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Cool Vibrations April 12, 2008

  photo by axinia

Everyone who has felt cool vibrations reports the same feelings: a pleasant cool wind blowing in one`s hands, on top of one`s head or sometimes around the body. Millions of people who have got their self-realisation can prove that, even if they do not practice Sahaja Yoga. Although self-realisation is being given a-mass since the last 37 years, there is not much information about cool vibrations on Internet. Here is my small contribution to this very special topic.

What fascinates me the most about the whole thing is that:

1. Cool vibrations are the material manifestation of spirituality to me (material because it can be not only felt but also measured with the modern medical technology)

2. I can not influence feeling cool vibrations!  – vibrations can be also hot, or warm, or less pleasant. Whatever I percept, i cannot influence it with my will or mental power. I cannot command it! Either it is cool or not. Truly amazing!

3.That cool vibrations seem to lead their own live or to be a kind of a living being: suddenly in the middle of a talk/film/writing/meditation they would blow powerfully all around and then just calm down to a little breeze or even warmth.

In many scriptures this experience is reported as being accompanied by a wind, or coolness, for example 

 -the wind of the Holy spirit in the Christian bible (Holy breath, wind, cool breeze)

-or the ‘sali lam’ or cool wind which accompanies the awakening of Kundalini, necessary to attain ‘moksha’, or realisation of the self as spirit, in the Hindu tradition- Another term: Param Chaitanya 

-in the Judaic (Hebrew) tradition it is called Ruach(Ruasch)

-in th Islamic tradition it is called Ruh

-In at least two African languages, Zulu and Xhosa, the word for Holy Spirit and cool wind are the same: imoyo.

Interestingly, many sages and saints around the world have been describing the attaining of divine bliss in a similar way.

Most of the people after getting their self-realisation can feel cool vibrations. But some do not. Some people can feel the vibrations inside their body. At any rate everyone I met confirms that “something happens”.

What fascinates me personally the most is the reaction of small children: they can experience it so easily and even just being in a presence of a realised person they can start feeling vibrations and exclaim “Cool wind on my hands!!” – I experienced several times this absolutely spontaneous reaction of a child feeling cool vibrations without me even saying a word about it.

There are many things one can do with this vibrations, later on I want to tell you about some of them 🙂

LOVE; axinia



24 Responses to “Cool Vibrations”

  1. Raman Says:

    I don’t know if you read this, but for the benefit of others, http://www.adishakti.org/forum/param_chaitanya_the_all-pervading_power_of_god_almighty_we_feel_in_our_hands_10-22-20041.htm

    Pls continue, i’d like to know more.

  2. axinia Says:

    intresting link, i know this portal. The information given tehre is basically correct, but please do not read much, finally the vibraions of this site are not that good/cool (for several reasons) 🙂

    To feel vibrations is something that fascinates a lot in this life! I believe this phenomenon will be one of the most important for the future of humanity, as it give a person the possibility to make the right choice ( https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2007/08/14/how-to-take-the-right-decision/
    ) or to experience amazig bliss (even God!), or many other things… I live with it since 12 years and I am so happy about being able to live in the 4-dimentional world, not 3-dimentional.

    There is not much literature on this, and that is great – please do not read much, just make your own experience!! Good site here: http://www.coolspirit.info/experience

    and tell me if you feel it :))

    • Arnav Sahay Says:

      I’m amazed, you are right I too feel that the above mentioned website is not good it feels good to know that I am not alone perhaps website’s creator have a very bad agnya.

  3. Raman Says:

    I know reading a lot may not lead to the experience..let’s hope I get blessed..thanks for the link..will read carefully

  4. radha Says:

    me too i can feel cool vibration especially when i am thought-free/ enjoying teh moment/ meditative mood/ all these things. cool breeze on hands and face, very very cool experience 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    Some more references from ISLAM:

    When Kundalini Awakening and Self Realisation has occurred, a flow of energy in the form of vibrations starts flowing from the hands. This is signified very beautifully in the following passage in which Prophet Mohammed is talking of the coming time, the time of resurrection ( Al-Qiyamah ) at around 1400 Hijri, which is, in fact, the present age of Aquarius or Kundalini awakening, the 21st century.

    That day shall we set
    A seal on their mouths
    But their hands will speak to us
    And their feet bear witness
    To all that they did.

    ( Al Quran Sura Yasin-Chapter 36, Verse 65 )

    It clearly mentions that once the ascent or realisation takes place, a person’s hands and feet start to speak, bearing witness against him. After Self Realisation these vibrations are very distinctly felt on hands and feet as a cool breeze flowing from within. The mouth stops speaking for a realized person, as the mouth can lie but the hands start speaking and bear witness as everything is revealed through vibrations and vibrations never lie. So, everything is known on a vibratory level, not just about ourselves but also about others.

    Prophet Mohammed has also talked about rebirth ( baptism ). “Islam is the baptism of God,and who is better to baptize than God? and Him do we serve.” ( Al Quran, Sura II, verse 132). The true baptism is only after Kundalini awakening, which is happening now. Namaz, the Muslim way of offering prayers taught by Prophet Mohammed, was in fact a way of Kundalini Awakening.


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  17. pooyan Says:

    just enjoyed reading this article, amazing. now I understood why it is chosen to be one the best posts .

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  20. Jerome Haage Says:

    Very nice design and style and wonderful subject matter, absolutely nothing else we want : D.

  21. Arnav Sahay Says:

    Thanks for writing, the all prevailing vibrations are truly amazing and soothing and it helps us to steer our way in today’s world in which falsehood is manufactured and sold in attractive packaging 😀 and I consider us very lucky to have experienced it, all due to our holy mother 😀

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