. Insofar as the mind can only understand that which it creates, perceived reality shall always reflect itself in mind. Insofar as self and others are constructs in the mind, we can only understand others insofar as we understand ourselves.

          The observer, which is the self, which is the past, which is knowledge, which is memory, distorts and perverts the total awareness of the present, sets up an artificial division by establishing a separate controller, censor, judger and evaluator of that which is observed. hence nothing is seen anew, as it is, in the present. This is the process of abstraction, the inability to see the fact for what it is, without naming it. Only when the observer is completely absent is there true awareness: Awareness is the silent and and choiceless observation of what is, in this awareness the problem unrolls itself, and thus it is fully and completely understood. When the mind realizes that any speculation, any verbalization, any form of thought only gives strength to the ‘me’, when it sees that as long as the thinker exists apart from thought there must be limitation, the conflict of duality – when the mind realizes that – then it is watchful, everlastingly aware of how it is separating itself from experience, asserting itself, seeking power. In that awareness, if the mind pursues it ever more deeply and extensively without seeking an end, a goal, there comes a state in which the thinker and the thought are one.

          Spirituality isn’t in religious dogma, it is the essence of who we are. Many of us are waking up to the awareness that it has always been within and us. Whatever name we call Spirit, or by whatever practice we use to stay connected is irrelevant. What does matter is thay we live our lives connected to the all knowing, all loving, all creative, ever giving Source that connects us all to each other, the earth and everything in our universe.
          A new year is unfolding – like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within. A happy New Year to you and to the world!

  34. By the way,once one gets used to this “bliss of love”,one naturally grounds into daily life compassion including a sharp sensitive perception of social injustice, ecological destruction, cultural deprivation and neurotic structures preventing human to truly deeply live their human potential.

  35. Wars are the result of people who neglect their own “personal views” to follow some doctrines who pretend to defend an “higher aim” .
    It is the “higher” point of view who creates the problem buy the legitimation of inhuman behaviour, the citizen can not reflect about.

    My meditation are not in opposition to my ability to think.
    And my enlightenment experience are VERY SENSUAL.
    I join Wilhelm Reich in his analyse of the connection between violence and body hate.This neoplatonist division between animal (sensual) body and “higher”detached soul, has been the base of all those humiliations and self hate who have allowed to impose the most evil hierarchical/religious systems to people who by nature had been considered as creatures full of sin .
    I don’t consider that repeating the usual “beyond” thinking or “beyond” the senses, has any neurological foundation.I don’t feel any need to divide my spiritual awareness from my biological existence.
    Considering what we know now about the inner connections of neurones and perception, it would be very needed to reflect about old traded concepts who don’t reflect truly reality, but dogma how things “should” be experienced.

    • nimirel Says:

      My meditation are not in opposition to my ability to think too..hence I think it has absolutely no meaning to discuss the ‘beyond the mind’ experience with you what you haven’t experienced by yourself so far and you don’t feel any need to…
      all the best wishes

      • dave-O Says:


        I want to wish you the best for the upcoming year. It has been a painful year for me but a great one nevertheless, a lot of time in late night i find myself on Axinia’s blog and many a time it was really nice to be able to read your comments and hear your thoughts on many things.

        Best wishes!

        • axinia Says:

          dear Dave,
          thanks a lot for being here and being such a beautiful contributer to this blog, you know how much I appreciate you!
          It’s a pity to hear you ahd a hard year but let’s hope the next one is going to be much better – see my next post why 🙂 All my LOVE to you!

        • nimirel Says:

          Hi Dave,

          byebye 2010 Hello 2011 ‘The Year of the Rabbit’. I’ll always remember ‘ours is not a caravan of despair’, asik! No more ER Trips this year, my dear!!!

        • seeker2008 Says:

          Axinia & Nimirel

          You both always walk with my well wishes. I cannot put more into words what I would like to say so I have put this here for the both of you, from Rumi. It is one of my favorites, esp the last stanza


          We sit in this courtyard, two forms,
          shadow outlines with one soul,

          birdsound, leaf moving, early evening
          star, fragrant damp, and the sweet

          sickle curve of moon. You and I in a
          round, unselved idling in the garden-

          beauty detail. The raucous parrots
          laugh, and we laugh inside laughter,

          the two of us on a bench in Konya, yet
          amazingly in Khorasan and Iraq as well,

          friends abiding this form, yet also
          in another outside of time, you and I.

  36. Oh, I can almost touch the great “each his way” tolerance.
    How impressed I am!
    Obviously you assume I have not a clue what a simple satori is.
    Well, your wrong!But honestly, I give a bird shit if you think I am a spiritual idiot unworthy your holy discourse.
    I only take a bit more of the sadness with me about the surface values of those who insist to believe that enlightenment is a private achievement disconnected from any social or environmental context for some happy insider.

  37. Are they not all terrible “nice”….and so authentic!

    • nimirel Says:

      please don’t say that! for the first time in my life, I’ve shared my feelings about this topic on this blog.
      It was my last desire to disrespect your personality and your spirituality. we are each unique, maybe walking on different pathways, but destination all the same.
      I am tolerant to all ideas, perspectives …I don’t wanna change you, your perspective and creative writing rich with metaphors (taught me alot)
      let us finish the last day of 2010 with happy smileys on our faces:) pls accept my ‘olive branch’

    • seeker2008 Says:


      Mon vieillard!! I doubt anyone here thinks your a spiritual idiot or unworthy of any type of discourse. This is not that kind of place. Afterall we all just come here to share. Ultimately our differences don’t matter much. What matters is that we are all on the same journey back to our beginning.

      Have you ever heard this words from Bahauddin Naqshband :

      Here we are all of us; in a dream-caravan.
      A caravan, but a dream – a dream, but a caravan
      And we know which are the dreams
      Therein lies the hope.

      Let us enjoy the moment and the company. Be easy and let’s all enjoy the last few moments of 2011 together. Maybe you have some Calvados or a some Armagnac hidden away in some cupboard. Let’s toast to the coming year to health, good conversations, and a journey without too many bumps 🙂

  38. I thank you for your kind attempt to reach over to me.
    I welcome you Nimirel to share even more your personal feelings,and maybe less concepts. An olive branch,…can be useful in different ways.

    seeker. I know the poem of Rumi who is slightly different and less dream full, and I agree with him that redemption is possible at any time through awareness.I think after all that I find my position as barking dog who has a dubious look at a certain caravan, not spiritless.Expect more of this devoted compassion in the new year too.

    • nimirel Says:

      my final word for the last day of the year (sovenir)

      The song has been sung
      The lyrics still in my ear,
      End on a high note

      the next page blank white
      as the next and the one after
      filling the whole book

      turning the page
      reading again these poems
      for the first time

      Renewal…une bonne résolution de nouvel an!

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